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Become a member

How do I learn more about TheCircle?
For an overview of TheCircle features and functions take a quick tour of our How it works page.

How do I become a TheCircle member?
You can either register online at thecircle.com; choose a reader using our 'click to call' feature to be taken through a very simple registration process. Or alternatively register on the phone by calling our sales team (daily from 7am to 1am) on free-phone 08000 67 67 67You will be asked for your full name, email address, postal address and telephone number as well as your payment details. You'll also have the option to choose a username and a password. Please Note: We will treat all of your personal data with the strictest confidentiality (see Privacy Policy & Data Protection).

International callers should dial Customer Care on 08700 23 45 67 - Hours 7am-1am daily British Standard time.

Can I use the service even though I only have one telephone line?
Yes if you have broadband you can stay online and take calls at the same time. If you have a dial-up internet connection, please make sure that you terminate your online connection immediately after you have selected your reader. As soon as you are offline, TheCircle will make the telephone connection for you.

Why do you need my telephone number?
We need your telephone number to set up a telephone connection between you and your chosen reader. As soon as you have selected the reader you wish to speak to simply click on "Call" and within a few moments you'll be connected.

n.b: Your phone number and personal information will never be shared with any reader.

Do I have to log in as a member every time?
You only have to log in when you wish to view your MyCircle account or talk to a reader via our 'click to call' feature. You can browse all the different subject areas and our readers at any time without logging in to the site.

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How do I choose a username?
We recommend you create a nickname that is not your real name to ensure your anonymity.

n.b: Your username will be seen by all other TheCircle users, e.g. when you leave a feedback.

Can my username be modified by TheCircle?
TheCircle will not modify your username without consulting you, but we do reserve the right to block or remove your data if there is reasonable suspicion of infringement of our conditions of use.

What can I do if I feel harassed or offended by another member?
Notify TheCircle as soon as possible by sending an email to contact@thecircle.com. TheCircle does not allow its members to use any obscenities, insults, swear words or similar abusive behaviour, neither in usernames nor communications with other users.

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How do I choose a password?
When you become a member, you need to choose a password to be able to log in to the TheCircle system and access your MyCircle account. Your password can be anything you wish, however for security purposes, we suggest a combination of letters, both capitals and lower case, and numbers, i.e. thECIrclE285 (example only, do not copy).

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?
If you've forgotten your password we will be happy to send you a new one. Please go to "Log in" at the top of the page and click on the "Password forgotten?" link. A window will open and in here you can request a new password via email.

What happens if I lose or forget my Phone ID?
If you should lose your phone ID or log-in data, simply call our customer care team on 08700 23 45 67 and they will organise an email and a letter reminder.

n.b: You can change your password on your personal information page within "MyCircle" - you will find your personal information on the upper navigation bar (see Privacy Policy & Data Protection).

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What is "MyCircle"?
Within "MyCircle" you'll find all of your personal details and your call history. "MyCircle" is located in the top right navigation. Click on "MyCircle" to enter.

Here you can:

- Review your TheCircle account balance and check your account movements

- See your current activities as well as those of the past months

- Update and amend your personal details

Does anybody else have access to "MyCircle"?
No. Your personal details are password protected. You will always need your password before using TheCircle. So long as you do not allow your password to fall into the hands of third parties, your personal details will remain secure with us.

How can I change my telephone number or personal information?
Simply click on "MyCircle", then click "personal information" to change any of your personal details. To store your changes click on the "update now" button.

What happens with my payment information?
You can choose to provide us with your payment details every time you want to talk to one of our readers, or you can store your payment details within your "MyCircle" account.

By storing your payment details in your ''MyCircle'' account you can initiate a call even quicker, either at TheCircle site or via the telephone through our main number 08000 67 67 67.
On thecircle.com, log in, choose a reader, select a payment plan and the call will start straight away.
By Telephone dial 08000 67 67 67, enter your Phone ID, followed by your chosen reader PIN, select a payment plan then you are connected to your reader.
You can change your stored payment details at any time by clicking on ''Payment Information'' in your "MyCircle" account.

