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Improve your life forever with my guidance! I am an astrologer and naturally intuitive clairvoyant, also using tarot, aura and angel cards.
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Reader interview

How did you get into giving readings?

Over the past 29 years I have developed my work with aura reading and astrology, as well as psychic, clairvoyant, mediumistic and higher intuitive areas too, doing house balancing, space clearing (and “ghost busting” as people sometimes call it). I began to read regularly for TheCircle seven years ago in autumn 2001.

Was there a special reason or event in your life that made you decide to help other people?

I always felt that I had come to earth in this incarnation to help people in some way. I remember from when I was about four years old, my mother being quite ill and this continued when I was growing up, and I helped her to feel more confident to go to hospital visits and to deal with her illnesses just by being compassionate and positive. I always wanted to help people who were suffering or lonely when I was young by talking to them and encouraging them to feel better about themselves.

What did you work as before and what made you change careers?

I trained originally as a primary school teacher, but after several years I joined a yoga and meditation centre for several years, where I met my husband who is also in healing and spiritual psychotherapy work. I taught yoga here and cooked for the vegetarian restaurant at the centres. So most of my life since about 1978 has been about healing, teaching and giving readings in areas related to mind, body and spirit, personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Can you tell us a little about your work?

I have already mentioned aura reading as an important part of my work, both with TheCircle and in my own consultation and healing practice. Drawing the aura creates a very strong link to that person’s higher guidance and from this I receive information in many ways. I also love using the Tarot cards when reading for people, as well as angel cards etc. Working with angels for people is so beautiful, because each person is so wrapped in pure love and blessing during the reading.

Can you remember your first reading? What was your client’s reaction?

I can remember giving palm readings and psychometry readings when I was about 19 that were helpful and helpful for friends.

Do you have an interesting or exciting story that you can share with us that you have experienced since becoming a reader?

During the many thousands of readings I have done with TheCircle I have worked with a great diversity of people from all nationalities and backgrounds dealing with all kinds of questions, needs and issues. One man I remember was asking about the next step in his studies, business and location, and in looking at his aura, his horoscope and his cards, I was able to give him encouragement and insights about timings and opportunities coming to him.

Have you had a lot of success as a reader?

How do we measure success? I have achieved great joy and satisfaction in my work as a reader on all levels, particularly knowing that it helps people every day in some way. I have managed do well in all the fields I am involved in, and I am one of the top readers with TheCircle and therefore very busy during all my shifts on the lines. Also in my other work I have done charts for businesses and organisations in different parts of the world and helped many people through my sound healing practice.

What do your family and friends think about your job?

My family totally accepts and understands that the work I do helps people in many deep and mysterious ways. My husband is involved in healing and spiritual work too and we have covered similar things in our work too sometimes.
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