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Maxine DMaxine D 45 out of 5 stars

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Maxine is enlightened by her guides to bring you your future as seen in the wonderful world of spirit, and was authenticated in Spain.
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Reader profile: Maxine D

Like a radio, I tune in to the spirit world.  Words come straight into my voice box, purely and directly from spirit.  My link to the spirit world is strong and my gift is to see the pathway that my online callers need to take.  I will take them there with understanding and honest guidance and as quickly as possible with the least amount of pain.  I am fortunate with my gift to help my callers with the readings I give.

Psychic history

My gift was bestowed upon me on the passing of my Grandfather, as he began communicating with me in my dreams.  My development from there has evolved naturally and my clairvoyance has developed.  I began doing readings for friends and family and was getting amazing results with people coming back to me to say that my predictions had come true.  I was authenticated at the Psychic Research Centre in Spain as a natural spiritual medium.  Spirit has been with me for three-quarters of my life and I trust the information that I am given implicitly.

True story

From one of my callers - A few months ago I had my first reading with Maxine, I felt that life was passing me by and I had no-one to share it with.  Maxine was superb, understanding and great to talk to, she told me not to worry as she could sense a meeting with a man who would come to love me dearly.  She could see a marriage and eventually children.  I have now met this man and we are soon to be engaged.  I cannot believe how lucky I am and am beaming with happiness.  I have Maxine to thank for her words of wisdom and guidance.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating New perspective
Thank you for my reading, she made me realise another way in which to make my existing relationship stronger which I never thought about. And gave me optimism which was failing,due to a previous call regarding the whole situation. I will contact you again later on in the year to let you know how it all goes Love and light
, Circle_113120282
Telephone advice session rating Reading with Maxine
Thoroughly enjoyable reading. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds!
, Calvino
Telephone advice session rating Jayne
Picked up on feelings very well and give good advice. Lets see if the black cat finds us.
, Circle_112782381
Telephone advice session rating Love in the air
Omg!!!! The best reading I've ever had! Thank you so much for helping me handle my situation. Looking forward to calling you again.
, Circle_115552682
Telephone advice session rating An honest reader who knows you well!
Very good and strong willed when it came to what she was saying. She told me what my heart was saying to me and she was truthful.Thank you and I will update you in five monthsx
, Circle_115477382
Telephone advice session rating Damian
Maxine has been reading for me for just under 2 years, her guides are accurate yet may not be immediate but it has never failed to come true. She has guided me through an extremely difficult period of my love life, her timings as to events happening are not always guaranteed but I can assure any customer they do happen and are very clear and accurate. Maxine is both open and honest to the point sometimes we don't always wish to hear yet they're are good reasons why we should listen. She is very understanding and sincere and her approach to a reading is methodical and encouraging. To any customer wishing to use Maxine for a reading I ask you to read this and try yourself, she has always guided me well and I hope that be the same for you.
, Circle_113693282
Telephone advice session rating Sound reading
Perhaps lack of patience wanted something imminent. Look forward to October to see if this pans out
, Circle_114380481
Telephone advice session rating Lisangel london
As a lady on a spiritual journey I have been guided by Maxine to a profound path way which is the correct path for me with her reading and excellent knowledge I have learnt a lot from Maxine she is a wonderful, kind and spot on lady. She connected with a friend close to my heart who died tragically years ago, -and this made me so focused and happy to know the truth as to my friends passing. Things seem brighter and I feel more confident in my journey after talking to Maxine for a hour and a half I could have Maxine talk to me for hours, if you want honesty and believe me when I first spoke to Maxine I felt upset from her revalation but the truth can hurt so be prepared, we can hear things we don't want to hear but that's denial after today's conversation and she was right but it was for the better and the good things revealed today make everything seem wonderful. Thank you so much and be patient spirt may not come through on the first reading but I think you need at least 2 readings o ...
, Circle_115238181
Telephone advice session rating Amazing Maxine
I was completely astounded by this experience. Thank you Maxine for making me feel comfortable in what was my first reading - you put my mind at ease over so many things and given me hope for the future
, Circle_115211581
Telephone advice session rating ooops wrong ratting
not intentional and it seem to be stuck and fixed on 3 supposed to be five she briliant
, Circle_113531981
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