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Reader: Joyce Medium
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JoyceJoyce 45 out of 5 stars

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Find peace of mind. I will bring you comfort. I can also help you forgive yourself and find forgiveness for others. I have an amazing connection to spirit.

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us about your readings?

The readings I do come from the intuitive gifts that I was born with. Sometimes I use cards to help me to get a view of what is needed, but mostly it is by connecting with the client and linking with the spirit around them, trying to find the answers that they are seeking

How did you first discover you were a medium and what training did you do?

The funny part about it is, I don’t consider myself a medium, as I have not attended any courses and what I do comes from within. I have had these experiences since childhood, but do not know from whom they are inherited as I have no knowledge of past family, only the guardian who has watched over me all my life.

Do you actually see people from spirit in front of you or just hear them – how does it work for you?

I get most of my "messages" through thoughts that just come to me while I am connecting with the client. I find that if things are meant to be told they will be.

Does mediumship just give people proof of survival after death or can you use it in other ways?

I do believe in the afterlife, otherwise how would we be able to remember things that occurred before we were born, sometimes centuries before?

Does your mediumship just give you contact with people’s relatives that have passed over or can you bring anyone through?

I get a sensation of a person or an event or sometimes just a view of a place. Words that need to be said just come as if by inspiration. Often my voice will be that of the person coming through, although I don’t notice the change others do. I do hear voices sometimes, but usually they are to warn me to be careful of an event or happening. I like to call myself a psychic reader as I connect to others on many levels.

What do you say to someone if you cannot connect with the person they want to talk to, or they just don’t want to talk to the spirit who does come through? 

I can only go on personal experience about how helpful things are that come through, but I know that many times the things that are sent are for a very special reason.There are times when I cannot connect with a person, or it is not a good time for them to be asking and I have to tell them it is not possible, as it would be wrong to continue at those times.

When we die, do you think that what those in spirit are then able to tell us is always going to be right? Have you ever known them to be wrong?

I can only go on personal experience about how helpful things are that come through, but I know that many times the things that are sent are for a very special reason.

It must be emotional to bring people into contact with their relatives and so on. Do you get emotional yourself?

Yes, it can be very emotional as I feel their tears, their pain, their laughter and their regrets. But it is also very rewarding to know that sometimes we are able to help and to comfort.

Why do people call you as a medium, do they just want comfort and know their relative is okay now, or do they have particular kinds of questions?

Sometimes it is just the knowledge that those who have passed to another level have made the journey safely and reached a place where they can rest. Others often want answers on unfinished business. Not all questions can be answered of course. I know that I try to help through many levels of life, and will continue to do so, but we do not always get the answers we are looking for, sometimes only more questions. I just feel that we all need that connection sometime in our life.
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