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Do you need deep, honest insight into your love-life or career? I work with my spirit guides, tarot cards and pendulum to give you a clear psychic reading.

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Apologies for my lack of being on line please see my rota for when I am working , Thank you 03 Aug. 1:36 PM

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us about your readings?

All readings are different and individual. I like the atmosphere to be calm and relaxed and if I can. I like to encourage a little laughter and humour into the reading to keep things light and breezy, because some people are very nervous and unsure of what a phone reading entails. Having established what type of reading the caller wants, I usually shuffle the Tarot cards and ask the caller to say when to stop shuffling. This allows a bond between the caller and the cards, I then lay out the cards and spirit and the cards then do their work. I am merely a postman I deliver the messages from spirit to the caller.

How did love and relationships become your speciality?

It just sort of happened really, mostly because this is the area most people want and need to be sorted and settled in.

What do your callers want to know?

Anything and everything! They are always so thirsty for any information on what will be happening relationship-wise. Marriage and children and staying together are the three most asked questions I would say. Another nice thing is relaying back to people what they will be like together as a couple, most especially to people who are already in a good steady relationship. It's almost like an eye opener a re-awakening for them.

How do you advise or help your callers?

To listen is of the utmost importance, to make sure that the reading is going the way they want it to, for example focusing on the right areas, going deep into issues if they wish so. Being patient and understanding is really important. Sometimes the caller is so distraught, I always feel it's important to let people know that you are there for them 100%. Letting them know that they are in control of their lives and I am just helping to guide them along the way.

Do people want to know the impossible – ie if they will meet the man or woman of their dreams?

Occasionally I get asked this and I always say the same thing, Spirit gives me and shows me certain things to pass on to others, but how these things are accepted is beyond me. What seems today to someone as being their dream partner, five years down the line their dream ideals may be very different and so that initial partner no longer fills their criteria.

Do your love predictions mostly come true?

In general they nearly always work out as predicted. Let’s put it this way – I get invited to a huge amount of weddings and handfastings. There have unfortunately been occasions when the reading has not worked out exactly as predicted, but we must take into account an individual’s right to free will.

Can you give us any examples of things that have come true?

There was a young man at university who had very strong feelings for a girl who was just a friend, but he so wanted it to be more. Over several readings I was able to tell him that she too liked him, but was unsure of going into any sort of relationship. Almost a year later he phoned me to say that they had plucked up the courage and had shared their feelings and are now a couple.

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