You can view your account balance at anytime at your "MyCircle", simply click on "My account" to see a summary of your telephone calls and costs for any specific month.

Per minute plan call costs are deducted from your card at the end of your reading. Package plan calls are charged when your call is connected. If you select to continue on a pay per minute plan at the end of your package plan duration, the pay per minute section of your call is deducted from your card at the end of your reading.

What about Payment Security?
Our software guarantees a high security standard for commercial transactions. It encodes your card number, your name and your address, so that your data is securely transferred through the payment system.

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TheCircle Mail

What is TheCircle mail?
TheCircle Mail is a free tool which can be used to contact our Readers in order to learn more about them, query their availability or to put forward questions for a personal reading. You can send messages to any Reader you have had a reading with in the past and they will only see your username - neither your personal details nor your real email address are shown; ensuring your privacy remains protected.

How do I find out if I have TheCircle mail?
If a Reader has sent you a TheCircle mail, we will forward it to the personal email address you registered with us. If you do not have a personal email account, you can still read your mail from your MyCircle account.

What are conditions of using TheCircle mail?
For every TheCircle mail, you may send a maximum of 10 attachments, totalling 1mb. The attachments are not automatically forwarded onto the receiver and they will be notified of this.

Please check your attachments for viruses as TheCircle takes no responsibility for attachments containing viruses. Please also ensure that attachment names do not contain special characters, as this may cause receipt difficulties. All attachments are automatically deleted after one month.

How do I read/open TheCircle mail?
To read/open your TheCircle mail, click on "MyCircle", then on the right-hand side, click on "TheCircle mail" then finally click on "read mail".

How do I send a TheCircle mail?
You can send a mail by clicking on "TheCircle Mail", which is found below the "My Account" area, then click "write message". A window will open and you will be asked for the name of the Reader you wish to send mail to. Once you have completed writing your mail, click "send" and your mail will be sent to the TheCircle Reader/s you selected.

Edit bulk mails Bulk mails can be sent to more than one TheCircle member. You can block particular members from your group mail, simply by clicking on "edit bulk mails" and then deselect member/s you do not wish to receive mail from.

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How do I find the right reader for me?
There are different ways of finding the perfect reader for you. You can browse our readers at www.thecircle.com by clicking on the ''Find Reader'' in the top navigation bar. Click on ''more'' to take you to the readers full detail page which shows their profile, psychic history, true stories, availability as well as ratings and reviews by other TheCircle members - providing all the information you need to select the right reader for you.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our friendly customer care team on 08700 23 45 67 (7am-1am daily) and ask them to help you find the reader most suited to the guidance you are looking for.

How do I talk to a reader?
There are 3 ways you can talk to a TheCircle reader

1. Log in to your MyCircle account at thecircle.com and use the ''click to call'' facility to choose a reader and select a payment plan - you will then go straight through to the reader if you have a phone ID, or alternatively you will be prompted to enter your card details first.

2. Simply call 08000 67 67 67, enter your phone ID, followed by your chosen reader PIN and finally select your payment plan - you will then be directed to your selected psychic.

3. No Phone ID? Call our sales team on 08000 67 67 67, they will take your payment and put you through to your chosen reader.

What if my reader is unavailable? If your reader is showing busy at TheCircle simply select the call back feature. Your phone will automatically ring the moment your reader becomes free, putting you directly in touch (your telephone number and personal details are never given directly to the reader), or you can schedule a reading in advance with our sales team at a time and date to suit you. Call 7am - 1am daily on 08000 67 67 67.

How to Reserve a "call-back"? Our gifted readers can occasionally be in high demand; we have created a ''call-back'' service so your chosen Reader can contact you when they are free. With one click you can put yourself on their waiting list and say how long you will wait for a call-back. Our system will make an automatic call-back to you once your favourite reader becomes available; your telephone and personal details are never given directly to the reader.

