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AntonellaAntonella 45 out of 5 stars

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I don't make too much of a fuss. The information just comes naturally once I ask you your first name. I pretty much move to the beat of my own drum.

A note from me:
If you live in the past, you can possibly hurt the future ~
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Reader profile: Antonella

A simple shuffle of my Nonna's (grandmother's) cards and a focusing glance at a crystal I have on my window-sill is all I need with my readings. I don't make too much of a fuss. The information just comes naturally once I ask you your first name (every day name). I pretty much move to the beat of my own drum. I believe in guardian angels - loved ones who have passed on. I can sense what people need and how they feel and I can guide them on their career paths. Mostly, though, around a soul partner/twin flame it’s about the when and who. Timing can be a big issue as we still have, I believe, 80% free will and the rest is destiny. We need to allow time for things to take shape without getting too anxious.

Psychic history

There came a point where my mother could no longer deny that her own mother's psychic abilities had passed down through her to me, with great strength. So she yielded to me the constant requests as a child for my grandmother's tarot cards and the gift goes on.

True story

I've done a lot of lovely readings and possibly my favourite, simple but still lovely, was of a friend who was a skeptic at the time. She had come to me one day distressed as she had split up with a boyfriend she had at the time. I made her sit down at the kitchen table, made her a cup of tea and brought out my beloved Nonna's cards. My friend fought over having her cards read and once she calmed down her cards were dealt. All was good with her general reading, and then the big question was asked. Would she see her boyfriend again and if so, when? The answer was Yes, she would see her boyfriend again and very soon! Lo and behold after no more than five seconds my door bell rang and there before me was my friend's boyfriend. He had asked my friend's sister where I lived and come to meet with her immediately!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Love
Good reading with Antonella...cant wait for it all to unfold..
, Circle_112606882
Telephone advice session rating Lovely lady.
Hopefully the prediction will turn out true
, Circle_115240982
Telephone advice session rating Sue
Antonella always seems to quickly pick up the crux of the matter and has been so helpful, thankyou
, Circle_114003381
Telephone advice session rating Didn't really help me much
, Circle_115105982
Telephone advice session rating reading
good reading
, stream_969
Telephone advice session rating Wonderful
Wonderful As always puts her finger right on things! One of the best readers!
, Circle_113135982
Telephone advice session rating Lovely reading
Very on point with out me opening my mouth!
, Circle_114165581
Telephone advice session rating Honest and real
I have had a fair few readings with various readers as I wanted second opinions on a subject matter. You know a good reader when they are consistent in their delivery and don't change the reading from one moment to another only to confuse you further. Antonella is so approachable, says it like it is without "oooh er um" that other readers do. Her previous predictions have come to pass. I will always come to Antinella for more.
, Circle_rosacasa
Telephone advice session rating lovely
fab! x
, Circle_111477481
Telephone advice session rating relationship
Resonated well with me and reassured me!
, tasnkhan007
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