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Reader: Allan Medium


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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny! What can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!
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A note from me

Life is always better when we realise life is always good.





Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Twin Flames


It's not a gift so why attach tags?


I use a finger to press the buttons on my telephone


If there's a learning curve, I must be on it somewhere


Writing, Grandchildren, Internet broadcasting

My Mantra:

Knowledge lies just beyond our belief





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970 Testimonials

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Relationship / Career

Chat advice session rating - C*****2 - 28-Sep-2022 19:07

Always a pleasure talking with Allan. We have a great connection and also he is always spot on with every info regarding my situation xxx

Very Very Good Reading!!!

Chat advice session rating - C*****1 - 22-Sep-2022 20:02

Super on point and encouragement was great x


Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 10-Sep-2022 16:29

Very patient, warm and caring reader who goes the extra length to support during difficult times. Fun and engaging too which helps during upsetting or waiting for thing to change times! Would highly recommend. xox


Chat advice session rating - C*****1 - 28-Aug-2022 19:37


Simply the Best

Telephone advice session rating - a*****0 - 02-Aug-2022 20:28

Allan and his Dragons are patient, understanding, kind and caring. Allan has listened to me for over 3 years, he has never judged me but always found the good in my many mistakes. I always trust Allan, he has never steered me wrong and I am so grateful for his encouragement. Thank you xx

Allan 5* Reader

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 01-Aug-2022 17:46

Intelligent, thought provoking, patient and understanding reader who tries his absolute best to support and guide his clients. Easy to talk to and has a fun perspective which helps when dealing with complicated and upsetting situations. I would highly recommend Allan as a 5 star plus reader xox


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  • Medium
  • Spirituality
  • Clairsentient
  • Spirit Guides
  • Past Lives
  • Career
  • Family & Home