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Welcome to Traci C's Blog:


Living Psychically


Dedicated to sharing how you can feel more connected, in tune and how I am “Living Psychically” and what a continuing Journey that is….

Mindfulness v Meditation


You may have seen that recently meditation and especially mindfulness is everywhere, from posters, to dedicated documentaries, from magazines to everyday conversations.  


It seems that it is the in thing to discuss, be involved in and at least sound as though you know something about it.


There are very good reasons as to why there is such an increase.  In an ever demanding world where rest, relaxation and recuperation is seen more as a luxury as opposed to a necessity it is no wonder that stress and stress related illnesses and issues are on the increase.


Mindfulness and meditation are amazing for being able to combat these symptoms and experiences but more than that they can also help you to really focus and that is why even some of the big brand corporations have adapted daily meditation as part of the office routine.


What is Mindfulness and Meditation?


Contrary to some belief mindfulness is meditation, it is a form, a type of meditation.  There are numerous types of meditation such as visualisation, contemplative and mindfulness as well as many others.


Mindfulness is the type of meditation where you focus your non-judgemental attention on an object, you are bringing your full mind to an object and this is also why it has had such an increase in popularity as it can be practiced anytime, anywhere and also for any time span.  For many that suffer from anxiety issues this is particularly beneficial as it helps to reduce the symptoms, calm the mind and thus also calm the body.


Meditation if you were to look up the definition is the art of focusing your mind and that focus can be achieved and practised in many different forms, a couple of which I mentioned earlier. 


But the most profound part is it is done in what I call the 'neutral observer’ state.  This simply means without judgement or opinion, thoughts are allowed to flow in and out of your mind without you needing to delve into them deeper thus you are neutrally observing your thoughts as though you are not attached to them.



What are the benefits to Mindfulness and Meditation?


It is widely recognised and published from scientific and psychological studies that mindfulness and meditation reduce stress by reducing the stress hormone cortisol.  This could also be due to another benefit of being able to know and understand ourselves better.  Mindfulness and mediation help us to be able to be objective and ‘see’ things again from a neutral perspective.  Once emotion is diminished i.e. the neutral part, it is easier to ‘see’ the reality of a situation as opposed to our emotional perspective.  This is why many people that make the deeper forms of meditation in particular a daily practice tend to be less reactive and many will describe them as having a calm persona.


According to a ‘Perspectives on Psychological Science Study’ the health benefits can be classified into four elements:- body awareness, self-awareness, regulation of emotion and regulation of attention.


All of these factors help the brain improve concentration and focus, it also helps the brain’s emotional processing, it is even widely known to help improve sleep which in turn brings a whole host of other benefits.


How long should each Meditation be?


How long should I meditate for is probably one of the most common questions and basically any meditation or mindfulness is better than none at all.  However, you may be interested to know that in an 8 week study of new participants to meditating they ended up meditating for an average of 23 minutes a day.  


The results of this study showed that at the end of those eight weeks their brain activity had measurably changed.  Their brains showed much higher activation in areas associated with feelings of well-being and less activation in areas associated with stress.  It also showed an improvement in immune response too. 


With a very busy home-life I usually meditate daily for a minimum of 15 minutes and to begin with even that was tough as I was always so used to multi-tasking.  My personal advice is start with a manageable time even if that is only 3-5 minutes and then build up to more time as you progress, as mentioned before any amount is better that no amount.


I hope this has inspired you to begin mindfulness or meditation for yourself and if so do let me know in our next reading.


If you have not had a reading with me before then it would be great to connect with you.  Pop on over to my profile page to check out my rota and find out how to book.


Love, Light and Blessings Always


Traci C #1454




Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 21st June 2017


Weekly Guidance Card - Daydream


This week you are being encouraged to daydream, practice mindfulness or meditate for you can then easily hear and feel the messages that your Angels and Guides are sharing with you.


Relax and unwind allow things to come to you without judgement just notice feelings, visions or ideas as if you are watching a movie. 


I would love to hear how this works for you during our next reading.


Love and Light


Traci C #1454



Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 20th June 2017




Grounding what is it and how you can recognise if you need to do it too!


Have you ever had the feeling that you are just…… well that is the thing, you can’t even quite describe it and you are not even sure why you are feeling it you just know that you do not feel your usual self?


Maybe you find yourself reaction to people that are around you? And if so you may also be an Empath and I will be covering that in a future post. Maybe you have just been feeling more tired than usual and even rest id not helping you to recoup in the way that it should…


All of these examples show there is a need for grounding.


What is Grounding?


Grounding is a Spiritual term that we use to mean to centre your soul in your body and connect with Mother Earth.  For people that often feel anxious and fearful we will often describe them as ungrounded as the very nature of being grounded helps you to feel safe, secure and have a sense of belonging and connectedness.


