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Reader: Marie P Spirituality

Marie P

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When you feel stuck, lost or simply in need of some clarity and direction, I am here to help you find balance, to empower you, and to get you on the right path
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A note from me

A BIG thank you to all my regular callers! I very much look forward to connecting with all new callers too! Bright Blessings to you all xxx



I am compassionate, empathetic and non-judgemental, direct and straight forward


Love & Relationships, Career, Family & Home, Dream Interpretation and Spirituality, Life Coaching


Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Psychic, Spirit Guides and Wicca


I work directly with my spirit guides and read with or without Tarot, on request. I also use crystals, colour and auras


I am a natural born psychic and clairvoyant, trained by my grandmother. I have been giving readings for over 30 years


Reiki Master, Yoga, Reading, Painting and spending time with my Persian cats

My Mantra:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained - strive for balance in all things. Let love inspire you!





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Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5781 - 11-Oct-2021 21:44

I have concluded that Marie is a lighthouse. Marie will guide you from life’s rocks, in the dark. I often speak with Marie with a question which will get answered but Marie will focus on what you actually really need to have addressed. Marie sees all and is always spot on. A wonderful and skilled reader and a truly beautiful soul. Clare xx

Marie P is an outstanding psychic!

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****8982 - 05-Oct-2021 17:59

I have had several Readings with this lovely lady and her predictions always come in! She is very articulate, empathetic and caring. Everything resonated as usual and she is very knowledgeable about life and spiritual matters. I highly recommend this lady. Thank you again, Marie. I shall call again to update and look forward to speaking to you again.

Work reading

Telephone advice session rating - ka**p - 11-Aug-2021 23:12

Marie has helped me with many readings for many years now and knows me well. Allawys been acurate and given good readings. I look forward to the latest reading also coming true. Marie is very positive and encourageing but will also adress the bad news. thanks


Telephone advice session rating - lo**s - 14-Jul-2021 21:30


What a wonderful lady

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1182 - 14-Jul-2021 20:09

Thank you so much, I really really enjoyed chatting to you. You are a really lovely lady with a beautiful energy about you. Your analysis of the situation was so helpful and I appreciate honesty above all else. It was nice to be heard too and recognised for the person I am :)

Totally honest

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5781 - 28-Jun-2021 22:37

I can’t thank Marie enough for her honesty in relaying what she sees. Marie doesn’t sugar coat and will tell you exactly as it is. All said in such a loving way. What a truly amazing lady with such a precious gift. If you ask a question, it will be answered. Marie is the only one that I listen to because I know after several readings that she is actually always correct. Totally honest, kind, compassionate and accurate lady. Thank you. Clare

My angel

Telephone advice session rating - stre****217 - 27-Apr-2021 18:26

I have been having readings with Marie for 15 years and feel so blessed to have this angel when I need guidance, Marie is honest gives what she sees and doesn't Sugar coat only call Marie if you can hear the truth thankyou Marie for your honesty Love shab

Always puts you on the right path

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5781 - 13-Mar-2021 22:34

God grant me Buddhism to accept the things that I cannot change, Abraham Hicks to change the things that I can and Marie P to show me the difference between the two. I trust in Marie P to keep me on the right path when I cannot see the road in front of me. She is truly amazing 🤩 Clare x

Another amazing Reading....

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****8982 - 08-Feb-2021 12:40

....with this amazing lady on 24th Jan. Thank you for your help and guidance, Marie. You are a brilliant psychic and so kind and empathic to talk to. Look forward to another Reading in the future xx

The absolute best

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5781 - 29-Dec-2020 20:19

Marie is without any doubt, the absolute best reader that I have ever encountered. I cannot praise her highly enough and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to know the truth of a situation. Marie is able to give clear and accurate insight into all areas of life, work, love or family. Her gift is amazingly rare.


Wednesday (20 Oct) 07:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Thursday (21 Oct) 07:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Friday (22 Oct) 07:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Reader skills

  • Tarot
  • Clairvoyance
  • Love & Relationships
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Spirit Guides
  • Life Coaching
  • Career