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Reader: Diane Y Tarot
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Diane YDiane Y 45 out of 5 stars

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Feel buoyant and ready to face the world! I am fabulous at predicting relationships and giving you help on any current situations.

A note from me:
I feel 2018 will bring many good changes and growth to you all!

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us about your readings?

I work with Tarot and I am psychic and clairvoyant. I work also with angels and spirit.

How did love and relationships become your specialty?

I used to take love and my relationships for granted until I got divorced, and then I had a wake-up call that completely changed my life. Up to that point I was complacent and selfish, but after the shock of divorce I was swamped with all sorts of emotions, feelings of loss, regret, fear and insecurity. I had to battle for years bringing up my family without support, but instead of buckling under I grew stronger and more complete as a person. I grew up emotionally. I began to truly know and love myself and at last after many attempts have found my true soul mate. I now know everything that happens is for a reason and we are all on a journey of twists and turns, ups and downs.

What do your callers want to know?

My callers look to me for guidance in their relationships. Work and finance also are very high up on their list of priorities. If a caller is single they will want to know when and how they will meet their soul mate. If the caller is in a relationship and it is going wrong they want to know what the other person is thinking.

Do callers ring when they have fallen out with their partner and want to know if it will all be okay? How do you handle it when you can see it may not?

Some callers do call when their relationship is going through hardship and/or separation. I am always honest with the caller but handle the situation gently and look at options if the relationship looks doomed to failure. But I always tell the caller that Tarot is to be used as a guide and a tool and "forewarned is forearmed", and now they see the traits they can pre-empt the situation and remedy it if they choose to.

How do you advise or help your callers?

I only offer advice through the medium of Tarot or my angels and never from my own ego.

Do they call back and tell you how things have developed?

I feel very blessed and honoured when callers call me back with updates and developments on their lives and I feel as though they view me as a trusted and wise friend.

Do people want to know the impossible – ie if they will meet the man/woman of their dreams?

Yes, but that is human nature – no-one wants to be alone. I always tell them that everyone is on their own spiritual path and spirit will guide them to their soul mate when spirit feels the time is right and that they have to learn their lessons in the meantime.

Can and do you give specifics – ie names, appearance etc?

Yes, I am very helpful with descriptions and appearances of people either in spirit or on this earth plain. I am blessed with a wonderful Red Indian spirit guide who protects and helps me. I often get messages from spirit through the medium of Tarot.

Do your love predictions mostly come true?

Yes, they always come true, but timings can be difficult to predict.

Are the majority of your calls about love and relationships matters, do you do other kinds of readings as well?

I enjoy helping people on all levels and all things financial and job situations figure quite highly.
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