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Reader: Tracey Spirituality
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TraceyTracey 45 out of 5 stars

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You have choices, and the clairvoyance of my Romany ancestors can reveal them. I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, and empower you.

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Let's unravel the mystery! Via Chat I can connect for you and help you to move forward.

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United Kingdom
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Reader profile: Tracey

My clairvoyant abilities probably come from the fact that I am descended from Romanies .I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, to empower you to make progressive choices.  I will show you through the Tarot that there is no wrong or right - only choice. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. I am honest, direct, positive, very detailed and helpful with my psychic readings.

Psychic history

I have Romany blood, so from a very early age I could see guides, angels and the fairies. I was aware of spirit around me and could see other people's guides around them. As with many children, these abilities seemed to wane as I became older and the world made demands upon me to become 'normal'.  In my early twenties I went to a psychic development circle and at last met like-minded people. I learnt Tarot, then started to read Tarot cards professionally. I always felt supported by spirit. I was able to accept that wherever I was in life was where I was meant to be - even the hard times - because they help you overcome the doubt you hold about yourself.  I can look into the window of your life, see how you got there, where you can go and the blocks that are within you, or caused by others.

True story

A lady in her mid sixties came to me for a psychic reading. I could see that she had been married for years to a very controlling man. This lady even had to lie about where she was going when she was coming for the psychic reading. There were two options - this lady could stay where she was and become more of a victim or she could leave. I could see that she would have to plan her departure carefully. It would take twelve months but I saw her in a new home in the South. I could see her studying, getting a divorce and then meeting a lovely man who would be her companion. The choice, of course, lay with my client. This woman did find the courage to leave and now lives the life I saw for her in the Tarot reading I gave her.  Also I had a man who booked psychic readings regularly with me. He felt like he didn't belong anywhere, and was lonely. He was a hairdresser by occupation. I saw in the cards that he would move to Australia and meet someone who he already had a link with. He did move to Australia and runs a hairdressing salon with someone from the UK as I predicted in one of his psychic readings!

Customer testimonials

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Chat advice session rating Very strong connection
I feel very connected to Tracey and her guides are excellent. Thank you very much for your time and efforts today
, roosters2win
Chat advice session rating Excellent
Excellent chat. Highly recommended.
, Circle_113210782
Chat advice session rating Excellent
, logans
Chat advice session rating Good at picking up people
Had a reading earlier this month, this reader is good at picking up people, prediction for mid month, yet to happen, another for early next year and will update
, Circle_115103581
Chat advice session rating Great
, Circle_116121982
Chat advice session rating excellent connection
excellent connection and reading rang true. very fast and pertinent. Rate this reader very highly and will definitely connect with her again.
, User_19192960
Chat advice session rating Simply thank you!
What a pleasure it was to chat with you Tracey. You went straight in and you were clear, understanding (with no prompting) and affirming of the circumstances and my situation. I would love to tell you what does unfold.
, Circle_113227081
Chat advice session rating excellent
very soft and kind lady, talk in detail.
, Circle_116093182
Chat advice session rating awe
She is just super accurate which is much better than other complete 5 star rated psychics! This is the thing; we can't really count on the rating. She isn't 5 star yet she is really MUCH better than 5 starred psychics! Her reading on my ex's personality and habits and his ties and etc was as if she knows him very well. She assured me that finally I'm getting rewards what I really wanted from the all hard life what I've gone through so far. Well, I need to let her know if she was accurate on that too. Hope that my ex won't get luck to get lots of money what he is after although he isn't working hard enough for it, as she says! I'm jittering to see the future... I don't know if her reading for the future is accurate or not. I just hope that it will come true....... Thanks Tracy xx
, Circle_113335381
Chat advice session rating The best
Tracey is such a talented reader. She has helped me a lot with her readings and I believe everything she tells me because in the past she's been honest about a very negative relationship I was involved in so I know she's always being honest and upfront. Thank you Tracey, as I said you're an angel xxxxx
, WhoKnows
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