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Reader: Bobbie Tarot
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Being a psychic empath enables me to describe your loved ones and helps me to give you an insightful helpful reading and resolution to your concerns.

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Reader profile: Bobbie

I use clairvoyance and tarot to centre in on the issues surrounding you and have been blessed with the ability of timing so I can give you events that will happen in days and weeks. I prefer to read without information and only to be given the area of your life you are concerned about. Being a psychic empath enables me to describe your loved ones, how they think and feel and better serves me to give you an insightful helpful reading and resolution to your concerns.

Psychic history

I developed my psychic abilities in my late teens, studying the tarot in my twenties and became a full time reader at twenty-seven. I look at this as a way of life and exercising my abilities everyday has enabled me to become more open to receiving spirit's message. I do specialise in distant reading and have worked as a telephone psychic for more than 16 years - I believe that this has made my intuition much stronger and my timing more helpful. The empathic and clairsentience developed as my journey as a psychic developed and I believe we all continue to learn every day. I always wanted to read how I would like to be read for: in a clear and understanding manner and with the ability to answer the questions that play on your mind right now. I can tell you about the past, the present and the future of your situation and leave you with a much better understanding of what spirit's intent is for you.

True story

One of the nicest readings I have had involved a lady being very concerned that her partner was being secretive and she was convinced someone else was involved in his life. He had planned an evening out for them and she was going to confront him with her thoughts that evening. I consulted the cards for her and I could see much celebration and joy around her and knew this man was planning to propose. Not wishing to spoil her surprise I assured her that she was mistaken and her partner loved her very much and could she please refrain from confronting him just for the one night - many aspects of his new business and distraction had been revealed to me - so she trusted me enough to agree. The very next day, needless to say, a very happy client rang me back overjoyed at her mistaken thoughts! She thanked me for stopping her ruining what turned out to be a marriage proposal and much excitement and happiness for her!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Relatioship
Bobbie is excellent at reading the here and now ..sadly predictions ...went the opposite way ...totally believed that I would be with this man...only to find out he has moved on with someone new....heartbroken ..
, Circle_112731181
Telephone advice session rating very good
Bobbie is just very good.
, Circle_115268281
Telephone advice session rating Fairly accurate but don't hang on to tim...
For me Bobbie has been fairly accurate over the years, the only reader I recommend. Remember that she works in time frames, so if something makes no sense next week, it may well do in 3 months. One of the most astonishing readings I ever had was in January 2015, it made no sense whatsoever. Fast forward to 2017, I found the recording on my phone, and suddenly everything she said in 2015 happened almost word for word in 2016. This is only 1 example of many experiences.
, GeKo78
Telephone advice session rating Incredible
A true gifted lady, NO sugar coating! Can really see what is there. Trust me, I have had lots and lots of readings and some should be banned for giving information which is so far from any truth and learn to read tarot cards BUT Bobbie is the REAL DEAL clairvoyant etc 10 stars
, Circle_116439381
Telephone advice session rating Awesome
Thats all I can say - awesome
, Circle_116376681
Telephone advice session rating Absolutely Amazing
I have had readings with Bobbie for over a year. Time after time she gets straight to the point, says it as it is and is bang on with her predictions - many of which have happened just like she said, in the timeframe given. Be it work or personal life, Bobbie is a genuinely fantastic reader and a wonderful person which helps a lot. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
, Circle_114260281
Telephone advice session rating superb
I cant wait to see if January pans out as predicted. will definitely be having another reading from bobbie
, Circle_112884081
Telephone advice session rating CLEVER LADY
thanks xx
, Circle_111418782
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Talking to Bobbie was great, her validations were accurate and she connected very well to the situation. Now is only hoping that what was predicted comes through
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Excellent!
Brilliant reading! Picked up 3 aspects of my life and got them spot on. Just waiting for predictions now. Will definitely call back to let you know how I get on. Exciting times.
, Circle_115911082
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