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„I can tell you that by following Helen's guidance about a man I recently met I feel uplifted and much more positive.”

Kate from Oxford

„The reading was almost like a therapy session, it was in-depth & insightful.”

Vicky from London

„To have someone who understands to talk to, and give a personal touch to my reading was reassuring.”

Charlie from Berkshire

Past Life Regression

Many people now accept the idea that we have more than one life, meaning that we have past lives to explore. This belief suggests that we reincarnate as a different person somewhere in the world each time, so that we have the chance to keep learning the lessons our soul needs to learn in each lifetime. Often we find that we remember a place even though we have never been there, or are somehow just drawn to the idea of going there. This may be an example of a memory from a past life.

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Reader: Sara P
Sara P
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I use Tarot cards, Divination Cubes and often draw upon Crystal energy and my own personal Spirit Guides in order to make a clear connection with my callers.
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Reader: Sabrina
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Better things lie ahead. I am an honest, sincere and non-judgemental medium and clairvoyant. Through my psychic readings I will help you deal with the past.
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Reader: Dominic
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You are never alone. As seen on TV, I have been a spirit medium for over 30 years, and am able to bring the spirit world that little bit closer.
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Reader: Chantelle
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Do you need some caring insight into your problem? I use my Mediumship, Clairvoyance and the Tarot to get to the heart of any difficulties you face.
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Reader: Allan
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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny! What can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!
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Reader: Tamika
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I specialise in relationships and resolving issues surrounding them. I use my clairvoyance and channel information from my spirit guide to provide insight.
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Reader: Crystal E
Crystal E
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Working closely with mine and my client’s guides. I need to tune in with your questions before I start my in depth reading using my many skills.
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Past Life Regression 

The same could happen with people we know and especially those we are close to. We could feel that we already know them, or share a special bond that goes back longer than we have known them in this present life. This could be because we have been with them in a past life and we still have things to learn from each other, so we are drawn together again in another reincarnation. 

What Is a Past Life Reading?

A past life regression reading can be carried out by a skilled psychic, who will gently prompt you to recall key details that reveal your past life memories. For some of us, this is an intense experience that involves remembering dramatic moments clearly.

For others, it could be that a past life psychic reading is a subtler form of delving into their past lives. They may recall sensations, smells or some other vague memories help them to piece together the information.

Past life readers are able to pick up on some of your past lives and can tell you some detail about them, where you lived your previous life and approximately when, and perhaps some details of what you did in that lifetime.

Often the past life readers will tell you what you have brought forward from that life that you need to deal with and learn in this lifetime. Past life readings can fill in so many gaps for us and apart from being fascinating to know about, they can really help us learn more about who we are.

A reading of your past life can solve unresolved issues you may be carrying around with you from a previous life or these issues may act as a guiding light in your present life.

Open yourself up to a past life reading and discover more about your soul's journey and the directions you should be taking in life. The reincarnation of the soul is a gift to be treasured and used wisely.

We can all learn from our past lives to unlock the memories and help us on this life's journey. A reading with a past life reader has the key to do so. A past life reading will vary according to the person taking part, and the best psychics adapt to each one to give them the best possible chance of a successful, satisfying outcome.

How Does Past Life Reading Work?

There are different types of past life regression technique that you could sample, as you search for the perfect way to re-live your past and learn from it. For instance, you could opt for a past life reading tarot or crystal ball session, or use clairvoyance.

The exact method that the past life reader uses is simply a device that allows them to guide you on this fascinating trip into your personal history. They will ask questions and give you prompts that help you to recover as much valuable information as you can.

Each new answer can help to take you further on this exciting journey and may lead you to new questions that you are keen to get answers to.

How to Contact Past Life Psychics?

The first step on this journey is to find a past life regression reader that suits your needs. This needs to be a gifted psychic that you feel comfortable with and trust.

We all react differently to each past life psychic, so it is a question of finding one that you like the look of and giving them a try. You can then get in touch by phone or send them a message through your computer or mobile device.

How Should I Prepare for a Past Life Reading Online?

The key point is in relaxing and approaching this psychic experience with an open mind. If you have never had flashbacks to your past lives before then simply consider what you would like to learn in this way.

If you have already started on this voyage of discovery and have had glimpses of past life memories, then keep notes and maybe try to identify the main gaps that you would like to try and fill in now.

What Questions Should I Ask to Find Out About My Past Life?

We each have our own priorities and interests on this subject. Some people ask, “what was I in my past life?” or "who was I in my past life?" , while others want to know, “How did I die in my past life?”.

Take a moment before the past life regression session to consider what you want to most want to know. This could be something really specific or it could be that you just want to give you a general feel for your personal history. This is the best answer for how to find out your past life, so it's best to have something prepared.

Sometimes, it makes sense to start off with a few general questions about who you were and what you did. As these details are revealed, you are sure to come up with more questions based on what you find out.

Can Past Lives Affect My Current Life?

Why do people show such interest in delving into their past lives? A big part of the reason is the hope they have that discovering more about who they once were through a past life reading will help them to deal with issues that they are currently experiencing.

Among the problems that may be linked to our past lives are unexplained phobias, regular nightmares on the same subject, anxiety and weight problems. If any issues from the distant past have been left unresolved then they have the potential to also affect us in this incarnation in many ways.

What Can I Expect from a Past Life Reading?

As we have seen, there are different ways of experiencing this past life regression, depending upon your personality and the things that you discover along the way. This means that you won’t know exactly what to expect until you get started.

However, there are a few things that you should definitely expect. For a start, a gentle and sympathetic psychic will guide you and try their best to help you to answer all of your questions. You should also expect to discover interesting details that may confuse and excite you in equal measure.

How Will a Past Life Reading Help Me?

For some people, a past life regression session is just about learning more about themselves and what they have done before this current life. Others may have a specific issue that they believed is linked to unresolved matters.

This means that each person gets a different set of benefits from getting a reading of this type. Some may come away a sense of having successfully closed this chapter by satisfying their curiosity. Others may find that it gives them the key to sorting out problems that have been carried forward to their current life. Regardless, this should answer any questions you have regarding what is past life regression.


Is this type of reading beneficial for me?

A past life regression session can bring benefits to anyone who is interested in finding out more about who they were in the past and how they died. In specific cases, it could also help to resolve issues that are linked to a previous life.

How often should you hear a reading?

Someone who simply has a general interest in their past lives may be happy with a single session that gives them the main answers. If you want to go deeper into the details to resolve specific issues, then you may need several readings to do this.

How many past lives do I have?

While there is no way of knowing this for certain, the idea of reincarnation in different lives suggests that we all go through a number of lives over the centuries. You may recall one or more lives during a past life reading online, but there may be others that you don’t recall.


Is it easy to recall a past life?

Some people find it easier than others to recall details of the lives that they have lived in the past. You might find that the sights, sounds and smells of the past come to you very quickly, or you might find that it takes longer.

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