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RenoirRenoir 35 out of 5 stars

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My main aim during my psychic online readings is to help you move on from your past and any difficulties you may encounter and give amazing insights.
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My main aim during my psychic online readings is to help you move on from your past and any difficulties you may encounter and give amazing insights guiding you into your future. I use many different ways of divination, which I have learnt over the years to give my psychic readings. I am a natural medium and clairvoyant and use a crystal ball, crystals, astrology, past lives, Tarot, colour and call on the angels during my psychic readings. I can also interpret dreams and I am an experienced ghostbuster and practicing Wiccan.

Psychic history

I have been doing psychic work as a career for ten years and I was introduced to these arts twenty-six years ago by my grandmother, who was also psychic. Both she and my great-grandmother were mediums and clairvoyants, practised in the psychic arts and with a keen interest and knowledge of mystical things. They were founding members of our local spiritualist church and they passed their knowledge down to me and it has since become my way of life. I have been able to help others with this knowledge and natural gift of clairvoyance and psychic insight. I am also clairaudient and clairsentient and possess natural mediumship ability. I often use astrology to help people by doing natal charts/personality profiles, daily, weekly and monthly and even yearly forecasts and compatibility charts for all sorts of relationships and love readings. I have a natural psychic ability to be clairvoyant and I use this to tune in with people when doing a psychic reading. I also sometimes use tools such as Tarot cards or crystal ball or sometimes psychometry i.e. objects, as a medium between the client and myself.

True story

Shortly after my mother passed over, a little black cat turned up on my doorstep. This little cat stayed with me for four years until he too passed away at 14 years old.  He just seemed at home with me more so than with his original owner. In fact this cat followed me wherever I went in the house or the garden or in the street and there was definitely a strong telepathic link between us. My friends said it was as though he was an extension of me and called him my little 'black shadow' (his real name was Sukey). It seems that whatever my mood Sukey was empathic and helped me to relax and de-stress. In fact very often he would sleep above my head at night and I felt the energy emanating from him. Since he has passed over, I have heard the cat flap cling when no-one was there and at times like that I sense he has paid me a visit to say 'hello'. I have very strong links with all animals and am able to link in psychically to your pets in my psychic readings!

Customer testimonials

7 results found
Chat advice session rating I like Renoir.
The stuff she said matched up to what was happening with me which makes a change.
, Circle_111566881
Chat advice session rating Excellent Chat Session
I had the most wonderful chat with this lady, she gave me sound advice and picked up straight away on what is going on in my life at this moment....I will wait and see what comes to's hoping!!! thank you so much xxx
, stream_14786
Chat advice session rating Not great
Had readings with Renoir before which have always been great. This time however I did not feel the reading was great. Have come away feeling even more confused. Do no think I will be using this reader again to be honest.
, Galpers
Chat advice session rating dissapointing.
unfortunately didnt seem to connect with me and left me ranting on. no insights. nothing psychic but just a friendly ear to listen to me chattering on. Not really v. impressed.
, Martin C
Chat advice session rating interesting
enjoyed talking with you insignful disccusion. will wait and see what happens in the coming months thank you
, winter4519
Telephone advice session rating Lovely Reader, thankyou!!
Really reassuring and settled my mind. Will call again. Good advice given!!
, paulasun
Telephone advice session rating Good reading
It was a good reading. Thank you.
, stream_16437
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