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„Carole completely put my mind and heart at ease and I have complete faith in her as she was totally helpful.”

Sophie from Greater London

„She helped me to take a step back from a love situation to see it from a more objective viewpoint.”

Caroline from USA

„She's been my rock in the last year of mayhem with my love life.”

Liz from Sussex

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Reader: Maria
I'm available  
Escape from your emotional prison! I will inspire you with the confidence to move away, towards positive choices, thoughts and actions.
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£ 1.66/min
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Reader: Eileen Bloom
Eileen Bloom
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Is your love life getting you down? I can help you to set things straight! I have an amazing ability as a Clairvoyant and Tarot reader, to cut through chaos.
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£ 1.96/min
£ 0.29/min
Reader: Dale H
Dale H
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As a natural Clairvoyant I provide specialised readings in career moves and love and relationships. My Psychic readings will leave you inspired.
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£ 1.96/min
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Reader: Josie
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Positive choices are open to you. I offer you compassion and understanding and whatever your area of concern, I will be able to focus in on your openings.
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£ 1.81/min
£ 0.29/min
Reader: Alexa A
Alexa A
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Do you feel you've lost your way in love and life? With Tarot and Clairvoyance, my Spirit Guides and I will provide a loving light to guide you back on track.
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£ 1.66/min
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Reader: Dawn
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I am a natural Psychic Medium, I use a Crystal Ball and Spirit Guides. I specialize in relationships, predicting the future and linking with the Spirit World.
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£ 1.96/min
£ 0.29/min
Reader: Kalyani
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I am a natural clairvoyant, chosen by a guru to do this work. I also use the crystal ball. Allow me to read for you and guide you in whatever area of your life
Pin 0684
£ 1.66/min
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Reader: Lianne
I'm available  
Empathy can work wonders for you! I am a gifted Clairvoyant and Medium with a wonderful compassionate nature. I will inspire you on your journey.
Pin 0810
£ 1.96/min
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£ 1.96/min
£ 0.29/min
Reader: Jannat
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Are you tired of relationship, career or family issues and feel in need of guidance? My Psychic and Clairvoyance abilities can help you solve your issues.
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£ 1.66/min
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Reader: Jasmine
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Is life giving you a tough time? Do you want insight into your love or career? Through my natural Psychic powers a golden light will shine on your situation.
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£ 1.66/min
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Clairvoyant Readings


The Clairvoyance meaning is the psychic gift of being able to see images or pictures in the mind’s eye. People who have the psychic skill of Clairvoyance are able to see images in their mind, gaining insight and information this way through an object, person or location.


Clairvoyance is thought to be an extra sensory awareness, meaning it is in addition to our five normal senses of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. However, unlike the other senses, it doesn't detect things in our immediate environment, but rather images, noises, and scents that are removed from the reader.


What Is an Online Clairvoyant?


An online Clairvoyant is someone who can see images in their mind that relates to a person, place or object, and who delivers these Clairvoyant psychic readings online. While many people have an intuitive ability, most of us do not use this. Clairvoyance is a different form of a Psychic skill and is usually only present in somebody who has developed their third eye or psychic ability. Usually, it only exists in those who have developed their third eye or psychic ability through practical application and learning.


The Clairvoyance meaning is the gift to see things that others cannot see and has been used in the past and present to locate missing objects, or to find people who have been missing. A Clairvoyant is a Psychic who can connect with someone and give them guidance from the images or pictures that they see in their mind.


What Is a Phone Psychic?


At TheCircle one of the main services offered is a Psychic phone reading. Just like any other Reader, a phone Psychic uses senses and skills such as clairvoyance and precognition. Often, a tool such as Tarot or crystals will be used to speed up the connection process.


You may question how a phone Psychic can connect with you over the phone, or whether a psychic phone reading is as meaningful as a face-to-face one. Further down the page, we explore just how psychic and spiritual readings work, to reassure you that you can better understand your future and more through a psychic reading over the phone.


