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„To have someone who understands to talk to, and give a personal touch to my reading was reassuring.”

Charlie from Berkshire

„When I am at a crossroads unsure which way to move forward, Ellie helps me to make the decision that feels right for me.”

Phyl from London

„The information given has totally reassured me that I am doing the right thing. So impressed, I phoned again”

Gillian from Dunstable

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Reader: Tamika
I'm available  
I specialise in relationships and resolving issues surrounding them. I use my Clairvoyance and channel information from my Spirit Guide to provide insight.
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Reader: Harmony
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As a Clairsentient and Tarot Reader I will help you gain the clarity you need to help you make the right decision that resonates with your soul.
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Reader: Almas B
Almas B
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Are you worried about family issues and partner compatibility? Working with my Spirit Guides, Tarot and Pendulum on Chat I will give you an honest reading.
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Reader: Soul Authentic
Soul Authentic
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Would you like Spiritual advice on your current circumstances? Let me help give you clarity and guidance with a touch of love, light and positive energy.
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1.69 €/min
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Reader: Suzi S
Suzi S
I'm in a reading  
Do you feel lost and need some guidance in your life? I work with Tarot and Spirit Guides to help empower you to take charge and bring solutions to your problem
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2.30 €/min
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Reader: Ariel D
Ariel D
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As a natural born Psychic Medium, I am able to connect with your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and Pets in the Spirit World and bring answers to your questions.
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Reader: Paula B
Paula B
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I am a very honest Reader with over 25 years’ experience. My natural ability can help guide you through to all the answers you require.
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Reader: Angelina
I'm unavailable  
Knowledge is power! Give me your date of birth and I can act as a signpost to your future. I am a gifted psychic offering you warmth, clarity and peace.
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Reader: Molly
I'm unavailable  
Has your love life suddenly changed making you question your future? I can help you understand and find peace to be able to move forwards.
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Reader: Dale H
Dale H
I'm unavailable  
As a natural Clairvoyant I provide specialised readings in career moves and love and relationships. My Psychic readings will leave you inspired.
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Invoking Angels with Card Readings


Angel card readings online or a free angel card reading is a way of learning about the angels so that you can understand their powers, what they can influence, and how they can support us. Angels are always waiting to step in and help us, but they require our permission before they can give their assistance. We all have a guardian angel and Ancient Greek philosophy implies that our guardian angel is assigned to watch over us for our entire lifetime on Earth, sent to protect us and guide us. These entities can be traced throughout antiquity and across cultures. The idea of angels who watch over us is found in many different religions. However, the concept of them predates current belief systems, making guardian angels older than any modern-day faith. No matter where guardian angels are described and analysed, from the Torah to the Bible, these other-worldly beings display several overarching traits. These include being universally kind and gentle, wise, and dedicated to the care and protection of those they watch over.

What are Angels, Angel Cards, and Angel Card Readers?  

Clairvoyant and angel expert Doreen Virtue claims that angels are trustworthy pure beings of divine light. They are messengers of God, carrying messages between God and humans. Doreen says that angels carry prayers to God and love us unconditionally, no matter who we are. They do not judge us and their purpose is to bring love to us during our lifetime. Doreen Virtue is well-known and respected, indeed she could be seen as an Earth Angel, a heavenly being on Earth that is here to raise awareness and encourage others to connect with the angels. She says that people who communicate regularly with their angels have seen a remarkable improvement in their life. According to Virtue, this communion with the angels ensures that their prayers are heard and their dreams and wishes for their highest good can come true, no matter how ambitious and seemingly impossible. Anecdotal evidence supports Virtue’s statement, and people who connect with their angels maintain that they feel happier in life, that they have more confidence, and feel less fear about the unknown. To communicate with angels, many readers use angel cards. This is sometimes called an ‘angel tarot reading’. However, the name is erroneous. While a lot of people make the assumption that these cards are similar to tarot, that’s not quite right. They lack the connotations sometimes wrongly associated with tarot, delivering only positive and encouraging messages. This ties into an angel’s role in the cosmos: to help and guide and be a force for good. In addition, angel cards do not predict the future. While they may reflect what's currently happening in your life, they won't tell you what’s ahead. That’s because angels have no power over what happens: their role is simply to empower and advise. In truth, angels are great respecters of agency, wanting you to make the right decisions for yourself but unwilling to force you to them.      Each card in the pack contains its own special meaning. These help your angel to convey messages and provide answers to your questions. As a result, angel cards can deliver clarity and certainty. If you’re at a crossroads in your life and finding it difficult to progress in a particular area, they’re useful in guiding you towards an answer. The cards that the reader is most drawn to are those that contain the right messages for that particular client.  That doesn’t mean they’ll reveal all to the angel card reader; these celestial beings share only what they feel you'd want them to. So while they might provide insights into what’s been happening to you, the most private and personal details of your life are safe in their keeping. These cards can be used in angel card readings online (aka angel tarot readings). These are internet sessions where your reader connects with these mystical beings on your behalf. The purpose of these sessions is to answer any questions you might have, as well as providing support, comfort, and healing remotely. More on that in the section below.


