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Reader: Kay Medium

KayKay 45 out of 5 stars

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Heal your relationships! I am a medium and clairvoyant whose strength lies in the realm of emotions. I have the ability to see the auras of the people involved.
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Reader interview

How did you get into giving readings?
I was given a pack of angel cards many years ago and looked at them daily as I found them fascinating. I went to a charity fancy dress ball and I dressed as an angel and took my cards with me for fun. I was asked to give a reading and I decided to go for it if the person was willing to give a donation to the charity. Six hours later I was reading for everyone with fantastic feedback and got £300 for the charity! I have always been clairvoyant, but this was my first outing where I felt elated by my gift and it was for a good cause.

Was there a special reason or event in your life that made you decide to help other people?
Although I had done this charity night, it was a couple of years later when I had a severe car accident but I wasn’t hurt as my angels guided me to keep me safe. It was then that I realised that I could receive such support at the worst possible moment, and I made the decision that I needed to explore my gift to help others, which I did but was self doubtful in the early days. It wasn’t until a year or so later that I felt confident enough to actually help people I didn’t know, in spite of my charity ball success! I initially started with friends and people I knew. I always recommend to the gifted healers out there to start with those you know as you build up your confidence. It worked for me.

What did you work as before and what made you change careers?
I was a hospitality manager for a large internet company and my direct managers were tremendous bullies. No matter how much I put up boundaries and spoke my mind and tried to please my boss, I failed. One day I turned to my angel cards and asked for help. Archangel Michael told me that the reason I was being bullied was to get me out! When I asked what I was supposed to do with a mortgage and loans and bills to pay, I got the reply “work with us, we will provide you with all you need”. I ignored the advice for several more months until I was at breaking point and was recommended Reiki healing. I went for this and the lady said at the end of the session that she had a message for me which was unusual for her. She said I was to work with the angels. I got some further information and trained as an angel therapy practitioner and met a wonderful lady who introduced me to TheCircle in 2003. After completing my course, I put my trust in the angels and left my job. I have never looked back!

Can you tell us a little about your work?
I am an intuitive healer, I work with my angel guides, guardian angels and Archangel Michael and the angels of those who I give readings to. I am also tuned into peoples’ aura so I can pick up on the people around them they may not understand or are experiencing difficulties with. I use a technique called mind-setting. I ask my angels to speak to the relevant person’s angels and wait and see what I get. Sometimes it’s a feeling and other times it’s their thoughts and intended actions. I also love the angels as they are honest and trustworthy guides who see the best in all situations and look for positive solutions!

Can you remember your first reading? What was your client’s reaction?
I can remember that my first lady was desperate for a child and I knew she would be pregnant within the month with a little girl, and that her marriage would be very safe. She called me a month later and told me the news; she said I was the first to know! I have heard from her since and her daughter is almost at school now.

Do you have an interesting or exciting story that you can share with us that you have experienced since becoming a reader?
I have been speaking to a lady who was a researcher for a major pharmaceutical company and she worked in patient advocacy, she has travelled the world and has found new drugs to help prevent schizophrenia. She is presently working on a cure for MS.
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