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Reader: Mary Kelly Medium
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Mary KellyMary Kelly 45 out of 5 stars

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Answers await you! Being a sensitive clairvoyant medium I can link with your energies, my spirit guides and your loved ones in spirit to channel guidance.

A note from me:
I am happy to help, guide and advise with love, any problem, dilemma or issue which may concern you! 21 Aug. 7:08 PM

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Reader profile: Mary Kelly

Being avery sensitive clairvoyant medium I can link clearly with your energies, myspirit guides and your loved ones in spirit to channel guidance and clearanswers for you. My psychic Tarot readings are helpful and in depth coveringall areas of life, love and relationships, including compatibility and problemsolving. I believe we grow and develop spiritually through our relationshipswith others,  so I will give you clarity to see what you need to learn,change or accept.  I approach all psychic readings with care andcompassion.  I can help you on the path to understand anddevelop your own psychic ability, to build a relationship with your spiritguides and to protect your psychic channel. 

Psychic history

I have from a young age been acutely sensitive to conditions and energies around me, I naturally knew what would happen before it did.  I remember predicting the punk era before it began, by adding a safety pin to a ring I'd been wearing and stating it would be fashion soon!  I had many out of body experiences from a young age and can travel astrally at will.  When using my astral body I can clearly see spirit and when staying in a house with a presence I am usually drawn out of body as a reaction.  I always have a clear warning clairaudiently of any death in the family, and although unpleasant, it takes the shock out of events as they unfold.  As a child I had repetitive dreams which were distressing but forwarned me of the two most traumatic events in my life, so I believe we can remember the future!  During a past life regression my spirit guide came to me as an eagle and flew me back to an incarnation as a male American Indian, I know my three guides have been companions to my soul and spirit since then.  I have a special relationship with my guides, they often talk through me in trance mediumship.

True story

I have used my mediumship skills to channel on many occasions for people who have died in unfortunate circumstances.  I have helped a lady desperately trying to find out what had happened to her missing husband, providing details about what had happened and who was involved.  I understand the importance of protecting one's self from harmful influences and I am always willing to help others in similar situations.  I am a very helpful spirit which comes through in my psychic readings, treasured by all of my clients. I did an online psychic reading for a lady who was going through a tough patch in her life.  I made a very strong link with her mother in spirit and was able to tell her that life for her was going to change, she had such a happy future ahead of her.  She kept asking about a man she had briefly dated but I felt he was not for her, I told her she would meet a lovely new man soon.  I could see study for her and that her work in the future would guide and help a lot of people.  She confirmed she was in the middle of a counselling course.  In a later psychic reading she told me she had met the new man I had spoke of and wanted to know more.  I got really excited for her as although he was distant I told her she would move to be with him and I could clearly see a proposal whilst on holiday at Christmas.  She called me again for an updated online psychic reading just after Christmas and confirmed everything had happened as I said it would - he had proposed and she accepted!  In a later reading I saw a joint house purchase, the wedding celebrations and a pregnancy! All of which have since happened.    A client of mine returned for a second psychic reading after I had helpfully predicted she would be working with money and some would go missing.  I told her that in August it would come to light that someone had been stealing, and that this person would try to lay the blame with her.  I told her not to worry and just tell the truth, the guilty person will be discovered and lose their job.  This lady confirmed that she was working in a bank and as predicted it was discovered in August that money had gone missing and she was a suspect.  As I had told her, the truth came out that it couldn't possibly be her.  The real culprit was uncovered and did lose her job!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Amazing reading!
Had really lovely reading with this beautiful lady!Very very accurate,spot on!Very pleased!Thank u so much!xxx
, Circle_113824181
Telephone advice session rating Amazing Reader!
Mary is absolutely on point with everything, every time. Fantastic reading
, Circle_116799981
Telephone advice session rating Fantastic
Mary was spot on and I love the fact that Mary checks her connection before continuing. I feel a weight has been lifted and thank you again Mary, I hope I have the strength to follow your advice. :)
, Circle_117190881
Telephone advice session rating Good reading
A very good reading with Mary, very uplifting and inspiring to say the least.Thank you
, shazzarose42
Telephone advice session rating Accurate, clear, concise and caring
Mary kelly has a direct and meaningful approach to her readings. She advised me not to give her any information whilst she was tuning into me and she was accurate as to the specifics of my situation. She gave me her predictions and suggestions of how to acheive my dreams and desires month by month. I highly recommend Mary Kelly, she goes right to the heart of the situation and guides you back to understanding and empowerment. Thank you Mary I will contact you again
, Circle_113173182
Telephone advice session rating OMG!!!! GREAT
, Circle_113526181
Telephone advice session rating Lovely reading
Lovely reading with Mary Kelly. She was spot on in describing my situation and so funny. She made me laugh alot as she was so accurate and funny.
, Circle_114029581
Telephone advice session rating Wow
Non nonsense truth!!! Love!
, Circle_116439381
Telephone advice session rating Relationship
Very good readings with Mary..always spot on with the here and now ..would highly recommend her.
, Circle_112731181
Telephone advice session rating Excellent reading
Excellent reading, spot on current, past and desired events. Will actively look for the predications to come true. Thanks
, shindedayanand76
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