How to rate your reader? To provide open and transparent feedback for everyone you can rate every reader you talk to for more than 5 minutes and browse through the reader reviews from other customers at thecircle.com. At the end of your call you are invited to rate your reader; either by a quick key-prompt (1-5 - Five being the highest rating) on your phone or you can leave a more detailed rating on the website.

n.b: Your most recent rating will replace any previous ratings you have given to a particular reader. An online rating will replace a phone rating and an online rating with text will replace an online rating without text.

We cannot remove or edit any of your ratings except those which strictly infringe upon our rules. We reserve the right to make amendments to our rules on an individual case basis.

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If you have dial-up internet connection

What do I do if I only have one telephone line?
If you have broadband you can stay online and take calls at the same time.

If you have a dial-up internet connection, please make sure that you terminate your online connection immediately after you have selected your reader. As soon as you are offline, TheCircle will make the telephone connection for you.

How to make a call at TheCircle

How to make a call at TheCircle

1. Choose a reader who is ''available'' by clicking on their "Call Now" button; a request to terminate your online connection will appear on your screen.

2. You then have 30 seconds to terminate your internet connection.

3. TheCircle system will call you on the telephone number you have stored in your ''MyCircle'' account and you will be asked to accept the call and by pressing "1" on your telephone keypad.

4. If you have not terminated your internet connection, TheCircle will not be able to connect to your telephone.

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Recommend TheCircle to others

How does the recommendation program work?
By referring a friend to TheCircle, you can earn £ 10.00 per referral and they will be entitled to introductory special offer. Simply log into your account and click on ¿recommendations¿ or call customer care at 08700 23 45 67 (7am-1am Daily) and provide us with your friend's details, then simply leave the rest to us. Once your referred friend has had a paid reading of at least £ 10.00 or more, we will credit your MyCircle account with £ 10.00.

How can I recommend TheCircle to others?
Simply tell friends or family about TheCircle and ask them to call 08700 23 45 67 and provide us with your phone number, email address or your username to collect their special introductory offer.

Or you can go to "Recommendations by email" at your "MyCircle" account, click on the "recommend by email" link and email all your friends and family a special introductory offer.

How much is the recommendation bonus and when will I receive it?
Once your referred friend has had a paid reading of £ 10.00 or more, your MyCircle account will be credited with £ 10.00. All payments will be received automatically after 7-10 working days of the referred friend's paid call (they must have correctly provided us with either your telephone number, e-mail address or your username.)

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Use the following link to see the helplines.

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Free minutes

Reader free minutes and how can I use them?
Readers can email invitations to TheCircle members offering free three or five minutes. If you have a reading with a reader who has sent you a free minutes invitation, the minutes given will be deducted from the total cost of your call if you selected the "pay per minute" plan.

TheCircle free minutes and how can I use them?
TheCircle also occasionally offers free minutes to members. They are usually sent as a voucher through the post or via email. To use them you must activate you're TheCircle minutes before you speak to a reader. Refer to the "Redeem vouchers" section below for more details.

n.b: TheCircle free minutes can only be redeemed against "pay per minute" readings and "package" plans. You cannot combine TheCircle free minutes with reader free minutes. If you have both, TheCircle free minutes will be deducted first. When any of your free minutes have been used, your call will return to the reader advertised price per minute.

TheCircle free minutes are only valid until the expiration date quoted on the voucher.

For all other offers and promotions, please refer to TheCircle Terms and Conditions.

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Redeem vouchers

For security TheCircle will send vouchers through the post or email only.

Activation instructions are sent with your voucher. Follow them carefully to ensure your free minutes are deducted from your total call time. You can redeem your TheCircle free call minute vouchers by speaking to our customer care team on 0870 023 4567 or at thecircle.com at your "MyCircle" account by clicking on "Redeem voucher".

TheCircle free minutes are only valid until the expiration date quoted on the voucher.

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