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Do you need a little comfort? I will provide an insightful reading that is sensitive to your needs, by using my talents as a psychic and wiccan.

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Please Read. I am only able to work on messenger at the moment Thank you. 20 Mrz. 11:04 AM

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your readings? 

My readings are based on direct links with spirit, the tools are not important, be it cards / runes the truth always comes from spirit alone.  My belief and trust in guides and spirit are what directs me within my readings. Honesty is the only language we must speak, even if our client may not want the answer they hear, we do not do our client or ourselves justice is we are not honest with them.  I have complete trust in spirit and I am not gifted, I am but the channel they speak through. No reader has the right to tell someone what to do. We cannot and must not take any clients power. We are here to speak spirits truth and not our opinion. Only the client can make their own choices. 


How did you discover or train to be clairvoyant? 

Naturally as a child. Then I went to spiritualist churches in London and started with platform work, and read for the homeless for free in Bethnal Green, London. I had lots of out of body experiences too.


Do you think anyone can become clairvoyant if they want to?

 If they open their minds and hearts, we all have the potential. We are not special, we are a voice of spirit. They choose us not the other way around. Come from love not ego and they will talk to you.


Can you explain what a clairvoyant is exactly and how this differs from clairaudient and clairsentient?

If you are Clairvoyant you see spirit, every reader differs but mostly they see a series of pictures, clairaudient you hear spirit and clairsentient you feel emotions which guide you in the reading.


How did you react the first time you saw or heard someone from spirit talking to you, how did you feel?


I was a child, I thought it was an old friend come to play, no fear at all…


What do you think of all the media clairvoyants that we see on TV so much now and the programs they are involved with?


It depends on how these shows are done. I feel we are losing the real message and changes spirit want us to speak, and egos can take over sometimes in these shows. Material greed can also take over, we do not need the limelight to spread the word of love and peace. It’s a belief not a job… 

Yes all mediums need to earn money as I do. But we are not actors, we are not fantasy dealers. We are chosen to be truthful. If the aim is not to help others, then we are not true spirit workers, so these shows have to be done in the right way.


Do you need to use a tool, such as cards and so on to use your clairvoyance or do you work without anything at all?


No tools just an open heart and mind, a willingness to speak from the soul.

What are the main reasons people call you for a reading?

There is a huge variety of reasons why people call and every readings is different, spirit will always send messages that the person needs. 


Do you use your clairvoyance to help yourself in your life and do you use it outside of doing readings and if so, how?

If I’m meant to, then spirit will tell me. Whether I want them to or not!
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