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Alex FAlex F 45 out of 5 stars

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If you need a "best friend" my honest and gentle approach will reassure you. I will use psychic absilities to help you make good decisions in life.

A note from me:
Looking forward to helping you on the path of life today and helping you get back that zest
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Alex F's Profile

I alwaysgive my psychic readings like a best friend. I am open, honest and gentle. Iuse my abilities to help you make good decisions in life and help you removeany blockages that stop you having that fulfilment. I will always be honest inmy readings and tell you exactly how it is. I specialise in love andrelationship psychic readings and helping you deal with life's general problems.

Psychic history

I knew as a young child that I had heightened senses. I could literally see people's true colours and could sense danger before it happened, through my dreams.Obviously as a young child I didn't put the name 'psychic ability' on it and I thought everyone could see the things I did, but when I started to tell people things about themselves that only they knew, I knew I was different. It was only in my 20's that I started to use the Tarot and runes and with these tools it opened my abilities. It was from then on that I wanted to help people on a spiritual and psychic level, helping them to walk down a happier and more fulfilling life path. Even a long time before I got my first Tarot deck I was already automatically and sometimes naturally giving people psychic information just in conversation. I will always give my readings with honesty and listen without judgement and I can help you in any area of life.

True story

I remember one man I gave a psychic reading to, who was very a big sceptic of anything to do with psychic matters or anything spiritual. He just sat in front of me smiling, as if to say 'you won't fool me'. He told me beforehand he didn't believe in what I did but his friend had persuaded him to come to me. I began his reading and could see very strong images of a very unhappy childhood. I picked up on the person who did this wrong against him and told him things in detail as to what had happened. Within ten minutes he was sitting there in awe. I was also able to describe his future wife and what she would look like. He walked away totally dumbfounded. He contacted me a while after the reading and thanked me for giving him back his faith in life and for releasing so much healing within him. He also told me he had met the lady I described and felt that she was the one for him!

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Alex F
Very good reading, enjoyed what Alex had to say, very detailed. Will call again.
, stream_3570
Telephone advice session rating Irish charm
Good reading
, babsmich
Telephone advice session rating life
its was good to see someone with knowledge
, jorgecoveiro
Telephone advice session rating great!
Oh my! HE IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! he asks nothing but tell you EVERYTHING. i am really sorry Alex! i pressed off before raiting!! but i am doing it now! Was a lovely reading, i WILL RECOMENT HIM TO EVERYONE. he spots on QUICKLY! not a waste of money. like 35 minutes talking to him. absolutely worth it. He can tells you everything really quick and you might not have any chance to say a word because he is spoting on everything without questions. Call him! :) my best experience so far and it is the 3rd time i use the circle. deff calling again if his predictions come truth. but i am really sure they will since he could tell me many other aspects of my life and personality type without my saying a word! thank you Alex x x :)
, solangek
Telephone advice session rating Tarot dominant
Not very specific, slightly accurate, felt more like he was giving a descirption of the tarot cards than anything else. Maybe others will have a better connection with this reader.
, Circle_111305381
Telephone advice session rating always a pleasure to talk to
and is spot on
, Circle_111482481
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