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Reader: Jamie Clairvoyance
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What is your next step in life? Would you like some clear guidance? I can help with any area. I provide clairvoyant readings on past, present and future.

A note from me:
There is no solid sense of timescales in any psychic reading, only clues. Predicitions need TIME to manifest, not presure.

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Reader interview

How is it that you are able to tune in so well to every client that speaks to you, do you think?

I find that when working with clients, I will already have some awareness of certain aspects of a client's life in place within my thoughts before speaking to them; almost as if I am meant to speak to a particular person at a particular time. This has its positive as well as its negative implications however. For example there are times when I will possess knowledge in regards to a person's love life hours before they speak to me, only to find that I have not been given any awareness into other aspects of that person's existence such as their career. This is all well and good if the person has indeed sought my services in regards to their love life, but not as beneficial if the person has sought me out in order to inquire into another area. I have found however that in most cases such as these I will be able to see the other aspects of this person's life if I am first allowed to channel the original information I have for them.

How do you manage to link in to each client without them being in front of you?

In the past when I practiced as a street psychic, I did have the advantage of having the person sitting right across form me. At the time I thought that this allowed for greater interaction between the two of us. When I began to offer my services over the telephone, like many other readers I was nervous that my skills might somehow be compromised and that I would not be able to do my best. For some reason I decided that the best way to get over this hurdle was to visualise what my client would look like if they were to be sitting right in front of me. I would listen to their voice patterns; try to imagine what their facial expressions, their physical gestures, as well as their overall presence would be like if they were in the same room with me.

Can you link in to the clients spirit guide?

I have found through working with my clients I am always aware of their guides. For some reason I now believe more and more that people have more guides than they could ever imagine. I actually think these guides are involved or concerned with certain areas of a person's life. The peculiar thing to me is that I will often become aware of a guide but will not know the name of the guide unless my client requests it. I think that this is because some spirit guides like to work anonymously and that they are here to remind the client of their path of free will and will not make them selves completely known unless it is entirely necessary.

Where were you born?

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States.

Do you have any tips for any other psychic readers with TheCircle?

My only tip to other psychic readers on TheCircle, as cliché as it may sound, is to be yourself. I have noticed in my short time working here that every reader on TheCircle is in fact a healer of the highest order, and I feel that nothing should stand in the way of these healers and seers sharing their inner truth. This is what we are here for; to speak the truth as spirit gives it to us, and we should let nothing; neither inner fear, fear of bad feed back or any other form of insecurity stop us from doing this. It is from this recognition of the higher call of which we serve that we will evolve into even greater workers better able to serve our fellow man.
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