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Reader: Malcolm Spirituality
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MalcolmMalcolm 45 out of 5 stars

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Use my direct link with spirit. As a spiritualist medium I do not use tarot or crystals or any other device. I pick up on the strongest energies from spirit.

A note from me:
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change...

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United Kingdom
Star sign

Reader profile: Malcolm

As a spiritualist medium I do not use Tarot or crystals or any other device in my psychic readings. I work on a direct link with spirit. I pick up on the strongest energies from spirit. I 'hear', 'see' and 'sense' a client's family member, friend or helper and then pass on the message given. I receive names, dates and places and the messages are normally concerned mainly with the 'now'. One or two predictions may come forward and one or two memories of a loved one may be given over as 'evidence' to who they are.

Psychic history

I trained at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted and have been on several courses and still continue to learn. During a sweat lodge at Stansted with a Lakota Sioux Native American, I was given my Indian name. My guide introduced himself to me as 'Lone Wolf' and he remains close during my work for spirit.

True story

Once whilst I was giving public readings I was drawn to a young girl and told her that there was a young girl in spirit, not much older than her who was desperate to speak. I mentioned that it was her sister and that she wanted to tell her mum that she was OK and that no-one was to blame. The reaction was so strong in the young girl I was speaking to that I suggested we speak privately afterwards. However, from spirit I heard in my head an almighty scream of 'NO, NOW'! The girl in spirit gave me both her own name and that of the girl having the reading. She mentioned how she had passed in a car accident and gave the name of her boyfriend. She said that she watches her sister as she sits in her caravan looking through her things. In further readings this extremely strong spirit reached the rest of the family and she has stayed with me to help others in my work, not just her own family and friends. I remain in 'awesome wonder' at the strength and need of spirit to help us here on the earth plane.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Welcome back Malcolm.
I spoke to Malcolm on 15th Nov actually, so this is a belated feedback. It was such a pleasure to have a reading with him again after so many years. Malcolm is a strong medium with a great deal of spiritual knowledge and experience. He's very gifted with a lovely manner and highly intelligent. I asked him about a specific issue and found him to be able to tell me an awful lot. He speaks rapidly and fills the time with his insights & wisdom. A warm and compassionate man. Heartfelt thanks, Jenny ...
, User_110135860
Telephone advice session rating great reading
Non judgemental, no messing, straight to the point.
, stream_19828
Telephone advice session rating What a divined moment that was
After so many years , it was such a pleasure to speak again Too much has transpired in between , however you so accurately 'saw' me and told the story of my journey to now, and it's purpose Our conversation was a series of explanations, confirmations & verifications . So needed for acceptance, and move on. It's timing perfectly divined to set the record straight, give clarity to strengthen my understanding Wow it's some journey to come A joyous conversation such a pleasure to speak again ...
, Circle_111803383
Telephone advice session rating simply the best
On Wednesday 18th April, I had my first reading with Malcolm. The detail he provided was like a runaway train, just constant information flowing nonstop about the situation, feelings, emotions, hurdles, and the future. Malcolm gave me a specific date of Tuesday 24th for something to happen in relation to my problem at work. I didn't believe him because all the signs at the time pointed to nothing happening at all. The actual event took place on Wednesday 25th. I know Malcolm you were expecting me to leave a rating based on your prediction, and you were dreading what I would say if it didn't occcur. You also said generally people are brought into your life for a reason - I know why you were brought into mine. I hope that you let me speak to you again very soon (if only to get more specific dates!). You are one of the best readers I have ever come across, and you have a truly remarkable gift. I hope the rest of your predictions come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart x
, stream_4393
Telephone advice session rating it happened
just like you said it would, it happened! hoping to speak to you again for more guidance xx
, gowris24
Telephone advice session rating What a wonderful reading
The other day I had the pleasure of having a reading from Malcom. Not only did he sort the wheat from the chaff but he put my mind at rest and gave me some strength during a tricky time. Things he said would happen are already happening and I now have the confidence & faith that everything will turn out as I always thought it would. Thanks you Malcom, you are truly fabulous.
, stream_9584
Telephone advice session rating Thank You
I had my first reading with Malcom, it was very fluid and he packed so much into it. He was very warm and compassionate and summed my situation up in a nutshell. I still have doubts that things will turn around for me but that is just my thinking and not the reading itself or the reader. He told me to stop doubting myself more than anything. If things pan out the way he predicted I will update and give the maximum 5 stars. Overall an enjoyable reading. Bless you
, macal2201
Telephone advice session rating Fantastic Reader
Malcolm is an excellent reader and also a very nice man! Accurate and insightful, he gave lots of information without prompting. I highly recommend.
, Circle_111892583
Telephone advice session rating Excellent
Thank you Malcolm for a detailed and accurate reading. I was able to laugh again.
, circle_111234482
Telephone advice session rating thanks
sorry my phone died,thanks for a great reading Malcolm J X
, stream_26166
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