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Linking to your voice, I combine my skills of Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience & Clairaudience, working with my spirit guides to help you in all areas.

A note from me:
If you are looking for an honest reading allow my skills with my guide to help you.
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You will find in me a caring and sympathetic clairvoyant reader, specialising in all areas of the heart, home, family and career.  I have a gift of mediumship and clairvoyance and an understanding of the Tarot which brings faithfulness in every psychic reading.  I help you to see an overview of your situation, so that you feel able to make the right choices in your life.

Psychic history

I was told I was psychic many times as a young girl and being hypersensitive to others' problems, I realised that I could help people if they would listen to me.  As a teenager I was aware of a lady who kept sitting on my bed at night and a medium confirmed that it was my grandmother who was checking that I was well.  About twenty years ago I developed an interest in the tarot and devised my own method of interpretation.  I seem to understand how the tarot works intuitively.  I have extensive experience in the use of the tarot cards to examine your life, now and in the future.  I also work quite closely with links to my guides in the spirit world.

True story

A lady rang me with a concern about property.  I could see that she was also concerned about her relationship and her work.  I was able to put her mind at rest about all the issues very quickly.  I foresaw marriage and promotion for her, both of which took place that year.  A man rang me for a love reading and I could see that although his current relationship might not survive its troubles, he was going to meet someone soon after and marry her.  I could also see two children in his future and him looking very happy outside his large house with his family around him.  He confirmed some time later that I was right in every detail!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating I like her
good reader
, Circle_115872682
Telephone advice session rating Unsure
After reading the mixed reviews, I thought I would give Eileen a go. I have to say I wasn't filled with confidence with the reading, however, I have been pleasantly surprised as one of the predictions has already come true. I have also decided that speaking with lots of different psychics is not the best thing to do because it just causes confusion with most saying the same thing and then others contradicting. Best to choose a couple you like and stick with them.
, Circle_114493281
Telephone advice session rating False hope
At the time I thought I had a great reading - energies picked up etc... was told an ex would return and that he had spilt up with the rebound he was with and would contact before Christmas.... the. Opposite happened and he officially entered a relationship with her! False hope given!!'n
, Circle_114086481
Telephone advice session rating Career & Love
I guess judging from the feedback I might have been expecting way too much from her. The reading was generic especially when it came to love - I called to hear about the future not about the past and some other random people she claimed to see etc - none of it made sense. Connected really late - money gone down the drain... I don't have confidence in her reading nor that anything might manifest - if it does, I shall update this.
, Circle_113718081
Telephone advice session rating Predictions do happen!!
I speak to Eileen every now and then and I must say that her predictions do happen. Recently she predicted a critical meeting at work and also that my holiday with my boyfriend will get cancelled. It was hard to believe when she told me this but it happened exactly what she predicted. My holiday got cancelled all of a sudden and I had a life changing meeting at work. Eileen is a genuine reader and she takes lot of interest and efforts while reading. She doesn't rush and none of her reading till date has been vague.
, Circle_114141481
Telephone advice session rating Always a pleasure..
Its always a pleasure to talk to speak to Eileen. All her predictions have come to pass. She was always has been president with her reading when it comes to a particular question I have asked her. She always tells me whats there, rather then what can be. Recent reading was amazing as it had loads of insight and by few days the prediction had come to pass. She is a really good reader.
, shahrinaa
Telephone advice session rating excellent
I don't know how Eileen has four stars because shes really good. id recommend her to anyone who wants a insightful reading
, Circle_112884081
Telephone advice session rating Love and betrayal
Found myself stuck in a triangle. A web of lies and deciet. My reading was amazing. Full of accurate information. A lot of insight and all the answers to my questions. I felt very reassured and know that tonight i will sleep better.
, Circle_114198582
Telephone advice session rating My reading
Just had a reading from Eileen, she was spot on with most of the things she was saying. Let's hope the dates will come through. I feel so much better after the reading.
, Circle_114497382
Telephone advice session rating Very insightful
Thank you x
, Circle_114356282
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