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Deborah BDeborah B 45 out of 5 stars

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Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.

A note from me:
Believe and trust,have confidence. Archangel Michael is guarding and protecting you.
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Deborah B's Profile

Have you got a burning question? If soI can help you to find some answers and make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and to achieve your full potential. It is my life's purpose to help people with relationships, career and business issues using clairvoyance and mediumship, angels and spirit. I have worked and studied as a solitary Wiccan since the age of 17 and know that I can sprinkle a little magic into your life!

Psychic history

I have always been aware of spirit around me and many of my premonitions from an early age have come true. In fact my mother would jokingly insist that I leave my broomstick outside the house! I have trained many people in spiritual development and have been running my own circle for several years. I have also trained and qualified in other related disciplines. 

True story

A young fitness instructor came to see me as she felt that her life was going nowhere. She had recently lost her brother. I was able to give her evidence of an event that only she and he knew about and confirmed his name to her. I told her that within a year she would meet someone special and have a wonderful new career. She called me six months later to tell me that she was now in a job that she loved and had also met her soulmate.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Lovely reading
Shes always intuned with my situation. One of her prediction came to pass in the given time-frame. Shes really uplifting and always puts me mind to ease. Thank you deborah <3
, Circle_113780682
Telephone advice session rating Connection with the other side
Deborah B is by far one of the best readers in the Circle. She is professional, empathic and sensitive to your individual needs. She also has a good sense of humour which is uplifting in itself. I have been having readings with Deborah since 2009 when I was a student. Deborah supported me throughout my studies and predicted that I would receive my Doctorate and she was correct. Other predictions have come true too, such as the house she described which we now live in and most recently, a Fellowship to the USA. She is unbelievable and has an amazing connection to spirit. Many of my loved ones have come through and there is no doubt who they are including "my aunt with her sensible shoes" whom I miss so much. I do know that she is not far away from me. I can highly recommend Deborah and you will not be disappointed. I probably won't be able to get a reading with her now as she will be constantly booked up Thank you Deborah, you are an inspiration!
, stream_28552
Telephone advice session rating Intuitive
Deborah was excellent picked up on my situation and the personalities involved straight away. Interesting prediction made. A lot to think about.
, Circle_114107581
Telephone advice session rating . ..
Deborah guest what ?????? You were right i pass i pass i pass i pass thank u thank thank..big hugs to you anr lots of love nadia xxxxx
, Circle_112003983
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Lovely lady to talk to, accurate and specific. Thank you xx
, jemajk
Telephone advice session rating what should I say
When I speak to Deboarh, I find love, I find solace, happiness and life feels so wonderful because she is so honest and caring. I call Deborah my Fairy God Mother but she is a true angel, her predictions time and again come true and she fills me with contentment
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Nice Reading on 1st March
Deborah picked up on quite a lot including some names though I couldn't 'take' all the given names. Lovely lady and we laughed a lot so she cheered me up. Her predictions are very positive and in line with other readers over last two years, and I do hope they materialise soon! (It's the waiting that kills you!) My only reservation was that I found I was doing a lot of the talking after 1) Deborah asked me a question or 2) during the quiet pauses whilst she was tuning in, therefore I probably gave her a lot of information to explain my situation better. This must have extended the time of the call. Overall very good and uplifting. Lovely lady. Thanks Deborah.
, Tabitha50
Telephone advice session rating patience
Thank you Deborah, for all the time you read for me, and also listened with patience to my whining. The circle is not a place where one should come to whine - but God knows i have done it. Anyhow, Deborah is to the point, and a terrific reader, doesn't waste your time and is always to the point. thank you.
, Circle_112086681
Telephone advice session rating Relationship
Deborah is fantastic! I recommend her 100%. Thank you Deborah xxx
, Circle_113528682
Telephone advice session rating Straight to the point
Direct and positive with no ambiguity or manouvering And I am grateful Deborah did not ask questions or keep me on phone longer than necessary.
, Circle_rosacasa
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