It also enables someone to sometimes see spirits and energies that may be present in the room but invisible to the naked eye. It is a skill that can be used in remote viewing too and they are often used together. This is when a Clairvoyant can tune in to a place or person and can pick up on their whereabouts, the places or buildings around them and describe them.


While it is not widely discussed, Clairvoyants have been used extensively over the years by the police, especially when they have exhausted all of their leads and they are trying to find a missing person.

Investigations have often eventually ended in success when a Clairvoyant has become involved using remote viewing because they have been able to give descriptive evidence which has led to findings. In some instances, this has allowed them to provide very precise information as to a person’s whereabouts, which has helped police and the authorities to precisely pinpoint their location.


A Clairvoyant can pick up on situations from the past, being able to define a place or a person to you. They can also give insight on present circumstances and see what is coming up in the future. This means they provide valuable insights into all three.


What Can a Clairvoyant See?


It’s hard for a clairvoyant to describe their abilities to those who haven’t experienced them themselves, but their third eye will often allow them to see a series of images. These may come to them quickly and erratically, with no particular order, rhyme, or reason, which can make unpicking them difficult.


The pictures that a Clairvoyant sees with their third eye are often a mix of images that are in no particular order and therefore not easily described in a straightforward way. The images appear more like a jigsaw and could be abstract images therefore they will need to explain, so that they can illustrate a clear Psychic message for you. These images could come from your past, present, future, or all three, making them especially hard to navigate.

The images may be given to them through natural intuition, from their spirit guides, or from a loved one in spirit that could be related to you. If a loved one wants to communicate with you from the other side, they will often give the Clairvoyant images of what you need to know, and perhaps even show them an image of themselves, so that you know who they are.


When a Clairvoyant is giving a clairvoyance reading, images and pictures can appear out of the blue throughout the session into their mind’s eye, usually because their spirit guides feel there is an important message.

During a Clairvoyant chat, the reader may use a technique known as remote viewing. If you’re wondering what the term means, remote viewing was initially developed by scientists and parapsychologists to carry out research in Clairvoyance.


It is a method of Clairvoyance, astral projection or precognition, meaning it uses the skill of being about to view somewhere or something using the mind’s eye. Only those who have Clairvoyant or Psychic skills are able to remote view and it is a talent that more often than not, takes a lot of time to develop.

Parapsychologists and scientists believe that remote viewing is a projection of consciousness, enabling a person to see something which is remote to them in location.


Another term you might be unfamiliar with is ‘parapsychology’, which also relates to what a Clairvoyant can see. Clairvoyance has never been scientifically proven because it is impossible to clearly verify what a person can see in their mind, and being able to give proof through a recognised technique.

However, people have tried to falsify its existence. Parapsychology studies investigate the paranormal and the Psychic phenomena and looks into Clairvoyance, precognition, reincarnation, telepathy, healing and various other phenomena.


Research in Parapsychology has mostly been carried out over the years in private organisations and therefore is funded through donations. The aim in Parapsychology is to achieve some kind of understanding of the experiences that people have in these areas.

Not only do the police frequently use clairvoyants to help them locate missing people or uncover new leads, but many of those who have had a reading done can attest to its uncanny accuracy. We’d recommend that you give it a go yourself to see what you think.


So is there any research to support the existence of clairvoyance? As we discussed above, this is impossible to scientifically verify, but the anecdotal evidence in support of clairvoyance is vast.


What Is a Clairvoyant Reading?


Psychic readings online with a Clairvoyant, will often combine a mixture of gifts to ensure that they are well connected with you and to give you the best Clairvoyant reading possible. Phone Clairvoyant readings often begin with the Clairvoyant tuning in to your voice vibration and possibly both yours and their own spirit guides. They may choose to use Tarot cards to give more detail in your reading, blending all of their skills so that they can give you as much guidance and insight as possible.


A Clairvoyant may have various other skills such as ‘Clairaudience’ (hearing messages and words that relate to you), ‘Clairsentience’ (linking in with emotions and feelings) and sometimes ‘Clairolfaction’ (sensing smells that may be familiar to you).

