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Reader: Patrick Shaman Spirituality

Patrick ShamanPatrick Shaman 45 out of 5 stars

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I am a reader that tunes in well with little prompting, while being highly professional, reliable, confidential and compassionate.
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Reader profile: Patrick Shaman

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I am a Himalayan trained Shaman, that shares valuable insight that is fast and clear, with no sugar coating while being sincere and down to earth. I offer practical advice using my Psychic/ Medium abilities, Crystal ball, Geomancy, Shamanic Trance and Tarot cards, to explore all available options in order to provide  clarity and direction in all spheres of life. I am a reader that tunes in well with little prompting, while being highly professional, reliable, confidential and compassionate. I also offer Aura Attunements, which consist of powerful energetic rays that are transmitted directly to you anywhere in the world, bringing a wide range of treatments into your home with life changing effects that transform one’s state of mind, strengthening the aura and balancing the chakras. Even Chord Cutting and assistance with emotional release or Psychic activations and protection is a speciality I offer here.

Psychic history

I am fully trained and initiated in the Kabbalah, esoteric Yoga, Tantra, Himalayan Shamanism,
Coptic Mysteries and well researched into Western Mysteries, Alchemy & Jungian Archetypes, leaving a broad base of experience from which to tap in order to assist with “real life” questions, which I tackle in a practical and down to earth manner. Gifted with past life recollection, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, I able to know, understand and predict things and spent my early years as a baby dreaming of past lives and watching leprechauns dance.
I was also able to see the dead and transmit psychic abilities to other children. Coming from a Celtic bloodline with Psychic abilities in the family, from father to grandmother and hers before her, I was destined to follow this path as a vocation. After a near death experience at age three, when I drowned after falling into a swimming pool, and had the most wonderful and liberating experience of my childhood, I noticed I could see through the veil of death too.

Initiated into the Sacred Mysteries and a developing Medium & Psychic since 1989, at which tender age I performed my first successful Aura and banishing of P.K. entities. I had extensive training on the inner planes, and have gone through various initiations, with teachers from the Kabbalist University Jerusalem. I lived in many ashrams around India being initiated and trained in Tantra, Yoga, Kendra and Shamanism while training in the Himalayas with a Nepalese Shaman. I spent several years training in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, where I lived with masters’ in their secret ashrams, in jungles with wild animals practicing the Shamanic craft I was called to while learning to attune to the wilderness and enhance my Psychic abilities. I am a practicing Shaman that has a broad base of skills, which I use with great care to provide an enhanced service.

True story

Living in Shri Lanka on the east coast, near Aragam bay in 2002, I woke up one morning in late December, warned my wife about great floods and said we needed to leave immediately as we were not at a safe location. I also told the local peoples that I had a feeling there would be great sea storms and that they should be careful. We booked our flights and left within three days, arriving in London 48 hours before the Tsunami.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating personal opinion shared - not fast movin...
A very nice man and no doubt very knowledgeable but offered personal opinion and this lead to a very general reading, diverting from my question. Also, cost implications associated with this.
, susanbarry
Telephone advice session rating Good Reading
The only reason I can't give Patrick a 5 STAR despite being an amazing reader and shares a lot of information, is that he is quite slow in the information he gives. These readings costs a lot and I really wanted to hang up however, felt ooh here comes an important point but was a repeat and felt it would be rude to hang up because Patrick is a really nice person to speak to. His reading was great pointed facts gave his advise and feedback can only wait for things to come through - however, would make things awesome if considered that we are paying a lot of readings and to keep it short and concise
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Realistic and Uplifting
Thank you Patrick for the help and insight that you gave me. Your vision for my way ahead, I believe is realistic, and talking to you has lifted my spirits.
, Circle_111438882
Telephone advice session rating very helpfull reading
Had a reading with Patrick today and he was very helpfull, tuned into problems without any prompting and has helped me to keep going with something i was going to give up on. Thank you very much
, Circle_113433781
Telephone advice session rating patrick
i had a general reading with him, he started well but then he started to repeat himself a lot.. wasted about 10min with that.I think I know better what is right for me than him
, olgarc
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
I really enjoyed my reading. Patrick Shaman gave me lots of information. He was completely honest and no sugar coating, he got some aspects of my personal life no other person could have known. Will definitely be back for another reading. Love & light. Lady P.
, Circle_112536581
Telephone advice session rating Good
İ had a good reading with some details . Thank you ....
, Zeynep
Telephone advice session rating Very good reading
lovely man to speak to, very detailed, softly spoken , will update in a few months. Thankyou
, Circle_111808381
Telephone advice session rating Attention To Detail, Accuracy
Patrick gives a very clear and detailed reading. If you want an in depth look at your situation give Patrick a call. I've had many readings with a lot of different readers, but Patrick's style of reading is highly recommended.
, Circle_112412581
Telephone advice session rating Amazing!
I dont normally speak to male readers much as I dont find it comfortable. But speaking to Patrick was just so re-assuring as he gave alot if insights to my life and the problems I am having. I was actually amazed the way he told me about my present and future plans which only I knew. I was a bit uncertain about some things in my life but Patrick made sure it made sense as why I was being unsure and that there is pure light and hope and its not as bad as it seems. He gave me extra comfort by giving me ways to solve my issues which other readers would say but not in the way Patrick put it through. This was something different as I found answers to all my questions. You need to have a reading to know what I mean. Thank you Patrick for the lovely reading xx
, shahrinaa
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Skills & Areas of advice

Patrick Shaman has the following Skills and Areas of advice:
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