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„I started the reading in tears and came off the phone with hope in my heart.”

Liz from Lancaster

„To be honest I don't think I could have come through many emotional times without Lisa's guidance. I would highly recommend her 100 times over.”

Shirley from Maghera

„I can tell you that by following Helen's guidance about a man I recently met I feel uplifted and much more positive.”

Kate from Oxford

Spirituality Readings, Guidance and Advice

People look for spirituality readings for a wide variety of reasons. Often, they have simply reached a stage in life where they have more questions than answers, so they look for a spiritual advisor online, to gently guide them in the right direction.

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Reader: ElaineR
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Do you need deep, honest insight into your love-life or career? I work with my Spirit Guides, Tarot Cards and Pendulum to give you a clear Psychic Reading.
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Reader: Josie
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Positive choices are open to you. I offer you compassion and understanding and whatever your area of concern, I will be able to focus in on your openings.
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Reader: Poppy B
Poppy B
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Borrow my spirit guides! They will give you really great clarity into whatever is causing you concern today. I work naturally with my spirit guides.
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Reader: Molly
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Has your love life suddenly changed making you question your future? I can help you understand and find peace to be able to move forwards.
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Reader: Patrice
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Defeat your dilemmas! As seen on TV! Love, Work, Career, Family and Money are the main features of my Psychic abilities. I will inspire you!
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Reader: Dominic
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You are never alone. As seen on TV, I have been a spirit medium for over 30 years, and am able to bring the spirit world that little bit closer.
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Reader: Willow
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I work with the Tarot, Runes and my Spirit Guide to give my clients deep insight into the pitfalls life can throw at them.
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Reader: Chrissie
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Sometimes we all need a little help, a different perspective on our worries and cares. I am here to offer my psychic, medium and clairvoyant support.
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Reader: Jane
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Do you seek proof of life after death? I can offer you this, as well as channeling positive energies in your direction. I am a Published Author.
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Reader: Emma B
Emma B
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Connecting psychically, I bring through honest, understanding and empowering guidance so that we can lovingly reach for those higher perspectives together.
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Spirituality Readings, Guidance and Advice 

Before you go ahead and find out more about using a spiritual life coach in this way, you might like to understand more about the subject of spirituality. The following points will let you get started comfortably and with confidence on this exciting journey to a more spiritual, rewarding experience.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality has many different definitions. The holistic belief is that we exist in a spiritual world that is more powerful and greater than just the sum of our parts — in other words, holistic spirituality means that everything thing in the world has an effect on everything else. Connecting with nature, all living creatures, and the natural world around us is also a form of spirituality.


By learning to meditate we increase our chances of reaching a spiritual plane and it is through meditation that we can experience total relaxation as we reach a level of personal spirituality.


If you are searching for inner peace, spiritual enlightenment, and positive karmic energy, a spirituality reading with an empathetic reader can put you on the path to enlightenment and teach you the power and gift of relaxation through meditation.


A spiritual life coach will also help you understand matters of the spirit, matters of our nature, and our purpose beyond the material world, senses, and time.


Spiritual guides and advisors are people who have gained a good deal of experience in this matter and are further along the path than most of us. They have a clearer, deeper view of the spiritual world and are keen to help others to find their own way.


The idea of using a spiritual advisor online isn’t new, as people have been consulting psychics and other guides by telephone or internet for a number of years. Once you understand the basics, you will see that this is a completely safe way to delve deeper into the spiritual world and to perhaps understand more about yourself at the same time.

How do spiritual readings work?

The thought of having spirituality readings may sound a little bit daunting at first, but the truth is that it is a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience for the vast majority of people who try it. Using a spiritual advisor online is a good way to do this conveniently and without any pressure, as you are in complete control of how long the session lasts for and what subjects it covers.


You could look on it as being like having a chat with a friend, but a key factor to bear in mind is that an online spiritual coach isn’t there to give you solutions or impose their ideas on you. Their role is to guide you and to help you to find your own answers.


Our spiritual readings have a relaxed, informal atmosphere and you shouldn’t expect your spiritual advisor to do all of the talking. The idea is that you tell them your issues and your hopes, giving them the chance to listen to you and provide support at the right times.


Some people find the first spirituality readings that they undertake to be a slightly awkward experience, as they aren’t used to talking about themselves so openly and addressing such important subjects. Yet, this is something that becomes easier after a little time and should soon become a pleasurable experience that you look forward to each time.