Now for some of you this may sound all a bit too ‘Spiritual’ and I can understand that but in the medical field this can also been known as Earthing and there have been some very interesting scientific studies that show Grounding or Earthing can also help to restore and stabilise your bioelectrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs.  It can also help to harmonise your basic biological rhythms, boost self healing, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and the list goes on.  In a nut shell it is very good for you.


You may wonder how this is. Well we are living on an electrical planet and we are bioelectrical beings.  Our body functions electrically, the heart and nervous systems being prime examples of this and there is a report by Dr. Stephen Sinatra that goes into more detail on this.


How can you Ground yourself?


This is actually very simple and easy to do and can be done in many ways you could go for a walk in nature for example which is something I do regularly and have included a photo of my favourite grounding place.  But by far the best and quickest way to ground yourself is to be barefoot in the grass.  Allowing the connection between you and Mother Earth to be at it’s purest.  This also works well with walking barefoot in the sand too and many of us enjoy that sensation.

Along with the body benefits come the mind benefits.  The inner calmness, the slowing down of all that usual busyness around you.  I find the best way apart from walking to ground myself is a practice you can take away and use yourself.


Grounding How to Tip


  • Stand outside on the grass or sand
  • Remove your shoes and socks so you are barefoot
  • Wiggle your toes and stretch your feet into the ground
  • Have your feet about shoulder width apart
  • Close your eyes (ensure you feel as though you are in a safe space first)
  • Take a deep breath in for the count of 5 seconds
  • Hold for 2 seconds
  • Breathe out for the count of 5 seconds 
  • Repeat   

You can repeat this process for as many times as you feel comfortable but for it to really take effect I often suggest a minimum of five times.


You may also see a colour in your mind as you do this and I often see the colour red which is the colour of your base chakra which again is all about grounding.


I hope you find this useful and if so do let me know during our next reading together.  If you have not connected with me for a reading.


Love, Light and Blessings


Traci C #1454


Do check my Rota on my profile page for my availability and either book a reading with me online or by calling customer service.



Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 14th June 2017


Weekly Guidance Card - King of Earth


I am not surprised the King of Earth has shown itself today to guide you for the week.  It is a great follow on from last week's guidance card.


The King of Earth is all about good luck, abundance and epiphanies. It heralds a time of joy and happiness of success.


It also comes to let you know that the road should be much smoother and easier at this time.


It is often said you have the 'Midas touch' when you receive this card meaning everything you touch turns to gold. It is metaphorically letting you know that things that you have put into motion will now flow with ease.


The King of Earth himself represents a person who is caring and looks out for others. Often depicting a manager or above when referring to a position within the work place.  It can also show that the person in question is hard working but often taking their responsibilities too far and being a workaholic. If that is you then take heed and remember to enjoy life as success is not defined just in terms of monetary value but of life experiences and relationships


Love, Light and Blessings


Traci C 1454


Want more personal and in depth guidance then do get in touch for a reading with me.



Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 12th June 2017


Weekly Guidance Card - 8 of Earth


This week the 8 of earth is all about growth, learning and improving your knowledge or skill set. 


It is about delving deeper and developing a greater understanding. All of this will allow you to find new ways to apply what you know. 


The number 8 signifies action, rebirth and regeneration, success, recognition. It can also represent spiritual fortitude. It is associated with a positive mind set and achieving what you set out to do.


This week take action either towards your learning or putting into action what you have learnt and know that you will soon be reaping the benefits.


Love, Light and Blessings


Traci C 1454


Book in for a reading with me for more personal and specific guidance this week.



Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 5th June 2017


Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to my blog Living Psychically, if we have not yet had the pleasure of being acquainted through a reading then I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


“Living Psychically’ sounds awfully grand doesn’t it but really it means that you are ‘in touch’, you are in sync with the energies around you, above you, even inside of you. To those that may not know much about energy or do not feel it as I do it can sound all a bit woo woo!


However, can you just imagine even for a moment what it would be like to feel so connected to yourself that you just ‘know’ what the right decision would be. That you would just ‘know’ the right way to react to a situation or person. You would ‘know’ the right direction you need to take…


That is what is like for me when I am “Living Psychically”. And no, it has not always been the case and still isn’t 100 percent now.  Luckily now I know when I am ignoring that internal guide and I can correct and reset my course at a moment’s choice because that is all it really is – it is a choice.  It is a choice to listen, feel, know and react accordingly.  I look forward to connecting with you on future posts about how to develop your connection and know when and how to Live Psychically.


Love and Light


Traci C




Traci C Pin 1454

Published: 10th April 2017


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