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TraceyTracey 45 out of 5 stars

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You have choices, and the clairvoyance of my Romany ancestors can reveal them. I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, and empower you.

A note from me:
Let's unravel the mystery! Via Chat I can connect for you and help you to move forward.
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Reader profile: Tracey

My clairvoyant abilities probably come from the fact that I am descended from Romanies .I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, to empower you to make progressive choices.  I will show you through the Tarot that there is no wrong or right - only choice. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. I am honest, direct, positive, very detailed and helpful with my psychic readings.

Psychic history

I have Romany blood, so from a very early age I could see guides, angels and the fairies. I was aware of spirit around me and could see other people's guides around them. As with many children, these abilities seemed to wane as I became older and the world made demands upon me to become 'normal'.  In my early twenties I went to a psychic development circle and at last met like-minded people. I learnt Tarot, then started to read Tarot cards professionally. I always felt supported by spirit. I was able to accept that wherever I was in life was where I was meant to be - even the hard times - because they help you overcome the doubt you hold about yourself.  I can look into the window of your life, see how you got there, where you can go and the blocks that are within you, or caused by others.

True story

A lady in her mid sixties came to me for a psychic reading. I could see that she had been married for years to a very controlling man. This lady even had to lie about where she was going when she was coming for the psychic reading. There were two options - this lady could stay where she was and become more of a victim or she could leave. I could see that she would have to plan her departure carefully. It would take twelve months but I saw her in a new home in the South. I could see her studying, getting a divorce and then meeting a lovely man who would be her companion. The choice, of course, lay with my client. This woman did find the courage to leave and now lives the life I saw for her in the Tarot reading I gave her.  Also I had a man who booked psychic readings regularly with me. He felt like he didn't belong anywhere, and was lonely. He was a hairdresser by occupation. I saw in the cards that he would move to Australia and meet someone who he already had a link with. He did move to Australia and runs a hairdressing salon with someone from the UK as I predicted in one of his psychic readings!

Customer testimonials

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Chat advice session rating Amazing
Tracey is by far the best reader on this site. Her readings are spookily accurate, deeply spiritual and most of all completely truthful and full of meaning. THank you Tracey, I'll keep you posted, lots of love xxxx
, WhoKnows
Chat advice session rating good reading
thank you Tracey. nice being in your chat room. prompt and types fast and well connected. :) HIGHLY recommended.
, fevriena
Chat advice session rating amazing as always
, Circle_115073182
Chat advice session rating Accurate and inspiring!
Very Kind, Helpful and insightful. She knew exactly what I was going through. She is very skilled.
, Circle_114573382
Chat advice session rating Wonderful
You were drawn to click on her for a reason as did I.....follow it through and call x
, KarlosElMarino
Chat advice session rating She is the best
She made time to chat to me as I was anxious about my new job. She calmed me down and mentioned that exciting things are coming my way. I can't wait! I just need to relax a bit more and go with the flow, thanks xxxxx
, olgarc
Chat advice session rating Thanks
Friendly, warm, reassuring, and very good at picking up without being told anything. Thanks
, Circle_113079282
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Thank you Tracey, an excellent reading. Lots of ground covered and clarity has been bought to some major issues. I can now see a clear path forward and I feel so much happier, the breeze blocks have been lifted from my shoulders! I cant thank you and our Guides ofcourse, enough!
, circle_111428282
Chat advice session rating Thank you for everything
Tracey is a beautiful star, I appreciate your messages always :) J xxxx
, jlo20312
Chat advice session rating excellent
, Circle_113012981
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