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Have You Lived Before? Seven Signs To Past Lives

Belief in reincarnation is part of the spirituality of the majority of people on the earth. There are many documented cases where people have proved that they recall past lives accurately. Finding out when and where you lived before can be very intriguing. Learn about:
  • Déjà vu
  • Familiar places
  • Incarnating in groups
  • Soul mates
  • Attraction to history
  • Attraction to countries
  • Fears and phobias





Do you often get that feeling that ‘all this has happened before’?  You may be in a completely new situation with people you don’t know. Then someone says or does something and you get that overwhelming sensation of familiarity. Sometimes this can be quite disorientating. You may start to question yourself – had you forgotten something? Perhaps you have experienced this formerly?
Yes, indeed you have, but not necessarily in this life. In a past life you did these things, saw these things, heard those sounds. The feeling of sudden, intense familiarity comes from what is called a ‘far memory’, connecting with something that happened to you in a past life. Maybe this echoes and experience that was especially intense. Ask yourself what it is about this situation that could be significant and you may be able to make some past-life guesses.


Maybe you’re driving down a country road, possibly somewhere remote or foreign. Maybe you’re in a town you’ve never visited before, but suddenly you just know what’s around the next corner. This is new territory – and yet it doesn’t feel that way.
This could well be because you’ve travelled to this place or lived here before. Why not research the local history, find out who lived here in past centuries, and what the locality was like then. It could be that something will really click and you’ll feel properly connected to a past life.


People usually incarnate in groups. The person who is now your parent, partner or best friend may well have been with you in a past life, in a different relationship. For instance, strange though it sounds, your father in former times could now be your daughter!
As you evolve in consciousness and spirituality you will become more aware of this special connection. If you have a difficult relationship with someone this could be because there are past life issues to settle. Realising that this is all about learning and growing can help you cope with hurts and disagreements.


Not everyone meets a person or people in life with whom they feel extremely close – almost like being one person. If this happens to you, you are very lucky. Your ‘soul mate’ may seem to know what you are thinking, and vice versa. You may finish each other’s sentences and share many wordless connections.
Just because someone is your ‘soul mate’ does not mean that you will necessarily stay together. What needs to be done between you in this life may be completed in a relatively short time. Even though it hurts you may both move on – for now. But you have known this person in former lives and you will know them again, rest assured.
An especially close soul mate is termed by some people a ‘twin flame’. Encountering such a person may mean that you have a special task to complete in this life. Your connection with your twin flame will be an unbreakable bond. The relationship with soul mates and twin flames has an intense and fated quality, suggesting past life meetings.


Is there a historical figure that fascinates you? This strongly suggests that you had contact with this character in a past life. This is not to say that you were Nelson or Cleopatra in a former life, but that you may have been close to them. Do you feel you ‘know’ things about them that history books don’t cover? Maybe you’re right. There have been cases of people who recalled formerly unknown historical facts under regression hypnosis and were able to verify these by deeper investigation.
This also holds good if you are just attracted to a period in history. You may have had little connection with powerful or well-known figures, simply living your life as one of the crowd. But there may be things about this period that seem familiar. Again, you may know things that you have not been told but that turn out to be true.


Is there a country, or a language that seems familiar, or just ‘right’ to you, even though you’ve never been there? Or maybe you have visited and it feels like home?
This can be explained by you having lived there in a former life. By the same token you might dislike a country – this could be because when you lived there you were miserable. Going to this country can bring things back to you.


Fears can arise from all sorts of experiences and subconscious processes. These are not necessarily from past lives. However, when a fear is very hard to explain and fairly specific, suspect a past life cause.
For instance, a fear of drowning may be because you lost your life through drowning. Fear of heights can be similar. Some people have unexplained marks on their bodies, such as moles or birthmarks which mark the site of a fatal injury. There may also be medical conditions echoing former cause of death. For instance heart failure could be because you were stabbed in the heart, persistent headaches could be a blow to the head etc.
Sometimes by realising the origin of certain ailments they can disappear, meaning you have moved on from those issues.



We have looked at déjà vu, familiar places and people, attraction to history, connection with foreign countries and fears. Once you start to be aware you will probably observe more and more of these phenomena. It’s natural to want to know as much as possible about your past lives, and also to want to discuss the far memories you have. Our team of clairvoyant readers is waiting for your call, to help you with self-knowledge, so get in touch today and be intrigued and encouraged.


PUBLISHED: 25 May 2017


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