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Reader: Crystal E Medium

Crystal E

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Working closely with mine and my client’s guides. I need to tune in with your questions before I start my in depth reading using my many skills.
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Direct, Caring, Intuitive


Love & Relationships, Channelling, Creating Abundance, Career


Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath


Spirit Guides, Realms


I have run Meditation Classes and worked with Spiritual Realms since the 90's


Creative Writing, Travel

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Nurture your relationship with yourself

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1,012 Testimonials

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Simply Amazing!

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1481 - 19-Aug-2021 16:33

I really needed some advice about a work situation and luckily managed to catch Crystal. Not only does she have an unbelievable ability to get to the heart of the matter, but also the psyche of the individual concerned! I came off the phone and felt lighter. So much so, I ended having a really productive day. She seems to give you an energy boost in some way. I would highly recommend you speak to her.

Left me feeling positive

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****6081 - 19-Aug-2021 13:44

My reading with Crystal was just what I needed to assure me that new beginnings are on the horizon, and where I had been going wrong in the past, and what I need to focus on to create the future that I want. I look forward to seeing how things pan out.


Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****7581 - 21-Jul-2021 10:46

I have been going to Crystal for a number of years now and she is always extremely consistent, accurate, detailed and honest in her readings. She always gets to the heart of the matter and goes above and beyond to provide the guidance you are needing. She has helped me hugely and I can not recommend her more strongly.

Hit the nail on the head!

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1481 - 18-Jul-2021 00:51

Crystal has helped me to gain some much-needed clarity with regards to a family matter. I feel reassured after speaking with her, and she was very accurate when describing the person at the heart of the matter.

First time

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****4481 - 02-Jul-2021 10:58

Crystal has made me feel so calm I was very nervous doing this. My tears just flowed down hearing what Crystal told me and it out my mind to ease

Great as usual

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****1481 - 25-Jun-2021 20:14

I would highly recommend a reading with Crystal. She is straight to the point and got to the heart of the matter immediately! She spotted a key issue within a work situation, that I myself could not see, and she was right.

Miss sharn

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****5381 - 21-Jun-2021 20:31

Crystal picks things up so quickly and is on point without me having to mention anything. The guidance given to me makes me feel more in control of my situation again and I will definitely be back for another reading with her. Absolutely lovely reader thank you!

Crystal Clear

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****7981 - 14-Jun-2021 10:15

Been calling Crystal for a couple of years now, she is helping me through a difficult period of dating the wrong types - often attracting men who don't step up, who have issues with 'control', and who aren't on the same page as me. Crystal often helps me muddy through, she just gets this immediate sense of who they are pretty much most of the time. The search continues... and hopefully one day when I meet 'the guy' I'll know how to recognise them and behave accordingly (ie not get scared!)

Soo gifted

Telephone advice session rating - Circl*****3983 - 09-Jun-2021 10:45

I love love Crystal. She had been guiding me on my spiritual journey. She has been reading for me for many years and let me tell you all her predictions happened for me. I will continue coming back to her. Thank you so much Crystal. Lots of love and big hugs. Nadia xxxx

Very empathetic and direct

Telephone advice session rating - Ma**o - 04-Jun-2021 01:05

Fabulous reading with Crystal E. Defo honest and provided me with great details I was not aware of. Tunes i super fast, no digging for information. Insightful, direct yet gentle and in line with other readers's predictions. Crystal really helped me understand the psyche of someone I am interested in. Thank you so much. It all resonated amazingly with me :) will be back in touch soon, M :)


Saturday (18 Sep) 10:00 AM to 02:30 PM

Reader skills

  • Clairvoyance
  • Medium
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Clairsentient
  • Spirit Guides
  • Past Lives