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Five Crystals for Healing


Formed millions of years in the past within the core of our planet, crystals are gifts from the heart of the earth.  They appear tranquil, but each one is a powerhouse of energy at a molecular level.  Every different type of crystal has its own signature, that you can connect with intuitively.  Crystals are used for a variety of spiritual purposes, and some are particularly good for healing.  Few of us are free from ‘dis-ease’, and we don’t take time to listen to our bodies.  A crystal may help you recover from the disturbance of modern life, coming to your rescue when you feel run down, have had to deal with people who drain you, or have just had a hard day.  Choose which appeals to you from the following list, and keep it close to you, especially when you are trying to relax.


APACHE TEAR This gentle form of black obsidian coaxes out repressed emotions and transforms them into something manageable and positive.  Are you holding on to old wounds?  This can also cause your body to retain toxins, so making you sluggish and ‘under par’.  This stone will bring you understanding and the ability to release your feelings.  Maybe you will need to grieve or rage, but then you can move on, understanding and forgiving yourself and others.  Apache Tear eases muscle tension, cleanses the body and helps vitamin absorption.

TURQUOISE Lovely turquoise enables you to see how beautiful life is and to appreciate simple things.  It helps you to be calm and positive, to count your blessings and release your creativity.  If you suffer from panic attacks, are afraid of speaking in public or are susceptible to environmental pollution, this stone can help.  T can be your friend if you are depleted or exhausted by your surroundings.  Because turquoise brings serenity it creates the right state of mind for romance and fun – it can release laughter, which is the best medicine of all.  Turquoise soothes inflammation, stimulates the absorption of nutrients and fights infection.

MALACHITE This needs to be used with care, because it is very powerful.  If it appeals to you take time to feel confident of your intuitions and limit the time it is close to you until you are sure it is benefitting.  It will help you cleanse yourself of anything destructive and propel you into a new space.  It is a stone of blistering honesty, but also of empathy.  It can heal sexual difficulties, including childhood traumas and helps with menstruation and childbirth.  Malachite treats growths, repels toxins and is great for travel sickness.

MOONSTONE will enable you to listen to your dreams and messages from your unconscious.  If Moonstone is your choice you may feel you have become disconnected from your real self and cannot hear that ‘still, small voice’.  This stone confers body wisdom and harmonises instinct and intellect.  For women it forms a contact with the Goddess within, and for men it is a bridge to their ‘feminine side’.  It enables you to go with the flow, soothing digestion and stabilizing hormones.  Moonstone is great if you’ve had a shock, and calms such disorders as ADHD.

RED SARDONYX. This excellent energy-source will enliven and encourage you.  If it is your choice you may need an extra injection of oomph, in order to escape a rut or to make a fresh assault on anything tricky or troublesome.  It gives you vitality, but also control, being a stone of decision and determination.  Red sardonyx also sharpens your senses enabling you to attract the right partner.  It is a stimulant to the metabolism generally and is especially good for your lungs and immune system.

The gifts of crystals are subtle but powerful.  Attune to your crystals and their energy will combine with yours, making you more effectual and influential.  In the meanwhile, for advice on healing and well-being, contact our helpful readers at The Circle to get the encouragement you need.

PUBLISHED: 01 October 2014


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