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Charlie from Berkshire

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Colour Therapy

There has been a vast amount of research into the role of colour in our lives. Psychological studies have found that different colours can have varying effects on our moods and personalities. Indeed, they can have an impact on our general well-being. Colour therapy harnesses the power of healing colours and uses them to improve your outlook and emotions. Experts are able to use colour therapy in person or over the phone. If you want to boost how you feel on a day-to-day basis, colour therapy could be the ideal solution.

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Reader: Paul G
Paul G
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I am an empathic Psychic who is there for you as an individual to focus on what is going on in your life at the moment and help you find the best way forward.
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£ 1.81/min
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Reader: Shari
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I use the Tarot as a tool and link with Spirit at the same time. I use my Clairvoyance and Mediumship to deliver a diverse reading to answer your questions.
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Reader: Jasmine
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Is life giving you a tough time? Do you want insight into your love or career? Through my natural Psychic powers a golden light will shine on your situation.
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Reader: Bliss
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Do you feel loved and accepted? Find the truth of your reality instead of living your reality as if it would be the truth through a Chat with me.
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£ 1.66/min
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Colour Therapy 

What is Colour Therapy?

Everyone has an aura around them, and this could be compared to a field of energy. Psychics and colour psychologists are able to read the different colour patterns and make assessments on our moods and feelings based on these. Colour readers have studied colour psychology, so they are able to work with our colour personalities. Flashing colours can represent a problem area, and experts look for these. Colour therapy involves rectifying these issues by using positive colours. Readers also use a number of other techniques to help people overcome their problems. They are also able to recommend how and where to use colours at home to improve your general well-being.

How to Use Colour Therapy For Healing?

As noted above, colour therapy can help identify problem areas in your aura that you may not have even been aware of prior to a reading. This is shown through flashing colours that can be picked up on by psychics that have a wealth of experience in working with colour therapy. The colour healer will work through these problem areas by using different colours that have a combative effect on the troubling colours.

So, the question of how to use colour therapy and does colour therapy work now springs to mind. Some people go for a colour reading, otherwise known as chromotherapy, even when they are feeling in a fairly good state. This is because colour therapy can pinpoint problems that we are blissfully unaware of.

This was the case with Angela, who enjoys a monthly colour therapy phone session to maintain her general wellbeing. She felt completely fine, until the Reader pointed out that there was some flashing colour radiating from her heart. It turned out she was subconsciously still hurting from her breakup with her old partner. The colour therapist was able to work through this problem and make Angela feel better. After the therapy, she reported that a weight had been lifted.

What to Expect From a Colour Therapy Phone Session?

The great thing about colour therapy is the fact that, like a psychic reading, it can be done over the phone just as easily as it can be performed in person. This is because a professional colour therapist is able to pick up on the colours your aura is transmitting even without being in your presence. It is an intuitive skill, and one that the untrained may find hard to comprehend. However, once you have experienced it you will probably never look back.

When you have a colour therapy session over the phone, your physic will be able to read your energy field simply through the way you are talking. They will make you feel completely relaxed so that they can communicate with your subconscious. During the session, they will use different colours to heal the various issues that they identify in your aura.

How Can I Use Colour Therapy at Home?

To be able to use colour therapy at home, you can either call on a professional to guide you or try to do it yourself. If working alone, you can research the effects of different colours and present your aura with colours that spark the feelings that you want to encourage. You will need to download colour charts and spend a lot of time researching the psychology before you get started

You can put flowers of different colours around the house to boost your mood. The best effects of colour therapy can only be found when working with a professional colour psychologist.

What Questions Could You Ask During The Colour Therapy Session?

During a colour therapy session, it would be best to ask the Reader if you are emitting any flashing colours from anywhere on your person. You could tell them about any underlying feelings you may have that are causing issues in your daily life. They will try to rectify these problems and improve your general well-being.

How to Find a Colour Therapist For You?

Colour therapy is a unique skill, and it requires years of training in the psychology of colour. On top of that, colour therapists have innate abilities that have been passed down to them naturally. At TheCircle, there are a number of highly experienced colour Readers who can help you overcome any problems or concerns you may have. Read each one’s short bio, and then book an appointment with the person you feel most comfortable with.

Each individual has colours that they prefer and colours that they emit. This is why colour psychology is important; it can tell us a lot about ourselves in a new way and it allows the colour reader to help us address any emotional issues. In a more general sense, colour therapy can improve our sense of overall wellbeing, and could be the way forward for many.


Does chromotherapy really work?

Chromotherapy works because there has been a vast amount of research into the psychology of colour. If you are still feeling sceptic, book a reading and see for yourself.

Is the reading beneficial for me?

If you believe in energy fields and aura, a colour reading would be hugely beneficial to you. It can be used to iron out any problems or imbalance you feel in your life.

How often should you hear a reading?

The frequency at which you should hear a reading varies from person to person. Some people, like Angela, prefer to have colour therapy on a regular basis. Others book a session when they feel they have a problem that needs addressing.

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