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Reader: Madeline Spirituality
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MadelineMadeline 45 out of 5 stars

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I see your strengths and talents and and get a clear overview of how you can best express your full potential.

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Reader profile: Madeline

I see clearly the intentions and motivations of people around you, in romantic relationships, your family and your workplace. I have the ability to very quickly see a person’s real character, just from you telling me their name. I see where your strengths and talents lie and how you can best express your full potential. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. I have spent twenty years studying all kinds of metaphysical teachings - which, combined with my deep insight into human behaviour, makes me a very powerful spiritual counsellor.

Psychic history

As a child I knew instantly when adults, including teachers or family members, were telling lies. I could sense the real nature of somebody and it didn’t always match up with the image they presented to the outside world. This was confusing for a child but as an adult I have learned to listen to that inner voice. This allows me to cut straight through to the truth for you and empower you with the knowledge of who you are really dealing with in your life.

True story

I gave a number of readings for a businessman who was concerned that money was going missing from his company’s bank accounts. I kept seeing that the money was stolen by a lady who had worked for him for many, many years. This gentleman and his wife both completely trusted this employee and he did not like what I told him! He insisted that the culprit could not possibly be who I said it was. He kept calling me to ask who was stealing from him and suggesting possible people that might be guilty. Every time, I saw that those people had nothing to do with it. It was always the same woman who kept coming up as the guilty one in my readings.
The businessman called me about a year later to get advice on job applicants he was considering hiring for his new venture. It turned out that the 'lovely lady' had been stealing from him for years and eventually was formally charged, just like I said she was. I was then able to guide him towards new employees who were totally trustworthy and not the stealing kind!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Thank you
Was a good reading
, Circle_113180282
Telephone advice session rating Very positive Reading
Madeline has given me an amazingly accurate in the past where her predictions for my life all unfolded to the smallest detail and I hope the same happens this time. Fantastic reader - Madeline didn't feel a proper connection, which can happen if one or other is blocked, on one occasion and she terminated the reading within the 3 minutes so I wasn't charged - honest and genuine.
, Circle_113135982
Telephone advice session rating Thank you
Excellent guidance.
, Circle_113612682
Telephone advice session rating .
, Circle_116177382
Telephone advice session rating More than accurate
I was called to her and was very very pleased with her reading. Madeline is gifted and doesn't need much infor from you. Thank you!
, Circle_116407581
Telephone advice session rating Good reading
Straightforward, picked up on the situation
, Circle_115882081
Telephone advice session rating Positive
Madeline gave me clarity and guidance and told exactly what i needed to hear thank you so much
, Circle_113120282
Telephone advice session rating Brilliant reading. Immediately got to th...
Madeleine offered me some brilliant advice on my career and immediately could see what was going on in my current situation. She was very accurate and made many observations with no prompting. As an added bonus she made many extremely funny comments about some of the people and situations I am dealing with. I highly recommend Madeline.
, Circle_111732581
Telephone advice session rating A remarkable call
I'm sorry, Madeline, I forgot to rate the reading before I hung up. It's a 5, of course. This really was a remarkable call, and perfect for me at this point in time. Definitely synchronous. Madeline's abilities for tuning into people were absolutely perfect for getting to the bottom of my situation. She tuned into me as well too, and we could then look at all my relationships from a higher-level perspective. That was a very enlightening exercise. I remain quite staggered at the accuracy of Madeline's understanding, with exceptionally few prompts or interruptions from me. The whole call was amazing, an absolute masterclass in spiritual awareness that left me feeling energised, hopeful for a bright future, and forgiving of the small harms that I'm currently experiencing in the present. I learned a lot too. Highly, highly recommended.
, Pigeon
Telephone advice session rating Excellent reading
Thank you. The reading was excellent and I received a lot of good information. Thank you.
, Circle_115922482
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