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Marayah RoseMarayah Rose 45 out of 5 stars

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I combine all my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.

A note from me:
I'm a Pagan High Priestess-45years helping people like yourself find joy with my magic.~Blessed Be ~
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I use the Tarot cards as a powerful tool for finding solutions to life's perplexing issues and challenges. I am a superb reader with 25 years of experience, who combines the Tarot cards with messages from my Native American spirit guides and archangels. I channel and connect to my guides who give me wise and insightful messages into the querants past, present and future situation. As a gifted psychic, I give insightful solutions to urgent important life issues. I am a powerful channel for spirit energy and can guide you on the right path, to find the right solutions and get the best life results, now and for the future. As an initiated High Priestess and "ghost buster" I conduct clearings of any negative spirits energy. My gift of psychic ability and energetic channelling was given to me at birth by a Shaman woman, and this is complimented with professional study into the psychic phenomena.

Psychic history

I was given my psychic gifts and abilities at birth by a powerful Shaman woman (Shamanca) who blessed and declared me as "The Chosen One" and said "all who seek Marayahs wisdom and guidance shall be blessed and led to a great and rewarding future" as I was born with a special skin around my face called a sacred caouell.

As a gifted psychic, I naturally attune to energy and am extremely sensitive in "knowing" the root cause of an issue and how to fix it. With the assistance of my ever present spirit guides, my accuracy is detailed and striking.
I was visited by Archangel Raphael at the age of 8 and bestowed with a gift to help people with their sorrows. I have been communicating with spirit guides and angels since a child and can now attune to other peoples angels and guides. As a respected member of the psychic community I have a solid 25 years of psychic work and readings to my name.  I am also a consulting white Wiccan and Moon Goddess.

True story

This true story is bound to make your heart race and your hair stand on end! Amongst many other such jaw dropping experiences I have had, this one in particular stands out.
After "accidentally" meeting a lady at a shopping centre, the lady described to me what a miserable life she was living due to a mentally challenged son she was looking after, no money to spare and life filled with negative energy - nothing was going right in her life! I explained to the lady that I work with guides and angels and she begged me to help her and her son.  It was dusk on a warm summers night and there was an eerie stillness in the air. I lit my candles and started invoking my higher self, guides and Archangel Michael. Twenty minutes later, an overwhelming explosion was heard in the front room of the building! A vehicle had just missed crashing into my office by a mere telegraph pole short of 2 inches! The entire building where I was working would have been damaged.
A miracle, to say the least, had occurred. The next morning the lady phoned me and explained that at the same time, a vehicle had just missed crashing into their home! The mere shock of the crash snapped her son into some sort of enlightened state and he began calling out the name of Archangel Michael repeatedly! Her life changed since that day!
Throughout my long career as a psychic, people keep revisiting me to thank me and give positive feedback on predictions that have been very helpful.

Customer testimonials

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Chat advice session rating Positive
Pleased with what Marayah Rose picked up for me without any prompting. Knew the issues I had and how things were around me. Would definitely contact again
, Circle_111986582
Chat advice session rating Vague
Response time was long but she was kind, just a little vague. I appreciated her advice.
, Circle_115895982
Chat advice session rating Great reading
Really tuned in well to my situation and gave good advice xx
, stream_1724
Chat advice session rating Lovely energy
Lovely lady, very kind energy but didn't really connect with what was coming out of this reading. Left feeling confused
, Akshh987
Chat advice session rating Good reading
Got into specifics, will keep my eyes peeled.
, Circle_111927481
Telephone advice session rating great validations and connections
Really helpful chat - so appreciate the good insight and accurate guidance. Just what I needed today to be able to move forward with my planned path. Thank you!
, Circle_111869183
Chat advice session rating Made a powerful friend
She doesn't just tell your future, she tells you how to deal with the now. She helped me by listening and giving me the encouragement I wanted to help me on my journey. Thank you again Marayah
, Circle_115551682
Chat advice session rating Clear and concise
A clear and concise reading that confirmed my own gut feeling.
, Circle_115266481
Chat advice session rating Excellent reader
Can't wait to see if it comes true!! Will be back..
, CircleIn_111250581
Chat advice session rating Very good and honest reader!
Very good, quick and honest reader! Thank you!!
, Circle_111371483
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