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Val MVal M 45 out of 5 stars

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Why do certain things happen to you? Have you ever wondered why you attract the partners you do and why you can

A note from me:
Please be aware that I will be doing extra hours on top of my limited rota. Love and light Val M x
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Have you ever wondered why you attract the partners you do and why you can't seem to find a career to suit?  I will look at your birth chart and answer those very questions. Combining and using my mediumship, clairvoyance, astrology and Tarot reading skills, I will help you discover your natural ability and understand your life choices.

Psychic history

I could see and hear things when I was little and thought other people could see what I did. When I was twelve I bought my first pack of Tarot cards and found I could pick up things from them. It wasn't until I went on a psychic development course in the early '90s that I realised just how direct the information was. In 1990 I took up astrology (my great love), then mediumship and I began to channel quite quickly. I concentrated on my family for a while until ill health prompted me to continue my spiritual path. When my health returned, I started to teach Tarot and run psychic development groups. In 1997 I made my first appearance in the public eye and never looked back.

True story

A man called me for a Tarot reading.  It became apparent to me that he was trying to find his long lost relatives.  He had placed an ad in the local paper and asked me if I could do a psychic online reading to see if he would get a response.  I said that all I could see was an empty space!  It turned out that the papers had lost his information but I could also see that his search would be successful.  The man contacted the paper, who agreed to run his advertisement the following week.  One of his lost relatives was visiting the area that day and picked up a copy of the newspaper to take back to his new home town.  The relative saw the ad and contacted the man, so he found his long lost family but had the ad been placed the previous week, none of his relatives would have seen it!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Thank you!
Val is amazing with her ability to read people. So grateful for your intuition!
, Circle_112722581
Telephone advice session rating So glad I chose Val
I can't explain how amazing Val is. I'm still a bit stunned at her ability. My head is honestly blown. She is talented and emotionally very intelligent. The information just pours out of her. So glad I chose her but my head is spinning now and I need a drink!!!!
, Circle_113666482
Telephone advice session rating Lots to take in and think about
Val was brilliant at describing myself and my friend and especially our the current situation and where it is heading and quite a fast detailed prediction for the months ahead through to next April, doesn't ask questions and goes straight in there and out with so much information, am hopeful and excited to see how things turn out between now and then. A lovely genuine lady to chat to as well. Thanks x
, Circle_113659982
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Picked up immediately on my life and relationship and was very encouraging in what she could see for the future. Certainly the most accurate reading I have ever had on here and I will speak to Val again in due course.
, Calmac
Telephone advice session rating ok
a bit repetitive over information I already knew.When asked about the future, I felt she stumbled a bit and procrastinated. Maybe spirit had no more info. Felt she focussed on the present and did not really delve into the future. She was good though and i take from it well
, Circle_112476181
Telephone advice session rating Excellent Reader
Excellent reading with Val. Great insight and some really good and unexpected advice on a difficult situation.
, Circle_113495182
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