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Attuning to the Dark Moon


The Dark Moon stage begins three to four days before New Moon, when the Moon, having faded into the dawn sky, completely disappears.  It continues for two/three days after New Moon until the first crescent shows in the sunset.  You can be sure of the exact date of New Moon by looking in diaries, newspapers and on the Net.  Now is a period of quietness and renewal, meditation and reflection, endings and beginnings.  It s also a time of change, for New Moon will arrive in a few days, heralding the delicate start of a fresh cycle.


Make time for a life review – honesty may be easier now as anything not relevant seems stripped away.  If you have been keeping a lunar journal you will have some idea of how you react to this phase.  Hopefully you have wound things down and let go where necessary during Waning Moon.  Adapt what you do from the following list, so that your efforts have maximum effect.


•    DO – Start a health and beauty notebook for what you would like to achieve.  Find out about new beauty treatments.  Have investigations, such as skin-typing, BMI etc.  Gather info about gyms, spas, health-clubs etc. and sample where you can, but don’t commit.  Research alternative therapies for troublesome conditions.  Plan a new eating regime.  Make shopping lists.
•    DON’T – Spend a lot on cosmetics as you may change your mind.  Commit immediately to any new therapy, diet, treatment or wardrobe re-vamp.  Be negative about your looks and health.


    DO – Create time alone to think about all the relationships you have – what’s good and not so good, and what would you like to change?  Write your thoughts in your lunar journal.  Spend time one-to-one with anyone you’re close to.  If you’re single, gather info on dating sites etc. but don’t join yet.  Decide realistically what you would like in a partner.  Plan ways to meet new friends or cement established ones.  Ask someone you trust and respect for their opinion and plan to make changes.
•    DON’T – Be overly negative, because things may look worse than they are now.  Don’t dwell on the past.  Don’t go overboard or commit totally to anything just yet.  Throw a big party and expect a massive rave-up.  Take things to heart.


•    DO – Spend time at home reviewing the ‘feel’ of each room and planning possible changes.  Complete minor cleaning jobs.  Make meals needing little preparation.  Dispose of all waste that’s hanging about.  Do superficial tidying and pay bills.  Cut timber and chop wood.  Spray plants and trees that need it for pest control.  Gather brochures and contact details and play with ideas.
•    DON’T – Start major new projects or have a radical sort-out just yet.  Order a new carpet or furniture unless you have wanted this for ages.  Repot houseplants, plant seeds, graft plants, harvest herbs or overwater plants (as moisture uptake is less efficient now)

•    DO – Review what you like/don’t like about your job and note this in your lunar diary.  Make a list of your talents and achievements – get a trusted friend to help if you’re feeling negative.  Plan changes in your work, training and ambitions.  Plan to earn more, in whatever way appeals or seems possible.  Gather info about training courses, bank accounts, investments, savings and consider reorganizing debts.  Be realistic about what you might be prepared to give up, temporarily, in order to advance career-wise.
•    DON’T – Commit to a major career-change before Waxing Moon is under way.  Aim too low.  Commit to an unrealistic savings plan.  Make major investments, unless these have already been put in motion.  Buy property on impulse.  Believe you can do with less than you can.  Think negatively about yourself, your prospects or achievements.

These suggestions should help you go with the flow when the Moon is Dark, letting things stay put, but thinking deeply about them and planning changes. Sometimes there are deeper questions or problems that aren’t answered by simple attunement to the Moon, so for those always bear in mind that our helpful readers at The Circle are only a call away.

PUBLISHED: 01 August 2014


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