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What is your next step in life? Would you like some clear guidance? I can help with any area. I provide clairvoyant readings on past, present and future.

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Today I am working mainly with the energetic impressions given though my Spiritual guides. I look forward to our connection! 01 Mai. 1:33 PM

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Would you like some clear guidance around the next step to take in any area of your life ? I provide clairvoyant readings online which allow me to view information regarding your past, present and future, as well as past and present lives. I use the Tarot as a focusing tool to enhance this connection. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. As well as being clairvoyant, my clairsentient senses allow me to connect with you on an emotional level in order to offer psychic readings that are individual and based on your needs.

Psychic history

For as long as I can recall I have had psychic sensitivity, feeling things paranormal. It was during this time that I discovered the path of Wicca, communion with nature and the inner being. Shortly after this time I began to study the Tarot as a means of divination which only enhanced the intuitive sensitivity I had always possessed. Not long after this I began working as a street psychic offering psychic readings to friends and family members as well as perfect strangers, though I still often use the Tarot as well. I now realise that the Tarot was one of many paths which helped to open the doorways to the knowledge of spirit - an awareness which has always been ever present for me. 

True story

I gave a reading to a lady and this is the feedback she gave me - "I am astounded at the accuracy of the information you gave me. The facts on my past were spot on so I know what you predicted for the future will be right! You have a lovely voice, you have a clear connection to spirit and with the detailed information you give, you will be able to help and guide many people.  Also my husband was able to confirm things that you said too after the call, that concerned him rather than me".

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Telephone advice session rating Amazing
Jamie Mr RP did came to speak to me on Wednesday as predicted. He also said he is so confused and never thought he would feel so awful by letting me go.... Jamie, can't thank you enough xxxx
, Circle_116197981
Telephone advice session rating Love him
Jamie has the patience of a saint with all my calls I make to him. The poor man! He works very hard to give you the information you need and the images he sees are amazing. He's amusing, entertaining but gives you the information you need in the best way possible
, Circle_116376681
Chat advice session rating Thanks lovely!
Thankyou so much.. eased my mind!
, rcha5494
Telephone advice session rating THANK YOU SOMMUCH
Had a few readings let's say with jamie now and he always ensured me that everything would pan out perfect, it's not 100% but everything he predicted and I was always hesitant about has Noe happened, I don't think I'll ever be able to thank this guy enough, I'm just waiting for the rest to fall into place and with Jamie's last reading I'm so sure it's going to happen just the way he said it would, thank you so much again jamie.
, Circle_116695881
Telephone advice session rating Massive hug
Jamie just a little message to let you know what you predicted a couple of weeks ago happened on the same day I talked to you. You are such a very gifted beautiful person. Thank you darling. Massive hugs Nadia xxx
, Circle_112003983
Telephone advice session rating Clare O'Shea
Great reading with Jamie very accurate. Put my mind at rest and there was fun and laughter too
, Circle_116870381
Telephone advice session rating Always 5 star
Love this guy, he tunes in so fast and accurately for me and I always come away uplifted from his readings even if the news isn't always what I want to hear
, stream_15132
Telephone advice session rating predictions came through again!
Paul mentioned the car trouble he had and yes we saw each other thursday night which led into friday. This is why I go to Jamie time and time again, he keeps it real and his connection with spirit is real too! sam x
, Circle_113075182
Telephone advice session rating Always spot on
, Circle121
Telephone advice session rating Nr. 1 prediction was spot on
On a work-related issue, Jamie said before the end of January a big contract would come through. On 25.1, I got a request and sent an offer, will find out tomorrow if I have the contract. Quite amazing after a long standstill! Future events should unfold by the end of winter. Thank you Jamie.
, circle_111505682
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Wednesday (20 Jun)
from 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM
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