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Reader: Deanne F Spirituality

Deanne F

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Is life feeling unbalanced? Let me link into our Spirit Guides and cards to help. They will help to guide us through your path.
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Direct but with empathy


Love & Relationships, Career, Family & Home


Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient. I was born as a Psychic and work with my Guides and Spirit.


I ask Spirit to guide us and use my cards as the windows to the foundation of your life.


I have been reading for 36 years and I am also a qualified Psychic Counsellor.


I have very little free time but when I do I enjoy performing Reiki and work closely with animals too.

My Mantra:

Always remember our spirits are there to guide us.




401 Testimonials

4,8 Average rating


Telephone advice session rating - Cl**a - Jan 13, 2020 8:49 PM


Excellent Reading

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4981 - Jan 4, 2020 12:12 PM

This is my second reading with Deanne and she is the real deal She tunes in straight away and gives a ton of information. What she shared where messages and signs I'd been receiving already - to the point that some of it was using the same words or phrases! She walks between two worlds and delivers so many messages and insights. As well as calm, hope and inspiration. Highly recommended.

Spot on!

Telephone advice session rating - von***56 - Dec 21, 2019 8:33 PM

Brilliant accurate! Made me feel a lot better and I can enjoy Christmas now, knowing that everything will work out. Thank you so much.x

Lovely lady

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****3382 - Nov 17, 2019 8:35 PM

She was really nice to speak to and brought in my nana. Looking forward to her predictions x


Telephone advice session rating - wiz***zy - Nov 9, 2019 5:31 PM

Lovely reader. Only asked questions to confirm things - which she got right anyway. Gave me lots of information and didn't waffle at all. It felt like she connected well with me via spirit and I am very excited about the predictions for my future. I feel really happy and reassured about where my life is going. Thank you so much.

You are fabulous

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****3983 - Nov 6, 2019 6:07 PM

Thank you Deanne. You are so gifted and amazing reader. My friend will call you that I told you about. Big hugs Scotland xxxx

OMG - I just had the most amazing reading...

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1381 - Oct 17, 2019 8:43 PM

I had the most excellent and awe-inspiring reading ever. I wish I could put my feelings into words and the written words does not do Deanne and her spirit guides any justice. Deanne was spot on with everything she said and she has such a gentle smoothing voice. All I can say is THANK YOU DEANNE and sending you plenty of love and blessing. Thank you so much.


Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****9782 - Oct 14, 2019 6:35 PM

Lovely reader and spot on. Thank you xx

Wonderful lady

Telephone advice session rating - pum***71 - Oct 2, 2019 9:35 PM

I speak to Deanne regularly and she’s so patient, always happy to talk and is unwaveringly consistent.

Extremely happy

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4082 - Sep 10, 2019 9:47 PM

Amazing reading spot and inline with others readers I’ve spoken to.very good advice which was inline with my gut instincts so I’m on the right path just need to be patient a bit longer distract myself keep positive and the quicker it will happen good advice on a complex situation very pleased one of the best I’ve spoken 2.


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  • Love & Relationships
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