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Reader: Joanne B Medium
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Wisdom and humour on your journey! I am able to give you clear, wise and calm guidance. My clairvoyance and medium skills have been tested on radio and TV.

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Reader interview

How did you get into doing readings?

Through my mum, I suppose as she was very clairvoyant. That was how I got into reading but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t psychic before! I had a job, a very good job, but wherever I went people said, “Do us your cards”. And then one day I was in Scotland on an island called Iona, it was very cold, and a miracle happened!

So were you doing readings at this time?

Oh yes, I have been doing them for years.

So how did you get into doing readings?

Well, the work I was doing was fine but I knew that if I didn’t change jobs, my family and I would suffer financially.  I just knew that I had to start doing readings there and then, so I did! And here I am years later still doing them. I would play cards with my grandma and she would read them and so I learnt this way. These were playing cards. I didn’t get into Tarot till years later.

Can you tell us a little about your readings?

I work with people’s voices and their vibrations. I listen as hard as I can to the tone and action of their voice. This is only when I read, not in every conversation. I sit with my eyes shut and open them every so often. I make little drawings which are guided. When I do Tarot something strange happens! I put a few out and just hold the cards, it’s like each card jumps out at me, I don’t do fancy patterns, I just lay them out in bunches. I ask the caller to choose a number between 1 and 5, which means something to me, though I don’t know why, I’ve just done this all the time. Maybe it’s the way they say the number but I know what it means for them, not anyone else; it’s a mystery to me!I say hello to my angels and I meditate before I do any readings, I meditate every day of my life. When I’ve finished that I say hello to my husband who has passed and I’m sure he helps me with the readings as he was very psychic. I’ve been granted with a gift and I know it could go at anytime, I do believe it is a gift. Some people call me The Prophet! I am also very logical and down to earth. but I do think my life has been saved a few times, for some reason I’m not ready to go.

Can you remember your first reading? What was your client’s reaction?

The first one I remember was at my Uncle George’s caravan site. I told a boy that I could see his daddy building a house for his mummy and they would not live in the caravan for long. I was about nine at the time. A few years later I went to visit and there was the house which unbeknown to me, he had been building.

Have you had a lot of success as a reader?

I would say yes, there’s no doubt, but I do get my bad days as well, nobody’s perfect. I was very lucky and have always had a large clientele and lots of clients have come from the Spiritualist Church over time.

What do your family and friends think about your job?

They are in full agreement, yes, they come for readings, they approve and I think my daughter is psychic too. Many of my friends are psychic anyway so it’s not a problem, though I have had a lot of sceptics.
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