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Reader: Angelina  Clairvoyance


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Knowledge is power! Give me your date of birth and I can act as a signpost to your future. I am a gifted psychic offering you warmth, clarity and peace.
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A note from me

The angels are always by your side ready to guide and help you. You simply have to ask xxx



Empathic, gentle, direct and empowering.


Love and relationships, career, family, Spirituality and life in general, Twin Flames


Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Angels, Astrologer, dream interpretation.


Astrology, Tarot, Angel cards, 12 faceted pendulum and crystals to
enhance my connection to Spirit.


Psychic since childhood, I have worked in the Spiritual domain for over 40 years as a Reader and a therapist.


Being immersed in nature, friends, family, pets, reiki, Spiritual events such as marking the seasons e.g. solstice; dancing for peace, Astrology and the arts.

My Mantra:

Do unto others as you would be done by.

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431 Testimonials

4,5 Average rating

Excellent reading

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 08-Feb-2021 22:30

Thank you, Angelina knew that eventually I will need to leave my job and have faith that I have a strong chance of getting the job of my dreams. She knew that I have the gift of guiding children in a calm and sensitive way towards a better life. She knew that the job I have applied for has a counselling element. I just need to be patient because my time will come. Ooh and stay clear of the ex boyfriend! My love life will improve when I sort my career. Thank you x

Beautiful reading

Telephone advice session rating - C*****2 - 17-Jan-2021 16:36

Thank you so much Angelina for the guidance and reassurance in my reading today. Angelina is a very gifted, very gentle and very psychic lady.

Great reading

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 14-Jan-2021 21:50

Many thanks, the reading has been very informative!

Amazing Reading!

Telephone advice session rating - s*****2 - 08-Dec-2020 12:41

Spoke to Angelina, for the first time the other evening. What a lovely, emphatic, insightful lady. She picked up on a whole host of issues, confusing me with regard to my work / career, and helped guide me through the the situation so hopefully. I can make right decisions for my future. Overall Reading was excellent. Will certainly be calling Angelina again.

truly amazing!

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 06-Dec-2020 15:05

Angelina is a true psychic - with much kindness she focused upon your my path and personal growth. She gave lots of positive predictions but also warned me off paths and behaviours that do not resonate with my journey. Everything she said are in line with my feelings about my situation. Thank you Angelina, I will be back, and thanks for the connection and reiki.

Encouraging and uplifting

Telephone advice session rating - C*****2 - 06-Dec-2020 13:23

It was an absolute pleasure to have a reading with Angelina. She is nice, soothing and I did feel the connection with her. Her readings were very accurate and positive, I believe she did not say what I want to hear, her advice was very reassuring. Talking with her makes my anxiety go away. Will call back again in the later future. Sorry I got a call in and cut off at the end. Really thank you!

Reader skills

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Angels
  • Clairvoyance
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirit Guides
  • Career