What are the different methods of spirituality advising, reading, and guiding?

Do you want to know more about how spiritual life advice online works? There are a few different approaches that you might come across when you deal with an online spiritual coach. The following are the most popular spirituality readings that you may like to try.

  • Tarot reading. The method most commonly associated with psychics is tarot card readings. This is where a special pack of mystical cards is used, with your spiritual advisor online to interpret them and provide you with a better understanding of areas such as your future love life or your career.
  • Astrology. This method takes a look at your birth date and other important factors to draw up a detailed reading of how the cosmos affects your personality and your life. If you like to read your daily horoscope, then this is a far more detailed and personalised version of it that will give you greater insight into the things that matter to you.
  • Clairvoyance. While this word is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘psychic’ or similar terms, it has a very specific meaning in terms of finding a spiritual life coach. A clairvoyant is a person who has the gift of being able to view images in their mind that they use to guide the person who is consulting them.
  • Angels. A psychic who carries out angel readings will communicate with your Guardian Angel using a set of angel cards during the spirituality readings you have with them. This is a way of receiving advice and support in any of the important areas of your life, using direct communication with these divine beings.

You might discover that one of these methods is perfect for you and that you prefer to stick with it time and time again. Alternatively, you might decide to switch between them to achieve different results. There are no rules for this, so you should simply choose the approach that works best for you and then get in touch with your chosen online spiritual coach.

Having spirituality readings or getting spiritual guidance or advice

There is nothing to fear about the process involved in spirituality readings. It is an entirely safe, pleasant experience. The first question you might have is over how a spiritual reading works online. The truth is that it works in exactly the same way as it would in a face-to-face setting, as there is nothing to stop an expert spiritual advisor online from finding the same information as another who is in the same room as you. The physical distance between you and the reader isn’t an issue at all.


The best kind of online spiritual coach is an expert who will make you feel at ease and proceed as quickly or as slowly as you want to. You should remember that you are in control at all times: the spiritual life coach or psychic that you are speaking to is simply guiding you using their skills and experience.


What does a spiritual life coach do during these sessions? Their main task is to listen to you and then guide you so that you find your own answers. Expect them to be friendly and approachable but not to talk too much, as that isn’t the point of these sessions. On the other hand, you should talk freely, so it is best to carry out this sort of mystical reading when you are feeling in the mood to discuss and resolve any issues that are hanging over you.

How it works

The first step is to choose a spiritual advisor online that you like the look of. There are different ways you can use to see how to find the best spiritual coach. People choose their guide by doing things such as by reading a little bit about them, getting a recommendation from a friend or just looking for someone with a friendly or wise face.


You can also read the reviews left behind by other people who have consulted them. For example, a search through our top readers reveals the likes of Soul Authentic and Amethyst L with five-star ratings and many positive pieces of feedback.


As you look into the subject of how to find the best spiritual coach, you might see that a few different spirit guides appeal to you. This is fine, as you can get readings from as many psychics are you want to, switching between them however you choose.


You can then hook up with your spiritual guide in the way that best suits you. A popular approach is to do this over the phone, which is a fast simple process that is suitable for many different situations such as when you are at home or have a peaceful environment at work.


Another option is to chat with the spiritual advisor online by text. In this way, you can speak to them discretely even if you are in a noisy setting or feel that you can’t speak freely for one reason or another. You can even use WhatsApp to send and receive messages if you want to.


This can be done using any one of many different devices too. Whether it is simplest for you to use a landline phone, a mobile phone or a computer, you will find that getting started on speaking to someone who can guide you is incredibly easy to do.


You will typically pay for spirituality readings according to the number of minutes that you speak to the spiritual advisor and their experience level, with welcome offers often giving you the chance to get a special low price or even speak to the spiritual advisor online for free for a certain amount of time.


Is this type of reading beneficial for me?

Anyone can benefit from having a spiritual life coach who provides them with guidance and insight into what most concerns them. To make the most of it, just find the method that suits you best and the psychic that appeals to you.

How often should I hear a reading?

This is a purely personal decision that you can take based on your own needs and interests. You may like to have a reading with a spiritual life coach every day or you may decide that once a week or once a month is enough for you.

How long does a reading last?

It depends upon you, as the guide will simply follow your lead, listening to you and giving you support for as long as you want them to. You are in control of the situation and can end the reading whenever it suits you.

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