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Reader: Kay Medium

KayKay 45 out of 5 stars

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Heal your relationships! I am a medium and clairvoyant whose strength lies in the realm of emotions. I have the ability to see the auras of the people involved.
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Kay's Profile

I am a medium and clairvoyant whose strength is in helping to heal relationships, as I have the ability to see the emotions and auras of the people involved. I work with the angelic realm and Tarot. I am a ghostbuster and I do dream analysis, Past Lives, colour, astrology, numerology and Dowsing. I always give heartfelt and positive guidance and expectations in relation to the issues involved.

Psychic history

I work by concentrating on the person's aura, and can then quite clearly see their emotional needs and strengths.  I work in a number of different ways.  During a psychic reading I will use angel cards to begin the reading.  I can often clearly pick up on other people around the client I am reading for, who might be causing them pain or comfort.  I can sense emotions and often offer helpful solutions to dilemmas.  I work with all my senses, although predominantly clairaudient I do also see, which helps with both the mediumship and psychic readings. I do incorporate all my skills and abilities during a psychic reading as it gives comfort and strength to the client and leaves them feeling positively empowered at the end of the call, making them stronger.

True story

I have always been psychic. I knew when the phone would ring, I could tell when a person was going to die, I saw ghosts, angels and lights around people. I could tell people things that they had never shared with anyone.  I feared my gift; I shut myself down and became very ill. As a last resort I turned to complementary therapy to help deal with the dreadful illness known as ME. I walked into the therapist's room and I felt strange. I lay on the couch and for the first time in many years I allowed my psychic ability to return. I flowed with information and realised it was time to do something about it so  I trained as an angel reader. I also tuned into my given talent of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychic ability.  It was joyful!  I became very aware of my life mission, and that is to help others.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Brilliant
The level of detail Kay gives regarding the past, present and future is simply incredible. She is able to pick up on your life and the person you are asking about with pinpoint accuracy. Her ability to communicate with spirit is simply amazing and she gives you what she gets in such a nice way that it leaves you feeling positive and uplifted. The Circle seems to have many good readers but Kay is outstanding.
, Circle_111601983
Telephone advice session rating Very good
Kay - thanks for the reading earlier, my first with you and I was really pleased with your quick grasp on the situation. You are hard to get hold of but worth it. Only sorry the phone cut out as I would have liked to have talked to you more and then I couldnt get hold of you again. Will update re predictions in the future.
, Circle_111294382
Telephone advice session rating amazing
The contact was made by me but you told me how she was feeling an im surprised. Shabnam
, stream_14217
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
You are absolutely amazing. Predictions have come to pass. Every single thing you ve told me happened. Brilliant.. xxxxx
, sepben
Telephone advice session rating Predictions happened
What a beautiful soul Kay is. I adore her! She is so lovely to speak with. ....and she is fantastic at what she does!! She seems to really get you, and those around you. This is my 2nd reading with Kay. Previous predictions happened!! This time Kay was able to tell me loads more exciting information re my future. I'm so excited!! Thank you again Kay. Big hug xxx
, stream_1425
Telephone advice session rating Lovely
I don't think I will tell you just how gifted, accurate, and beautiful this lady is so I can keep her all to myself ;)
, Circle_111983581
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Kay you are the TOP psychic reader from Shahbaz
, shazu00007
Telephone advice session rating Super!
Wow! She got situation spot on and seemed so so sure as to what will happen and that it is going to happen very very soon.....If she is right I will definitely be phoning her back and will leave another comment about how right she was. I sooooo hope she is right!
, curlytwirls
Telephone advice session rating Kay.
Really good picked up on the situation and description of those involved. Will definately call back in late Feb to update and hope to confirm predictions.
, stream_2592
Telephone advice session rating Silvergirl
This was an amazing reading! Kay is a hidden gem on the circle. I'm so pleased I found her. I genuinely look forward to her predictions happenings and believe they will -something about her gives me that remarkable confidence and I've tried many excellent readers.
, silvergirl
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Skills & Areas of advice

Kay has the following Skills and Areas of advice:
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