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Are you wondering what the future holds for your love life and if you have found your soul mate? I specialise in love and relationship readings.

A note from me:
Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.
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I am a medium and clairvoyant who connects directly with the spirit world. I specialise in love and relationship readings and the soul connection between you and your loved one. I can also tune in helpfully to any other situation that you may need clarity on.  As a reader I have had feedback from many callers that my predictions and insights have come true. I am an honest reader and feel strongly that it is important to tell the truth to my callers about their situation for their own growth and understanding as well as to give clarity to the reading. I hope to tell the truth always but with care and sensitivity as I know that the truth can be painful to hear at times if it is not in keeping with our hopes and dreams. I also work as a vision coach, where if you want I can help you through visualisation techniques to have more confidence in yourself.

Psychic history

I have always known I was psychic from my teenage years experiencing many premonitions and telepathy in my dreams that always came true.  When I was in my twenties I was in a car accident.  This was a culmination of weeks of bad luck and although I wasn't harmed physically I went into shock and felt distressed for the rest of the week.  It was during this time that I went to see a psychic myself who told me that I had strong psychic abilities that I wasn't fully using to help others.  The psychic told me that if I used my gift, my life would improve.  Immediately I enrolled on a psychic development course and began giving psychic readings and eventually teaching psychic/mediumship development workshops myself.  I have now been giving psychic and mediumship readings for over fifteen years.  I feel passionately about my work and how connecting with my own powerful psychic intuition can help change and inspire people in so many ways.

True story

When Jane was trapped in a desperately unhappy relationship she had a love reading with me.  I told this lady that her marriage was unhealthy but I suddenly said 'what's his mother got to do with this?'  Jane was shocked and said "My partner is a real mummy's boy and will never defend me when she criticises the way I run the house or look after our daughter".  I felt strongly that the couple were more like strangers, never speaking or even sleeping in the same bed.  I knew she was at a crossroads in her life.  I just knew that if she was brave enough to leave the relationship she would find love soon after with someone through work who was completely different and with whom she would be best friends.  I heard from Jane again several months later and she sounded bubbly and excited like a different woman.  She had felt positive enough to end the relationship and soon after spent more time with a man from work.  He was the complete opposite to her ex in that he wasn't interested in money or possessions and was kind and thoughtful.  She looked at him and remembered my words and thought 'This is the man from the reading'.  She told me in a burst of excitement that if she hadn't come to me, she would still be stuck in an unhappy relationship thinking nothing better would come along.  She just needed a an inspirational push in the right direction which the psychic reading gave her.

Customer testimonials

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Chat advice session rating Fanatstic
Brilliant reader. Why 4*???
, Circle_111353381
Chat advice session rating dear friend
Sherry as always thanks for your words of wisdom, time always goes so quickly when having a reading x
, User_111147982
Chat advice session rating Relationship
Nice lady. It make me more calm.
, linute1981
Chat advice session rating Very patient and honest reader
My reading with Sherry was brilliant! Having not long spoken to a reader called kalyani who was very rude and abrupt and came across as though she couldn't wait to get me off the phone; Sherry was a breath of fresh air. She validated alot of stuff, was very patient, honest and polite with the way she delivered the reading. Highly recommended clairvoyant and she will be my go to reader from now on. Love & Light
, AquarianChic
Chat advice session rating Honest reading
Straight to the point and was spot on about feelings of someone else.Will have to see if things transpire but a much more believable reading compared to some others where I feel I'm getting told what I want to hear just to cheer me up.Manty thanks Jackie LnL xxx
, Circle_111626181
Chat advice session rating Very good
Told me stuff she could not possibly know - and more importantly - was very honest about the situation. Will 100 % use this reader again!
, Circle_115615382
Chat advice session rating Lovely
Lovely chat with Sherry, have been to Sherry a couple of times and really like how she reads and how accurate she is. Straight to the point and throws in some extra detail not just one worded answers. Will definitely be back.
, Circle_112962981
Chat advice session rating Very good
Very good and very reassuring.
, Circle_112776482
Chat advice session rating Very friendly
Shall await the results
, Circle_116021982
Chat advice session rating AWESOME READER
Sherry is an amazing reader and such a joy to chat with. She is very very tuned in and helped me tremendously.
, Circle_116018482
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