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„To be honest I don't think I could have come through many emotional times without Lisa's guidance. I would highly recommend her 100 times over.”

Shirley from Maghera

„I can tell you that by following Helen's guidance about a man I recently met I feel uplifted and much more positive.”

Kate from Oxford

„The reading was almost like a therapy session, it was in-depth & insightful.”

Vicky from London


Wicca is a spiritual path or tradition, one in which divinity is found in all things in nature. Wicca is the celebration of the cycles of life that teaches us how to use the power of nature, as well as our own power, to help ourselves and others. Some consider Wicca to be a neo-pagan religion, followed by pagans and druids, which is based on the worship of the gods and goddesses of nature; others see Wicca as the observance of the seasons and how the changing ...

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7 Readers located in Wicca
Reader: Nanette M
Nanette M
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Find out now how people feel about you and the best way to deal with them. How to impress the boss, help a friend or nurture your love life.
Reader: Jamie
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What is your next step in life? Would you like some clear guidance? I can help with any area. I provide clairvoyant readings on past, present and future.
Reader: Seldiy
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Find your future trends! Working only on Chat I help you connect with the current goings on around you using my special skills and tools.
Reader: Aabriella
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As an Angel card Reader I have an amazing ability to cut through the chaos. Giving you a clear psychic reading and shining a golden light on your situation.
Reader: Lorien
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In addition to natural reading gifts, my spirit guides give me messages with the cards to help you understand energies surrounding you now and into your future.
Reader: Seth R
Seth R
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In need of guidance in some areas of your life? I can provide you with practical advice on making the best of whatever your current life situation is.
Reader: Kitty M
Kitty M
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My psychic ability comes through my cards; I read both Lenormand and Tarot. I focus on issues and situations that need clarity so let me help you.
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... seasons mirror the changes in our lives. Wiccans believe that the spirit of God exists in every living thing — in the trees and flowers, in the wind and the rain and in people and animals. Wiccan can include the practice of white magic or white witchcraft but has nothing to do with the witches we associate with Halloween.



Wicca sees the moon as the symbol of the goddess, the divine feminine of the universe and any spell performed can have powerful results.


Wicca is full of wonderful old traditions and rituals to help you if you have problems or to help you be a happy person again after a life crisis. The magic of Wicca can bring back vitality, love and success in your life.


When you talk to a Wiccan reader or white witch it is best to tell your them what your situation or problem is and they may well pick up information for you psychically about it too.


Using their knowledge, skill and experience they will then be able to give you simple guidelines on how you can best help yourself to get the outcome you want. It may be that they suggest a simple candle spell to attract a lover, or burying a stone in your garden to rid yourself of something or someone.

The techniques used are for you to do yourself and are always simple, safe and effective. When you have a Wiccan reading you will be connected to an expert in Wicca and its uses.


Our Wiccan readers can guide you on love, how to attract a lover, rid yourself of negative energy and help bring positivity and luck back into your life.

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