A Clairvoyant would not necessarily choose which skills to use during your Clairvoyant chat, the additional gifts would just become a part of the reading as they make a strong connection with you. Which of these appear during the reading will likely be guided by the spirits and their own intuitive abilities.


These additional gifts will blend seamlessly into your clairvoyance reading, helping to deepen the connection between you and the reader and allowing them to delve more deeply into the information and messages they’re being given.   


But what’s the difference between a clairvoyance reading and a psychic reading? It’s a legitimate question to ask.


A Psychic is someone who has developed heightened intuition and various other skills, also known as the sixth sense, that is used to pick up and communicate information about you. This can be about your past, your present circumstances and the future, or even all three of these at once.

A Clairvoyant is someone who has developed the psychic ability to see images or pictures in their mind's eye to give the detail within the reading. This allows them to provide an extra degree of depth and accuracy during your session.


Online Psychic readings can be carried out by Clairvoyants as they link in using your voice vibration and their developed intuition. Becoming Clairvoyant is a gift that is developed throughout the life of a Psychic but is often inherited at birth.


You can experience a face to face reading with a Clairvoyant, but phone Clairvoyant psychic readings and email Clairvoyant readings are just as successful because of the way that a Clairvoyant works. They do not need to see you to be able to read for you and use their expert gift.


In fact, some Clairvoyants prefer phone readings, remote viewing and online Clairvoyant psychic readings, because they work from the comfort of their own home and find they can focus better with no distractions and in a familiar environment.


What Can I Ask an Online Clairvoyant?


Just like a Psychic reading, you can ask a Clairvoyant about anything that is concerning you. If there is nothing in particular, then you can always ask for a general Clairvoyant chat. There may be a past experience which you feel you need closure on, or perhaps there is a situation in your present life which you need guidance with.


When you choose to have a Clairvoyant chat, it is always better to tell the Clairvoyant what you need answers for. This permits the Reader to focus straightaway on your question, to link with you and to give you advice and direction in the areas where you most desire their help.


A Clairvoyant can look at many areas of your life:


Love and Relationships


If you are needing reassurance on your current relationship, wanting to know about a relationship with an ex-partner, or hoping to find out if you’re about to meet your soulmate, then a Clairvoyant reading will give you enlightening insight.


Work and Career


We spend so much time working in our life, it is important to be happy in your work. Clairvoyants can describe current working circumstances and future prospects, perhaps giving you the encouragement to make your next move.


Home and Family


Are you hoping to move house or relocate? Perhaps you need some guidance on a family feud or need some compassionate guidance on a difficult situation? A Clairvoyant chat will be able to link in and connect with you to bring you reassurance, help with resolving issues, and allow you to build better and stronger relationships moving forward.



Having a Clairvoyance Reading


How Does a Clairvoyant Chat Work?

If you’ve never had a clairvoyance reading before, you may have some questions about how they work. It’s entirely normal to be unsure of this, so don’t feel foolish if you’re uncertain about what a reading entails.

So, how do Clairvoyant readings work? Essentially, a Clairvoyant will use their combined Psychic skills in their readings to answer any questions that you may have but they will often speak about three key aspects in the reading. They will look at how these have affected and continue to affect you and how they should shape your behaviour and decisions moving forward.


These are:


THE PAST – Clairvoyants pick up on important events or situations from your past. This often happens at the beginning of your clairvoyance reading, which brings a firm connection to continue the reading. It also helps to create trust and a rapport between you, the reader, and their spirit guides.


THE PRESENT – Focusing on the present time, a Clairvoyant can advise you with a current situation which may be affecting your life, both positively and negatively. They can often see how making certain choices in present circumstances will result in an outcome – giving you the options as to what you may choose to do and the results these are likely to deliver. If you want their opinions or seek guidance, they’ll deliver this in an honest yet respectful way.


THE FUTURE – Clairvoyance allows a Psychic to connect with you and to give you insight and guidance for peace of mind. A Clairvoyant may be able to give you insight for your future, empowering you to move forward in confidence. Some people do worry about this aspect of the reading, admitting to being afraid of what they might hear. This isn't something you need to fret over though: your reader will only reveal the good things that are in store for you; they won't tell you anything negative or frightening.

