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JamieJamie 45 out of 5 stars

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What is your next step in life? Would you like some clear guidance? I can help with any area. I provide clairvoyant readings on past, present and future.

A note from me:
I will tune into the images and impressions from my Spirit Guides, but I can use cards if you like
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Jamie's Profile

Would you like some clear guidance around the next step to take in any area of your life ? I provide clairvoyant readings online which allow me to view information regarding your past, present and future, as well as past and present lives. I use the Tarot as a focusing tool to enhance this connection. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. As well as being clairvoyant, my clairsentient senses allow me to connect with you on an emotional level in order to offer psychic readings that are individual and based on your needs.

Psychic history

For as long as I can recall I have had psychic sensitivity, feeling things paranormal. It was during this time that I discovered the path of Wicca, communion with nature and the inner being. Shortly after this time I began to study the Tarot as a means of divination which only enhanced the intuitive sensitivity I had always possessed. Not long after this I began working as a street psychic offering psychic readings to friends and family members as well as perfect strangers, though I still often use the Tarot as well. I now realise that the Tarot was one of many paths which helped to open the doorways to the knowledge of spirit - an awareness which has always been ever present for me. 

True story

I gave a reading to a lady and this is the feedback she gave me - "I am astounded at the accuracy of the information you gave me. The facts on my past were spot on so I know what you predicted for the future will be right! You have a lovely voice, you have a clear connection to spirit and with the detailed information you give, you will be able to help and guide many people.  Also my husband was able to confirm things that you said too after the call, that concerned him rather than me".

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Not sure
I was expecting Jamie to be really good after reading the previous reviews, but he asked me quite a few questions, and he did not seem to,pick up on much. However he did make quite a big prediction, which I can't see happening just now, but if it does, I will update my review. He us a real nice guy though.
, valentinel
Telephone advice session rating Love this guy!
Had such a lovely reading, time just flew. So many validations. Definitely one of my favourite readers. Thank you so much Love and light x
, rebeccabg
Telephone advice session rating Brilliant
I never normally get a chance to speak to Jamie but I can understand the excellent reviews. Delightful gentleman. Predictions and validations in line with other readers but more specific - and without using cards! I highly recommend him.
, CircleIn_112431881
Telephone advice session rating Patience is a virute
Wow, is all I can say about Jamie, and no gold stars will ever warranty the work he does. I am always quite sceptical of readers because of my own issues, but EVERYTHING he has told me as much as I was being impatient worry and vulnerable has all manifested before my very eyes. He even gave me coping mechanisms too bless. His voice and I have nicked name him ( Morgan Freeman) calms you when you are pulling your hair out with life. Please please please call him he truly is a million gold stars in one himself. Love Rachel Charlie and Michael, love and light
, Circle_113333182
Telephone advice session rating Lovely Reading
Jamie is very spiritual and is a lovely reader. He picked up there was someone in my life who was not making the effort they should but predicted that things were about to change. He has an interesting style of reading, which is warm and soothing. He doesn't waste time but answered all my questions. I wait for his prediction to materialise and look forward to speaking to him again.
, Circle_114107581
Telephone advice session rating Solid & Reassuring
Lovely to connect with you again Jamie - calming, reassuring & comforting as always. Answered 2 burning questions I had on my mind today very clearly. Will be taking all you said on board. Thanks for your help again & will let you know what happens. V x
, Circle_113659982
Telephone advice session rating Absolutely amazing
Jamie you did it again...another of your prediction happened...i pass i pass i pass just like you said..thank you soooo much your just fantastic Big hugs and lots of love nadia xxxx
, Circle_112003983
Telephone advice session rating Brilliant
Spot on about everything. Began the call with straight to the point information before I even said more than my name. Jamie was very friendly and accurate, he made me feel like I was talking to a close friend (who had some other friends who seemed pretty nice as well) I don't usually call often, but if I do I'll call Jamie.
, Circle_113667682
Telephone advice session rating Calming
Calming tone and accuracy all the time.
, Circle121
Telephone advice session rating wonderful reader
Spot on.Predictions always happen just as he says.The best reader on the circle.Thank you Jamie
, stream_823
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