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Reader: Roberta Spirituality
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I will see pictures for you. I am a gifted psychic and card reader who comes from a family of gifted mediums. I am a natural clairvoyant and psychic artist.

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I am a gifted psychic and card reader who comes from a family of gifted mediums. I am a natural clairvoyant and psychic artist.  I see pictures and use nature, elements, directions and ancient medicine wheels as knowledge for my psychic online readings and psychic art.

Psychic history

From a very young age I was told I was psychic. I work as a shaman, with intuition and the elements and find I can pick up on people better if they are interactive during psychic online reading. It helps to build a stronger picture and get a deeper reading. When I was younger I started a degree in fine arts but had to give it up because of a long-term illness. For the last couple of years my artistic gifts have been used to create psychic art.  At the age of forty I had a turn-around in my life, when alternative therapies helped me to get better and I decided that I would delve into psychic divinations in a much deeper way. From 1990 I was reading for family and friends and since 1996 I have been working professionally including giving psychic online readings with amazing results.  Since my early childhood I have always been able to commune by a language unique to me, allowing me to understand the relationship between myself and nature.  My observations began from this point and since moving to Glastonbury my psychic art developed under instruction from Leo Rutherford who is also an author of many books.

True story

A friend staying with me had been to a muddy Glastonbury Festival and came home early.  I was giving her a medicine card reading in the garden.  Everything that happens during the card reading and the direction it happens in, relates to the reading.  My friend was having trouble focusing when her ex husband popped his head over the garden wall, in the 'I am' direction during the reading and moaned about how muddy it had been but how he had stuck it out.  My cat calmly sat behind my friend, in the 'emotion' position then wandered into the middle of the circle we were sitting in, then shot off in the 'Dance of life' position.  I realized that my friend had stuck her problems out for as long as she could, she was calm emotionally but she needed to get centered to get to a place where she could be free.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Interesting
A very different approach to I'm familiar with, but interesting comments and a very warm and sensitive persona. Thank you
, Circle_115923181
Telephone advice session rating Seems to know
, Circle_113165881
Telephone advice session rating An enlightening conversation
I had a really good and clarifying conversation with Roberta, and did take a lot of comfort from it. It was very enlightening conversation, too, like a lesson from a kind teacher on how to walk through the journey of life. I like the fact that Roberta receives images. I like to receive information this way too. Sometimes I can find it hard to take in lots of words. Thank you, Roberta.
, Pigeon
Telephone advice session rating Good with spirit
I phoned Roberta regarding an ex relationship and if there was a possibly its of us getting back together. I wouldn't say her advice on this was 100% clear however she did inform me that I had lots of loved ones around me in spirit and that I could connect with them if I wanted to. I asked how I would go about this. She asked "do you ever get a tingle on your neckback/shoulders or a brush against the cheek" I responded with no but sometimes I might look around the room all of a sudden wondering who is there or feeling like someone is there. Further on in the conversation when she was explaining to me how to connect I got a sudden tingle right in the middle of my lower neck connecting with my shoulders! Definitely a sprites lady can't comment on predictions! X
, Circle_114086481
Telephone advice session rating Family problem
Thank you for all your help with my situation. I have now seen the sunshine behind this problem. I have taken your advice to take lots of time for myself.
, Leolady123
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Confirmation on love end relationships as well as one other person with a few surprises thrown in.
, nicky77
Telephone advice session rating Genral
Roberta is a very humble and caring person to talk to. Whilst she did try and nail things to the best of her ability, however the responses to my questions were very general.
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Very calming
Thank you. It was a very helpful and assuring reading.
, marval
Telephone advice session rating Relationship/job
A really insightful reading from a lovely lady who was very accurate in what she said and did put some clarity around both situations. Made it a very positive and uplifting reading. Thank you Roberta i would come back to you again
, Circle_113808881
Telephone advice session rating Spot on
Very caring and gentle with a very accurate on actually. Will consult again.
, songbird
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