What is Angel Guidance?


As we explained above, online psychic readings that use angel cards are known as angel card readings. These readings are carried out in a compassionate and loving way, offering clear guidance and insights for the individual. Angel readers act as a messenger from the Angels , interpreting the angel cards so that you can receive angelic help and support on any specific area of your life – typically, those where you're lost and directionless. You may feel, for example, that you don’t know how to progress from A to B in a certain situation, but your angel is there to guide you.  Each angel card has angel messages which will relate directly to your reading. An angel guidance reading is a similar experience to a tarot card reading in that the guidance being given is being directly channelled by the angel reader and their gifts of connection. For this reason, it is sometimes called an angel tarot reading.   When you experience an angel card reading (aka an angel tarot reading), there is a sense of relief, peace of mind and calmness, both during the session and after. The angels send healing to you during your angel reading, alleviating any fears or worries and improving your confidence. They also have the power to heal any emotional trauma that’s already been caused. The Angels will send you strength and restorative energy during your reading, in the hopes of alleviating fears, worries, or hurts and brightening your outlook. This doesn’t mean they will influence you in any way, however. Angels are committed to respecting your agency, meaning that while they might provide advice and insights into situations or scenarios, they'll allow you to make your own choices with regards to how you handle them. Their role is simply to guide and support – no more and no less.


How do Angel Readings Differ from Psychic Readings?


You might be wondering how angel card readings online (or angel tarot readings) differ from psychic readings? Though angel readings are usually given by someone who has a psychic ability, because they have been drawn to them spiritually, online psychic readings are different to online angel readings in that a psychic will use their natural intuition and clairvoyance to read for you. An angel card reading online has the added benefit of connecting with the angels and receiving messages and guidance through the angelic realm and possibly through angel cards too. You can have a free angel card reading online which can be a fun way of learning about the angels but this is generally not believed to be a genuine connection with the angels. Although angel cards have fairly obvious meanings, an angel card reader will enhance the reading using their psychic ability, and give you more detail and insight.


The Archangels


Archangels are the highest ranking angels in the cosmos. Depending on the faith and the source, there are believed to be several archangels but only Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are mentioned in the Bible. Read about some of the archangels below and how they can benefit your life. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask the angels to support and guide you if you feel you need to. 


Archangel Michael


Known as the ‘Warrior Angel’. He is the protector, carrying a shield of white light to guard and defend you. He is the life coach with a mighty sword to help cut or release negative or emotional ties with people and places that no longer serve you. He assists those who are facing challenges through emotional and difficult times such as relationships and keeps you safe and secure. Invoke Archangel Michael to bring strength, unconditional love, and protection of people and places with negative energy.


Archangel Gabriel


His name translates as ‘God is my strength’. He is thought of as the most powerful and strongest angel and works closely with human beings, making him the patron saint of communication workers. Invoke Archangel Gabriel to support you with his protection and strength, helping you to better communicate with children, parents, family and friends. Children, especially, are important to him, so he will be supportive to parents, teachers and counsellors. Archangel Gabriel encourages your passion and inspires you to follow your dreams.


Archangel Raphael


Believed to be the Angel of healing with his name translating as ‘Medicine Doctor’. Archangel Raphael oversees healers that heal physical and emotional pain. He supports doctors, surgeons, nurses, counsellors and spiritual healers, giving them guidance for their work and knowledge to scientists to help them find cures. Invoke Archangel Raphael to bring healing to you if you are going through a difficult time in relationships. He heals hearts and helps you to find solutions.


Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel is the protector of humankind. He enlightens us with his knowledge and assists us in written studies, business meetings, and examination tests. Call upon Archangel Uriel if you need confidence and support in these areas. It’s said that he whispers answers in your ear if you need to find a solution in business or answers when studying.


Archangel Ariel


Archangel Ariel is believed to be the healing angel for nature, animals, birds and fish. Her mission is to make sure that humans treat animals kindly and that there is sufficient food and water in natural environments. Invoking Archangel Ariel while you are amongst nature will ensure that she protects you, helping you to navigate or find shelter safely.


Archangel Raziel


Archangel Raziel is the Angel of Wisdom. He encourages us to recollect all of the past lessons we have learned (this life and past life) to bring us wisdom in making decisions for this life. He helps us to face and heal painful memories or experiences, especially if they will affect us in our future. Invoke Archangel Raziel to heal past hurts, to not repeat mistakes and to have confidence in moving forward.


Archangel Jophiel


Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Beauty and is a feminine angel. She aims to bring beauty to your life and helps you to see things in a more positive light. Archangel Jophiel reminds us to appreciate and be grateful and encourages us to see the beauty in ourselves and each other. Invoke Archangel Jophiel to change a negative attitude into a positive outlook.


