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Face anything in life! I work with my psychic abilities through tarot and the angels. My specialty is love readings, but I have insight into all areas.

A note from me:
be kind to yourself,allow yourself to make mistakes,allow yourself to dream and go for your wishes
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Reader profile: Sarah

I work withmy psychic abilities through the use of Tarot and the angels.  Myspecialty is love readings, but I can also give you insight into your work or any other area of  life you would like. I can help you with yourrelationship problems and your decision making.  I am a greatlistener and with the help of my Tarot cards I will guide you down theright path.  I hear you with a sympathetic ear and deliver my psychiconline readings in a gentle spiritual manner, giving the kind of reading Iwould like to receive; an honest, kind and spiritual reading. I will alwaysgive my readings in a compassionate and feminine way and will leave you feelinguplifted and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Psychic history

I always felt from a very young age that I could sense and see things. I could always connect with animals especially when I was young and communicate with them telepathically. I could always sense what kind of a mood a person was in and whether they were being heartfelt or not. When I was 15 I saw a pack of Tarot cards and was immediately drawn to them. I bought a pack and read them instinctively, seeing symbols and flashing images in my head. I began to read for friends and people that needed help and they were amazed with what I told them. I found I was always drawn to people with affairs of the heart and always gave a lot of positivity. It's a joy to be able to help people now through my psychic readings online and help them find the love we all want.

True story

I have many 'strange but true' things happen in my life! Three weeks before my father died he came to say goodbye and told me things about the future that would happen to me, which then did. When I was in hospital having my first child I was quite sick. My father came to me in a dream the night before my baby was born and told me that both me and my daughter would be fine. At the time I didn't know the sex of my baby, but sure enough my daughter was born and we were both fine. I also dreamt one night about huge birds attacking my dog and him being wounded in the neck. In the morning I found the dog very sick as he had been playing with a rubber ball and swallowed it and it was now stuck in his neck. Luckily we got him to the vet and he is fine. I find I often dream of things that then happen but now, it just seems natural to me to experience all these weird but wonderful things!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Thanks Sarah
Really insightful. and positive thank you :0)
, beckster
Telephone advice session rating amazing...
well...I read about Sarah on her comments page, and I knew she was the perfect person for my relationship based question. She told me the truth, and luckly the truth about a soulmate returning and making contact was in the reading.. she stressed that he will be back, and for it to work out.. she was honest and genuine enough to say that if he wasnt going to, she would have told me so. lovely lady, very good energy.. recommend.. thank u miss sarah xx
, Circle_111850981
Telephone advice session rating Brilliant!
Unprompted and very precise. Her accuracy is astounding. Sarah needs no facts, she just speaks in detail as to all she sees. I have had a few readings and would return. All her predications are coming true one by one. A real treasure and a lovely lady to speak with. Thank xx Mia
, Stream_7298
Telephone advice session rating Thanks...
I like the way you connected straight away.That was a great reading. Looking forward to the the future regarding my relationship and career. Will keep you up to date with everything that happens. :-)
, nadaaj
Telephone advice session rating previous predictions came true
thanks again Sarah, you were spot on with everything :) God bless xx
, empress79
Telephone advice session rating Good reading
She pick up on the situation around me but I was surprised by some of the stuff she said. It left me feeling like I have to 'watch my back' and I didn't feel like that before the reading and therefore it didn't make me feel good. However if her predictions are correct then she has given me good advice.
, circle_111425781
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