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Welcome to Traci C's Blog:


Living Psychically


Dedicated to sharing how you can feel more connected, in tune and how I am “Living Psychically” and what a continuing Journey that is….

Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to my blog Living Psychically, if we have not yet had the pleasure of being acquainted through a reading then I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


“Living Psychically’ sounds awfully grand doesn’t it but really it means that you are ‘in touch’, you are in sync with the energies around you, above you, even inside of you. To those that may not know much about energy or do not feel it as I do it can sound all a bit woo woo!


However, can you just imagine even for a moment what it would be like to feel so connected to yourself that you just ‘know’ what the right decision would be. That you would just ‘know’ the right way to react to a situation or person. You would ‘know’ the right direction you need to take…


That is what is like for me when I am “Living Psychically”. And no, it has not always been the case and still isn’t 100 percent now.  Luckily now I know when I am ignoring that internal guide and I can correct and reset my course at a moment’s choice because that is all it really is – it is a choice.  It is a choice to listen, feel, know and react accordingly.  I look forward to connecting with you on future posts about how to develop your connection and know when and how to Live Psychically.


Love and Light


Traci C




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Published: 10th April 2017


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