How to Invoke the Angels


Everyone can ask the angels or their guardian angels to help them. Angels are always close by and waiting to help us, we just need to give them permission. To invoke the angels and ask them for help is very simple. Decide which angel will be the most helpful for your situation and if you need to give them a timeframe for your prayer then make sure you include it and keep it realistic. Always start the prayer with ‘please’ and always end it with ‘thank you’. Example: ‘Dear Archangel Raphael, please send me healing for the breakup of my relationship. Please heal my heart and support me in new beginnings so that I can move forward with confidence. Please help me to feel better within a few weeks. Thank you for helping me’. This may sound too easy to be true, but it really is that simple. After all, an angel’s greatest desire is to be of help. It’s only our own reticence in asking for it that prevents them from intervening sooner.


Looking out for Angel Messages


When you invoke the angels, you invite them to give guidance and support to you . Angels will leave signs to show that they are around you, helping you. Common angel signs are feathers, often left on the pathway in front of you, or appearing out of nowhere in your house. When you see an angel feather, especially a white one, assume that it is meant for you – pick it up and keep it. Other signs are things such as seeing angelic names (Michael, Gabriel, Ariel) or seeing the word ‘angel’ written somewhere, hearing a song that mentions angels, or seeing angel-shaped objects. The angels want you to know that they have heard your prayer, that they are close by and supporting you. The reality is that angels are all around and that they’re always leaving signs and symbols of their presence to let us know they’re there. Open your eyes to these and you’ll soon see that they’re a constant presence – one you can draw immense comfort from.


Having an Angel Card Reading


How it works

So, what is an angel card reading? After reading this article and learning more about angels, it may be that you want to have an angel reading done. If so, it’s easy to arrange – all you need to do is reach out to one of our readers. We have lots of these talented individuals to choose from, and you can find them by selecting ‘angels’ from the drop-down skills list on our website.   Once you’ve done this, a list of recommended angel card readers will be displayed on your device. Here, you’ll be able to see their prices, reading options, what to expect, and ratings to help you choose the best angel card reader for you. During your reading, the reader you select will choose from a deck of angel cards. They’ll pick these based on the cards they’re most drawn to, with their choices being guided by your guardian angel. Though angel card readers have different styles of reading, they’ll probably ask if you have any specific questions you’d like them to raise. These could be about the next step to take in your career or relationship, with the cards helping you to analyse your choices and make the right decision.


Why Choose The Circle for an Angel Card Reading?


TheCircle angel readers have many years of experience connecting and communicating with the angels. They often work closely with the angels during readings and have strong connections with the angelic realm enabling them to give you further insight. Angel readers at TheCircle work ethically and spiritually, ensuring that the angelic beings of light are not only working with you during your reading, but continue to give healing and support to you afterwards. Angel readings are a wonderful way to connect to your spiritual path, to understand more about yourself and others around you and to experience life at its best, creating firmer foundations for your future. If you’re wondering how much it will cost, the price of an angel card reading will differ depending on the type of reading you choose and whether there are any offers or promotions running. Here at TheCircle, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of talented readers. Chances are you’ll only want to use one of them, however, so how do you make a choice? Firstly, we’d recommend looking at the various options they offer for readings. While some will let you pick between phone, chat, and WhatsApp, others will only offer one or two of these options. Secondly, you might want to look at the ratings and reviews for our readers, as well as their bios. These should guide you in how to choose the best angel card reader, allowing you to find someone who ticks your boxes and who you feel comfortable and connected with.    You can access our readings from your mobile, laptop, or tablet – whatever suits you best.




Angel card readings online will differ based on the reader, so our advice would be to let the individual taking the session guide you. For starters, your reading experience will differ based on how you choose to conduct it: over the phone, on chat, or via WhatsApp. Once the session starts, most readers will talk to you and ask what you want from the reading. From there, the next step will differ based on the individual reader. Some will ask you to choose the cards you’re drawn to, while others will select them on your behalf. The number of cards chosen varies depending on who is doing the angel card readings online: some psychics will have you select only one; others up to 10. Most commonly, the angel card reader will select three. These may represent either the past, the present, or the future depending on the questions you ask.




After reading our in-depth guide, you may have a few questions for us. To help answer these, we’ve compiled this short but informative FAQ section.


How can angel card readings online help me?


An angel reading gives you a direct connection with the angels. When an angel reader begins a reading, they call upon the angels to bring guidance and insight. An angel card reading can bring you clarification when you are going through a difficult time and you will receive clear messages of reassuring support, giving you peace of mind. You can ask the angels to give you direction on any area of your life, whether it’s a relationship, new love, future love, your work and career, or your home and family. Each angel card differs especially to oracle cards, in that they have very clear angel messages such as; Clairvoyance, Passion, Leadership, Spread Your Wings and Remember Who You Are. Angel guidance is purposefully obvious so that angel messages are passed on without any doubt from the reader. People generally find great comfort in angel readings, helping them to see a clearer picture, to learn how to help themselves and to know that they have the support and unconditional love from the angels.

How often should I hear a reading?  

That’s entirely dependent on the individual. While some people prefer to have regular readings performed, especially during times of tumult, others only require guidance infrequently. The answer is that you should book a reading as and when it feels right – be receptive and let the angels guide you.

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