So what will your Clairvoyant chat tell you? That varies from reading to reading. As we mentioned above, clairvoyants can channel events and experiences in your past, present, and future. If you have a particular question or questions you want answers to, they can turn to their spirit guides to help deliver this. Equally, if you want a more general reading, they can rely on their own intuition to deliver messages and insights that will benefit you moving forward.


If you’re wondering how this will help you, that depends on what you want from it. Clairvoyants can offer insights into the past, present, and future, providing everything from comfort and closure to advice and assistance on how to achieve your goals. The best way to get a good outcome is to discuss what you want from the reading before it starts so that the reader has a clear focus when they begin to channel you.

If you decide that a clairvoyant reading is right for you, you might be wondering why you should use us to deliver it? The answer is manifold, but in part, it’s because of the quality and calibre of our readers. Here at TheCircle, we carefully choose our Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers and only work with the best and most gifted people in this field.


We know that they’re the real deal because TheCircle Clairvoyants are put through a test process to make sure that they have a genuine and highly skilled ability before we employ them. This allows us to make sure they are great at what they do and able to deliver the excellent customer service we pride ourselves on.


It is also important to us that our Readers are compassionate, understanding and ethical, and that they’re committed to helping and supporting those who come to us for Clairvoyant psychic readings. This testing process allows us to assess them based on these criteria too, so we can make certain that their ethos is in line with our own.

Experiencing a Clairvoyant reading at TheCircle is second to none, giving you peace of mind, clarity, and faith in the future and what it will bring. Having detailed insight on your current life enables you to feel empowered, make decisions and move forward with confidence, without fearing what’s ahead.


If you do decide to go ahead, there are lots of ways that we’ve made it easier to choose a reader. First and foremost, you should select them on the basis of their:



Reading options


Personal information and bio.

These will help you to form a good idea of the reader you feel the strongest pull towards and will feel the most comfortable with.


How much you will pay for your Clairvoyant reading varies depending on the option you choose. While our services are not free, they are competitive.


The device you use for your reading is also up to you. Our clairvoyant psychic readings are optimised for mobiles, laptops, and tablets, so choose whichever of these is most comfortable and/or convenient for you.

What Methods Can I Expect?  

Different psychics will have their own ways of performing a clairvoyance reading, and their methods may differ slightly. While all of them will begin by talking to you and creating a rapport, they might build the connection in one of several ways. In some instances, your reader will rely on their natural intuition to guide them; in others, they’ll turn to spirit guides or those in the spirit realm.


Your reader may describe several different things to you. Some will share images and pictures that they see in their minds, while others might describe noises, smells, or even tastes. Even if you use the same clairvoyant repeatedly, this will differ from reading to reading, depending upon what is shared with them on that specific day.

You’ll also find that some readers choose to use tarot cards. For certain clairvoyants, these anchor what they see and provide focus, or else more fully flesh out the various pictures and images they’re receiving.


The focus of the reading might also vary. This will depend not only on the questions you ask but also the messages your spirit guides and the cosmos feel it’s important for the reader to pass on. That’s why some clairvoyant psychic readings may focus almost entirely on past relationships while others revolve around your future career prospects, for example.




After reading the body of our article, you might have a few questions you’d like answers to. We’ve compiled this brief and easy-to-browse list to help you find them.


Will a Reading Be Beneficial for Me?

Clairvoyant psychic readings are beneficial for almost everyone. That’s because they contain the messages and insights you most need to hear, as decided by your spirit guides and those of the reader. They can be particularly useful for those who feel as though they’re lacking focus or would like answers they cannot uncover themselves, as your reader will be able to use their third eye to learn what you need them to. 


How Often Should I Have a Reading Done?

Like most things on this list, that’s down to the individual. Some people prefer to consult with a clairvoyant on a regular basis, others only infrequently. What we would say is that you’ll know when the time is right and you need that extra bit of guidance.

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