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„The reading was almost like a therapy session, it was in-depth & insightful.”

Vicky from London

„To have someone who understands to talk to, and give a personal touch to my reading was reassuring.”

Charlie from Berkshire

„When I am at a crossroads unsure which way to move forward, Ellie helps me to make the decision that feels right for me.”

Phyl from London

Crystal Ball Readings

The idea of getting a crystal ball reading is hugely tempting, as this is still widely seen as being the best way of finding out what the future has in store for us. Yet, you might not know that this timeless technique has now moved to the internet and that you can find a psychic who will consult their crystal ball online for you at any time and wherever you are. Before you go ahead, you might like to discover more about this highly mystical process and how it can now be easily fit around your life.

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7 Readers located in Crystal Ball
Reader: Dawn
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I am a natural Psychic Medium, I use a Crystal Ball and Spirit Guides. I specialize in relationships, predicting the future and linking with the Spirit World.
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Reader: Serenity
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Let me channel the evidence for you. I am a Medium who works closely with my spirit guides, getting evidence from them and your loved ones in spirit.
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Reader: John P
John P
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Do you need to feel special? In my work as a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient psychic Reader online, I use Tarot cards and at times a crystal ball.
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Reader: Kalyani
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I am a natural clairvoyant, chosen by a guru to do this work. I also use the crystal ball. Allow me to read for you and guide you in whatever area of your life
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Reader: Ingrid M
Ingrid M
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In all my readings, I use the crystal ball to identify any information and predictions. I use additional tools such as Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards.
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Reader: Salem
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I can help you to find your true life purpose using my natural abilities. I am not judgemental in my readings.
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Reader: Mikhail
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Whether you are experiencing difficulty in life, career, love or relationships, my cosmic energy through Tarot and Crystals will guide you.
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Crystal Ball Readings 

What is a Crystal Ball Reading?

Crystal ball readings have been around for thousands of years. They are used as a way of channelling the thoughts buried deep in the subconscious mind and to make predictions and can aid the performance of clairvoyance. A real life fortune teller would use a crystal ball to visualise events, which is a form of scrying (which means seeing into or predicting the future).

You shouldn’t believe what you might have seen in the movies, where the psychic will see actual images forming inside the ball that they use. This isn’t how it works in real life, as the reader simply uses it as a tool that allows them to enter into a sort of trance and use their gifts to get a vision relating to your life.

More Information On Reading Crystal Balls

The information gleaned from the crystal ball is used to make important decisions in your life —e.g. love, career, relationships, travel, finances etc. A crystal ball cannot predict the future but foresees minor events that are going to happen and ensures that the subconscious mind understands them.

Allow a clairvoyant or psychic to give you a reading session using the crystal ball online, to see what they will uncover. You shouldn’t go into this session expecting to be told exact details about what will happen you tomorrow or next week, but it could give you some valuable information on the direction that your life is currently taking.

How Does a Reading With a Crystal Ball Work?

The fortune teller or reader will lay their hands gently on the crystal ball, which is a large crystal or glass ball for a couple of minutes to energise it and strengthen their psychic rapport with the crystal ball. They will ask you about the purpose of this scrying session. The crystal ball reader then will remove their hands from the ball and stare deeply into it.

After a while they will see a mist or smoke forming within the crystal ball. The mist will grow and fill the ball and the reader will visualise it clearing to reveal images within the ball. The images that the reader reveals may not be what you had expected but the subconscious mind always gives the information and predictions you need.

History of Crystal Ball Readings

If we look back over time, we can find numerous historical mentions of real fortune teller crystal ball use in many different places and times. For example, as early as the 1st century CE we can see mentions of crystallum orbis being used by soothsayers.

The practice spread over time, with it becoming extremely popular in the Roman Empire and in Victorian times as well. We can see a crystal ball depicted in the Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo da Vinci, while famous crystal balls are found in the Sceptre of Scotland and in the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Modern depictions of witches and magicians using crystal balls have probably distorted how many people view them. The truth is that this is a timeless form of unlocking a psychic’s ability to help them guide others by seeing information that is normally hidden.

What Do the Different Types of Crystal Balls Mean?

You may not realise that there are various types of crystal ball that are commonly used. In terms of the materials contained in them, some are made of glass while others contain artificial crystal or natural quartz. Rose quartz, amethyst and smoky quartz balls are all used for specific reasons such as healing or removing negative energy.

The theory behind them all is similar, though. In most cases, you won’t need to specify what kind of material you want used, but it is nice to know that it is an option whenever you need something special.

What Can I Expect From a Crystal Ball Online Reading?

What do crystal ball readings tell you that can help you to understand your life better? There is every chance that you already have an idea of what to expect from a crystal ball online reading. However, what you might not realise is that it is largely based around the questions that you ask. Once you tell the reader the subjects that most interest you, they will use the ball as a focussing tool as they seek clarity.

This is a wonderful way of finding out whether you are potentially on the right track for a successful career or if your love life is moving in the direction you want it to. Don’t expect to be told the date and time that you will get a promotion or meet the love of your life, but you should hope to glean some useful information to help you on your journey through life.

How to Find a Crystal Ball Reader?

The good news is that you can now find an expert psychic very easily by looking for crystal ball readings online. Our collection of crystal ball online specialists includes the likes of Kalyani, with over 1,600 testimonials from people who have consulted her. Another option is John P, whose 4.5 average rating comes from over 1,000 testimonials.

Simply look for an online guru that seems to fit your current needs and interests. You can then contact them by phone, by chat on your computer or by WhatsApp. The cost comes down to how long you speak to them and what their current rate is. You might not find a crystal ball reading for free, but look out for special offers that keep the cost down.

What Questions Should I Ask in My Crystal Ball Reading?

The crystal ball readers that you contact on our site will happily use their gifts to try and resolve any questions that you have on any subject that is dear to your heart. Typically, people want to know about their love life, their career prospects, health matters and so on.

This is a wonderful opportunity to use a crystal ball online as a way of giving you some of the answers that you are seeking, so don’t be afraid to concentrate on any issues that are currently weighing heavily on your mind and that you want to clear up.


Is a crystal ball reading going to beneficial for me?

This form of scrying has proved to be beneficial to a great many people over the centuries. Provided that you approach it with an open mind and ask the right questions, it could provide you with a lot of interesting information.

How often should I hear a reading?

This comes down to your own personal preference. If you have a lot to work through, you might decide to get regular crystal ball online readings, or you may be comfortable arranging them less frequently and as a specific need arises.

Does it take long to get a crystal ball reading online?

You can connect to a crystal ball reader almost instantly using a mobile phone, computer or land phone. After that, it really just depends how many questions you have and how deeply you want to analyse each area that crops up. The length of the session depends solely upon you.

How much it cost?

The cost per minute of your session will vary according to the reader’s rate, which is determined by their experience level and popularity. Free crystal ball reading from a professional is rare, but look out for the latest offers and discounted rates.

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