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BobbieBobbie 5 out of 5 stars

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Being a psychic empath enables me to describe your loved ones and helps me to give you an insightful helpful reading and resolution to your concerns.

A note from me:
Dont cling on to a mistake , simply because you spent a long time making it..
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Reader profile: Bobbie

Bobbie's Profile

I use clairvoyance and tarot to centre in on the issues surrounding you and have been blessed with the ability of timing so I can give you events that will happen in days and weeks. I prefer to read without information and only to be given the area of your life you are concerned about. Being a psychic empath enables me to describe your loved ones, how they think and feel and better serves me to give you an insightful helpful reading and resolution to your concerns.

Psychic history

I developed my psychic abilities in my late teens, studying the tarot in my twenties and became a full time reader at twenty-seven. I look at this as a way of life and exercising my abilities everyday has enabled me to become more open to receiving spirit's message. I do specialise in distant reading and have worked as a telephone psychic for more than 16 years - I believe that this has made my intuition much stronger and my timing more helpful. The empathic and clairsentience developed as my journey as a psychic developed and I believe we all continue to learn every day. I always wanted to read how I would like to be read for: in a clear and understanding manner and with the ability to answer the questions that play on your mind right now. I can tell you about the past, the present and the future of your situation and leave you with a much better understanding of what spirit's intent is for you.

True story

One of the nicest readings I have had involved a lady being very concerned that her partner was being secretive and she was convinced someone else was involved in his life. He had planned an evening out for them and she was going to confront him with her thoughts that evening. I consulted the cards for her and I could see much celebration and joy around her and knew this man was planning to propose. Not wishing to spoil her surprise I assured her that she was mistaken and her partner loved her very much and could she please refrain from confronting him just for the one night - many aspects of his new business and distraction had been revealed to me - so she trusted me enough to agree. The very next day, needless to say, a very happy client rang me back overjoyed at her mistaken thoughts! She thanked me for stopping her ruining what turned out to be a marriage proposal and much excitement and happiness for her!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Always there
Thankyou for putting my mind at ease over house move,another great reading....everything you predict alway happens
, stream_5926
Telephone advice session rating Relationship reading
Bobbie is just exceptional! That's all I can say! Thanks xxx
, Circle_113528682
Telephone advice session rating Love and Career
Bobbie is a wonderful reader, she validated things that i was feeling and also gave me some insight into my path ahead..great reader would highly recommend.
, Circle_112606882
Telephone advice session rating Awesome
Had a reading with Bobbie. Prediction came true with the span of 24-48 hours. I am hoping rest will come true as well. Waiting for rest of the predictions to materialise.
, Circle_114004081
Telephone advice session rating Enjoyed the reading
Enjoyed the reading she said its all about reconciliation with a water sign, from 3/8 to end September he will have a change of heart, my ex hubby is a water sign, I will have a choice of two and will be surprised who I choose , it's 3 years now since we split so can't see it but let's see how the next two months go . Hope your right Bobbie x
, saffire113309981
Telephone advice session rating Simply beyond words.
I've had many readings with Bobbie. Let me tell you, she is the best. Over the years, I've learned to tell when there's good connection in the readings or not...BUT, Bobbie has been awesomely accurate with things. We're not talking hokus pokus stuff, but specifics. Superb.
, Circle_113330682
Telephone advice session rating The best reading
I am so happy my wait ended and I could speak to Bobbie She is more than what she is rated, her connection. And validations are so accurate all the I,s were dotted and the the t's were crossed. I was left speechless when she connected and related my issues to accuracy with out me telling her my issues. I can't wait for the predictions to come true and ,e to call her back just to tell her what a god gift angel she is
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Best reader ever!!
Wow what can I say. I had a string of readings with Bobbie 4 years ago where everything unfolded exactly as she predicted. Although not the outcome I wanted. In comes the Leo man she predicted for me and 3 years later I'm in need of guidance. In the past few months I've had 44 different readers (as Bobbie always has a queue and always missed her) when all I needed was one reading with this amazing lady. Same outcome as other readers but honestly the only time I have finished a reading with clarity, a knowing of exactly what will happen and when. Bobbie you are incredible, I've had other 5 star readers but not a patch on you. Thank you so so much. Would recommend over anyone at the circle. Will never have anyone else again. Never disappoints!!
, georginalouisa
Telephone advice session rating The best...
Been having readings with Bobbie for a long time. She is amazing everything she says is spot on if you haven't had a reading with this lady then you seriously need to! Her insight is like no other and I've come back to her time and time again because she knows her stuff and yours of course lol thank you for always being there for me, the information you give is second to none and you make me laugh. Catch up soon don't care how long the que is your the person to talk to without a doubt. With love s xxxxx
, flower81
Telephone advice session rating Maslow's Law (5 stars)
Bobby is just incredible. It felt like a £100 counselling session, which in many ways I needed. I completed my Masters in Psychotherapy in 2009 and the reading was very much a reminder of where are you going? Are you reaching self actualisation? It was in the early hours of the morning and I wanted some predictions please Bobby, but given my slight inebriated state, I understood your passion to "give me a right elbow nudge to the ribs" style of reading, a "wake up call". Bobby knows her stuff,, is an illustrious speaker, is strong and delivers with unshakable conviction. Thank you v much. Many blessings . I will call again Ms Australia. With love, CS. Xxx
, Circle_112476181
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from 11:30 PM to 04:30 AM

Thursday (29 Sep)
from 11:30 PM to 04:30 AM

Friday (30 Sep)
from 11:30 PM to 04:30 AM

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