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Reader: Jennie M Spirituality
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Jennie MJennie M 5 out of 5 stars

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Would you like to believe you can be your best self? I give empathic readings to uncover potential in your life, love, hopes and dreams that will light you up.

A note from me:
Feel free to keep in touch via email if i am unavailable, watch for rota additions, feel free! Lovex

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United Kingdom
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Reader profile: Jennie M

I work with your guides and mine tuning into your energies, from your emotional body to your world and people around you, to support your best intentions. Whether that's a question or a desire, a need or a curosity, I can show you where to look and what to do to access your greatest inner knowing - you are a powerful creator! My intention is always to give you an enjoyable and useful experience leaving you uplifted, confident, happier and more informed than when we began. Anything can happen during a reading, just like life! You are a beautiful, open book of delight so let's get into those pages and write something shiny and purposeful today.

Psychic history

I was about four years old when I became aware photos told stories about the people in them, thirteen when I realised not everyone did this, twenty seven when I started using my skill wisely to help others and forty five when I recognised my abilities were not limited to readings images. I have enthusiastically pursued varied trainings and individuals, asking the questions I felt I needed answers to in order to develop my craft. Claircognizant from an early age I believe we can all use Psychic energies to enhance our lives. You know when you just know something? Its' useful! So I chose to learn how to access the available information in our energy field to help people to get to their heart's calling - something I had to do myself first! I have always wanted to be  Jennie who makes things and helps poeple and this is who I am today.

True story

Learning how to use my intuition, that inner guidance system that says " wait" or "do it now!" is a lifelong evolution of being a Psychic human. Right now I live a dream of my own making that started off as a few seemingly random cuttings on a piece of cardboard. Unable to find my new home, after years of travelling, I began to make a vision board of what I wanted my home to feel like - after all, how could I possibly know what it looked like, right? I built up a vibrant array of images and words on my board that felt like home, every night as I went to bed I looked at it and asked to be shown where this place was so I could find it. And then I did!
A few weeks after I moved into my new home, sifting throught the piles of debris that appeared from everywhere as I unpacked, I saw my board. Not only do I now possess almost exact peices of furniture as pictured on my board, there is water, there are swans, I have beautuful neighbours and I am free.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating The best yet
It takes a lot to amaze me ! Jenny was to the point and accurate. I can't recommend her more highly !
, Circle_112935482
Telephone advice session rating amazing insight
what can I say, destiny took me to Jennie today. she told me allsorts of stuff, confirmed my path, and read things I would never of expected. She saw things in me that up till now only I had seen. I ve certainly got a mission with my life and a purpose. Jennies spirit guides were amazing. If your looking for a first time reading (or any reading for that matter), then Jennie is a great choice. God Bless you Jennie.
, Circle_112884081
Telephone advice session rating The most empathic woman I have ever "met...
I actually can't describe Jennie, and nothing i type will do her justice. She is the most unique soul I have ever spoken to. Her readings are so accurate, unique and connected, heart felt and angelic. She is an angel. Her connection to her guides, angels etc... and then to yours, is out of this world - literally. The clarity and accuracy, and delivery leaves you feeling so uplifted, and like you've just had the most wonderful bath in love and hope (even if it's what you don't want to hear!) She is a wonderful lady, and has supported me through very tough times. You will not be disappointed with a reading with Jennie - Just read her other reviews! Thank you, as always Jennie <3 <3 <3 xxx
, Circle_111180382
Telephone advice session rating Great insight
Thanks Jennie for your insight today A lot to take in, many descriptions you gave I immediately visualised or remembered being somewhere just like I hope as time feels pressing for me that I can do as per your guidance and make that much needed change for me that I need for the future I can't recommend you more highly to others if you have an issue Jennie insight is amazing Thank you so much will keep you posted xx
, Circle_111803383
Telephone advice session rating 100% ACCURATE
What so ever was said is exactly how it happened Now I just wait for things to fall in place, I guess patience is the key to this all
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating really valuable chat
Thank you so much Jennie. You gave me the clarity and then some, to move ahead on my own and clear the way for a new energy to come in while experiencing the new friendship. Many thanks for the guidance in the way that speaks volumes to me on the Spiritual path. Appreciate your wise words.
, Circle_111869183
Telephone advice session rating Amazing as always
So tuned it it is rather breath taking. Thanks my lovely, looking forward to chatting again xx
, Caza65
Telephone advice session rating Spirituality
Was lovely to speak to. Reading focused more on spirituality and life coaching no predictions etc
, Circle_112026482
Telephone advice session rating Excellent reading
Jennie was brilliant on picking up my situation with just names and my date of birth. Unfortunately my phone line was awful but managed to pick up most of what Jennie was saying. Def worth minimum of 5 stars Love and light Jennie and I will be back again as soon as I have sorted the telephone line.
, tui187
Telephone advice session rating Superb guidance!
Unhurried, deep soul guidance, an excellent reader, 7* stars!! Looked into past lives, present life, soul work, my best reading, ever! _/\_ Blessings SaRa
, Circle_114295482
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