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Make the right choices! I am a caring and compassionate clairvoyant and medium, who will bring you psychic messages that I get from my guides and the angels.

A note from me:
I flow easily with new experiences, new challenges and new people who enter my life ! XX 11 Sep. 4:30 PM

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us about your readings

The way I work is a combination of your spirit guides and my spirit guides using the cosmic Tarot as a tool.

How did love and relationships become your specialty?

That was purely from personal recommendations from my clients that developed. Now I use a specific kind of card that gives me a complete photo of what is going on in my client’s relationship and also what is going on in their partner’s life.

What do your callers want to know?

Very often my callers want to know about their love life and then it can often move onto the spiritual side of life.

Do callers ring when they have fallen out with their partner and want to know if it will all be okay? How do you handle it when you can see it may not?

I have to be honest and do not hold information back out of respect for my spirit guides and therefore I cannot lie. I need to be very delicate in the way that I word things but honesty is my policy, I have to be honest with all my clients.

How do you advise or help your callers?

I try to break the situation down and help them with a solution by guiding them around the obstacles, step by step.

Do they call back and tell you how things have developed?

Oh Yes, all the time, they are like my extended family and integrity is my middle name. I will also email my clients through their “my thecircle” account to ask them how they are doing, because I really love them.

Do people want to know the impossible – i.e. if they will meet the man or woman of their dreams?

Well I do not think that is about knowing the impossible! People do meet the man or woman of their dreams every day – and it happens POW, just like that!

Can and do you give specifics – ie names, appearance etc?

I am clairvoyant, so I see people and therefore I can clearly describe appearances. I tend not to get names particularly.

Do your love predictions mostly come true?

Oh yes, nearly always, but timing is not an exact science. Spirit guides don’t wear watches!

Can you give us any examples of things that have come true?

Where would you like me to start? It would take far too long to give you the details of the hundreds of things that have come true, but I am sure many of my clients will read this and write to you themselves to tell you their own experiences.

Are the majority of your calls about love and relationships matters? Do you do other kinds of readings as well?

Yes, the calls I receive are mostly about love and relationship issues, but spirit guides are not fussy as to what someone needs help with!
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