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EireenEireen 4 out of 5 stars

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Take comfort - nothing is set in stone! In your reading I will use my clairsentient ability to link into you or those around you so that I can help you.
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In your psychic reading I will use my clairsentient ability to link into you or those around you so that I can help you understand to resolve past and present situations, and relationship issues. I will give you any messages received from the universe, angels, spirit world and your or my guides as clearly as I can. With my clairvoyant powers I will see future possibilities and choices that lie before you remembering that nothing is set in stone and that we are all here to learn and grow to exercise our free will. Together we will interpret any signs or symbols that we are given which will guide you along your future path. If you are in need of comfort, reassurance or validation come to me and I will do everything I can with love and light to ease your pain and bring you peace.

Psychic history

It was not until late in life that my journey of spiritual awakening began and I started to understand the many spiritual insights and psychic visions that had troubled me all my life. Over the last five years I learnt to use the Tarot to develop all this. I have had many psychic experiences in that time and my clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities have come sharply into focus. I realised that it was my vocation to help others with love and light by working as a psychic, which I have now been doing for several years.

True story

Early in my career a shy young man called for a Tarot reading. I turned over one card and said to him 'you are lying in the dark and you think people are going to stick swords into you, but the swords will not hurt you. The result will be a happy one and it concerns the number 14'. Astonished, my caller explained that he worked in the local library where a group of young entertainers were going to perform, including a 14 year old boy doing the 'lady in the box' illusion. However the lady who had volunteered was unfortunately too plump to fit into the box and he had been asked to take her place. He wanted to know if it was safe to do so. I was able to reassure him. He therefore took part finding that it was great fun, and later performed the trick many times with his newly found magician friend!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Honest
Insightful reading with some much needed points made :D Thank you
, Circle_113462481
Telephone advice session rating italiandesigned
Eireen is quite intuitive and understood the situation and gave honest advice.
, italiandesigned
Telephone advice session rating Anita
I've been speaking to Eireen since July 2014 and, with each reading, Eireen has not only been 'spot on', but has also amazed me with her insight into my presenting situation. I am excited about my future - a great deal of hard work lies ahead, but I know I am on my path. Thank you!
, Circle_111365883
Telephone advice session rating Definitely worth a call
Compassionate and very understanding of my situation. Eireen was very careful and kind with her words. I hope the outcome is as she predicted. Thanks Eireen x x billie
, slavia
Telephone advice session rating Good
, CircleIn_111956582
Telephone advice session rating D
This lady is lovely. Really enlightening and insightful. Had a long chat with her and felt so much better and understand the situation. Did a lot of deep thinking on the issues and she seemed to want to be genuinely helpful and was concerned. I was sceptical about an issue but I can understand it clearly through her perspective. Very understanding lady. Situation with this man I've lost touch with seems totally hopeless but she says he'll be back and we could marry! That would be my dream but looks almost impossible now. Will update her with developments. One of the best, if not the best, I've spoken to.
, stream_18759
Telephone advice session rating good
Battery died hAlf way through reading.. Brilliant what she said, rach x
, Circle_113120381
Telephone advice session rating Very good
Had time constraints but she was spot on... To the point and very clear! Thank you very much! X
, Circle_112953682
Telephone advice session rating Great Reader
She was amazing, try her!
, Circle_111624582
Telephone advice session rating Lovely lady
So patient and understanding Thanks so much Xxxxxx
, Circle_113012082
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