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Marie PMarie P 45 out of 5 stars

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I am a highly intuitive clairvoyant and Tarot reader working with my spirit guides. 
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I am a highly intuitive clairvoyant and Tarot reader working with my spirit guides.  I use my psychic abilities in a practical way, combined with much warmth, empathy, understanding and a totally non-judgemental attitude.  I help you resolve any difficult problems, or general issues in your life and I particularly specialise in relationships through giving love readings.  Through my psychic readings you get choices and different ways of approaching things which will give you the courage and strength necessary to deal with your issues in a constructive and positive manner.  This will ultimately help make your life's journey a more empowered one.

Psychic history

I have always had a close affinity to sprit and the Angelic realm.  As a small child, I was encouraged by my psychic grandmother.  When aged seven years old, I recall being awakened by the sound of tinkling bells.  My eyes were immediately drawn towards my sister's bed.  I saw a beautiful lady, glowing in a shimmering white golden light, whom I thought to be an angel, looking down at my sister.  The lady asked me to go and fetch my parents right away which I did without hesitation.   They found my sister in need of immediate medical attention, which they secured for her. I chose to follow the path of spirit through the solo practice of Wicca for the past twenty three years.  I went on to be a trained humanistic counsellor, dealing primarily with loss and relationship issues, as well as being a Reiki Healer.  I have been reading the tarot and working with spirit and the angelic realms, along with the use of crystals, scrying and spell work to both empower my own life, as well as that of others.

True story

A man came to me for a tarot card reading wanting some guidance with a decision he had to make regarding his career.  He needed to choose between two separate job offers.  The first seemed the most tempting for him, in terms of a better financial deal annually, including bonuses and travel.  The second did not seem as exciting, however it was with a better known and more well established organisation. He was obviously leaning towards taking the first offer, however he was wanting the psychic reading because he was looking for stability and wanted to complete his professional qualification.  I told him that taking the first option would be very exciting for him for a short period of time, but would not bring him any long-term fulfillment, in terms of stability and career development.  The other job would give him the job security he was yearning for, as well as the possibility to advance his career and to gain professional recognition.  He seemed somewhat disappointed with the outcome of his tarot reading because of the tempting financial package of the first option.  This man contacted me several years later, saying he had chosen the second option after his psychic reading.  He informed me that he was now the head of his department having attained his professional qualification.  He was very happy and secure in his job.  He also went on to say that he was very happy at not having taken the first, better paying option, because that organisation had been forced to declare themselves bankrupt and was no longer trading!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating nice reading
very positive and I hope all predictions come true :)
, Circle_113694281
Telephone advice session rating Accurate
Thought provoking
, mgordhan
Telephone advice session rating feel i got the truth
I feel marie gave me the truth that although the person i talked about likes me he won't move from an unhappy association to be with me - she has said there will be someone else and gave a name so time will tell if her prediction happens
, dee0808
Telephone advice session rating Wowzers!
Talking to Marie was amazing. She linked into my situation even before I asked anything. Her connection was solid and clear, picking up on the people around me with beautiful clarity. What an amazing lady...and wonderful soul. Thank you Marie <3
, Circle_111180382
Telephone advice session rating Always amazing Marie!
Marie is something special and when on the last two readings she came up with the name of the person in question I find this almost too amazing to believe - she says it's from her guides. I want to believe it but no others reader has ever done this - incredible if it's true! I rang for an update on predictions from 14 months ago which unfortunately have not come to pass even though they were so credible and got my hopes up. This time the predictions weren't so definite so maybe things have changed, or maybe nobody can predict the future, for not one psychic on The Circle, and believe me I've had hundreds of readings, has predicted correct so far! Time will tell, but 'it's the waiting that kills you' as they say. Thank you Marie, I will keep you posted, love and healing prayers xx
, Tabitha50
Telephone advice session rating Reading
IMarie is a lovely lady. i have had several readings with Marie. Her readings are very accurate and her descriptions of current situations are spot on.
, Circle_114570282
Telephone advice session rating Reality check
Enjoyed my reading, time to stop deluding myself about a certain person & move on to pastures new. Very accurate description of the complex & volatile situation around me & sage advice too. Positive predictions for the future. Thank you Marie x
, Circle_113659982
Telephone advice session rating the gardener
This lady can really see the truth behind my love situation. my lover was trying to finish me by texting !! Marie saw through the situation and that this guy truly loves me. I dashed off to see him and all he could do was affirm what Marie had said. amazing reader xxxx
, Circle_111996481
Telephone advice session rating Reading
, Circle_112912782
Telephone advice session rating Fantastic reading
Marie understood immediately what the issues were and worked through great advice on my next steps. Thank you.
, Circle_114780782
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